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People still bothering me about trying adopt, buy or claim ownership of certain characters of mine, i getting bit tired of it now, i thought made clear few months ago.

but i finish with this, again i re-iterate, any person free use my oc's for whatever want long get credit for ownership of them, some characters have more one owner like deava but i don't repeating myself.

If guys want ocs' go make own damn characters, hell able create mind bit of imagination but tired of it, i know don't do much characters but trying to get back on wagon problem is, i so demotivated due bad experiences with comissions and what not, i almost don't want to do anything anymore.

Again read this blog, if want use them, in comics, stories, animations what not feel free, long...
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Posted by ironhide123 4 months ago Report

Any updates on the Smackaysmith projects?


Posted by apec23 5 months ago Report

Is there a place i may find all the commisisons you have done? Willing to pay of course, been a fan for 10+ years of what you bring to the table


Posted by RandomInjury 7 months ago Report

How ya doin Mr Storm?


Posted by darc22005 8 months ago Report

what happened to the catgirl vore comic ?

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Posted by FireguardX 1 year ago Report

Hello,this is somewhat abrupt, but is it possible for you to upload the rest of absorption demon you commissioned sidneymt/fapmaterial for?


Posted by gh3 2 years ago Report

C'mon man you left us with a huge cliff hanger assuming youd do make another growing hunger(probably not but we all hope) could you foucs more on her ass damn its sexy


Posted by gh3 2 years ago Report

Hey brainstorm yous ure you can't make another growing hunger? damn jennifer is sexy and is she also in smooth skin?


Posted by porlay 2 years ago Report

Love your work! Keep it up.


Posted by Hax999 3 years ago Report

any new animation gifs? :v your ideas are awesome


Posted by Callen 3 years ago Report

hey when is more of that story with lamia coming out?


Posted by Hax999 3 years ago Report you might like this~


Posted by giggityman69 3 years ago Report

Hey Brainstorm, I've really enjoyed the recent works, but I was wondering if you've heard any news from Smackysmith recently?

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