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I in process finishing a lot unfinished work!

I add growing hunger 3, is sore subject for me right now due all time and money wasted on this endeavor,they slight chance i may finish it but without decent animator now that big frigging IFFFFFFFF!!!!

it not going happen with boris alien, the dude gone to legit, he's scared his damn goverment and livehood going be threatened if does more this crap so time just move on, that and 500 hundred bucks a frigging damn min of line art animation even with sound effects and music is bit fucking crazy!

I pay 200 or 250 a minute but that is as far as frigging go with line art animation!

That said, if anybody here knows of animator who willing to do animation like that or can let me know, with...
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Posted by ironhide123 9 months ago Report

Any updates on your projects with Smackaysmith? I would love to see any previews. I still have hope we'll see something, even after all these years.


Posted by apec23 1 year ago Report

Is there a place i may find all the commisisons you have done? Willing to pay of course, been a fan for 10+ years of what you bring to the table


Posted by RandomInjury 1 year ago Report

How ya doin Mr Storm?


Posted by darc22005 2 years ago Report

what happened to the catgirl vore comic ?

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Posted by FireguardX 2 years ago Report

Hello,this is somewhat abrupt, but is it possible for you to upload the rest of absorption demon you commissioned sidneymt/fapmaterial for?


Posted by gh3 3 years ago Report

C'mon man you left us with a huge cliff hanger assuming youd do make another growing hunger(probably not but we all hope) could you foucs more on her ass damn its sexy


Posted by gh3 3 years ago Report

Hey brainstorm yous ure you can't make another growing hunger? damn jennifer is sexy and is she also in smooth skin?


Posted by porlay 4 years ago Report

Love your work! Keep it up.


Posted by Hax999 4 years ago Report

any new animation gifs? :v your ideas are awesome


Posted by Callen 4 years ago Report

hey when is more of that story with lamia coming out?


Posted by Hax999 4 years ago Report you might like this~

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