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He working on them well editing using 3d model did with gomu to experiment with alot fx and aestics for future use.

As to when things be finish well he working on it, but convid19 making that rather difficult, but film industry up in canada alot better shape than is down here, so he looking at options as studios opening back up, if push comes to shove may half shoot scenes with one girl at a time finish these things up.

Thats where kinda at cause going be hell get all back one time.

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Posted by apec23 2 days ago Report

Is there a place i may find all the commisisons you have done? Willing to pay of course, been a fan for 10+ years of what you bring to the table


Posted by RandomInjury 1 month ago Report

How ya doin Mr Storm?


Posted by darc22005 2 months ago Report

what happened to the catgirl vore comic ?

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Posted by FireguardX 6 months ago Report

Hello,this is somewhat abrupt, but is it possible for you to upload the rest of absorption demon you commissioned sidneymt/fapmaterial for?


Posted by gh3 1 year ago Report

C'mon man you left us with a huge cliff hanger assuming youd do make another growing hunger(probably not but we all hope) could you foucs more on her ass damn its sexy


Posted by gh3 1 year ago Report

Hey brainstorm yous ure you can't make another growing hunger? damn jennifer is sexy and is she also in smooth skin?


Posted by porlay 2 years ago Report

Love your work! Keep it up.


Posted by Hax999 2 years ago Report

any new animation gifs? :v your ideas are awesome


Posted by Callen 2 years ago Report

hey when is more of that story with lamia coming out?


Posted by Hax999 2 years ago Report you might like this~


Posted by giggityman69 3 years ago Report

Hey Brainstorm, I've really enjoyed the recent works, but I was wondering if you've heard any news from Smackysmith recently?


Posted by VertGreenHeart 3 years ago Report

Had to check if I was still watching you any new ms pacman yet?

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