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About to start evil lady human version, both classic cartoon and modeseven version also, cosma and have offer for people interested. Posted 1 month ago
So seems good many people very interested, after evil lady frog model posted, i add maho still working on frog version of modeseven version of her, but soon i begin on both human versions of her as well.

Modesevens version won't be that difficult but classic cartoon version with that ridged angler style be bit harder to translate but going give it best shot.

Also in case anybody interested also got cosma, from ok ok lets be heroes, this include normal form with 3 dresses, including orginal outfit and party dress and rigging for vore, extremely stretchable maw, bulging throat and belly.

I then intend do her gigantic monsterize planet eating form then which have similar features just one outfit though.

Anyways i offering this anybody...
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Evil lady cartoon version frog model complete and demencia model find. Posted 2 months ago
So guys probably know getting models done this very tricky process but slowly starting come together.

Recently got jupiter amazon model done from lunactic nights, you see previous blog for that one where show casing mahos work.

Not mention she did ndodes red character.

Currently this what working on.

Evil lady both human and frog forms, and both regular cartoon and modeseven version.

Going get frog forms out the way first then work on human forms.

If want models you half talk to maho.

She said she going put them up some where.

However this what got so far pretty close to orginal cartoon i say, she has anus and elastic tongue, and stertch mouth, belly and ability get fatter were extra...
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current videos, by stu smackaysmith progress. Posted 3 months ago
He working on them well editing using 3d model did with gomu to experiment with alot fx and aestics for future use.

As to when things be finish well he working on it, but convid19 making that rather difficult, but film industry up in canada alot better shape than is down here, so he looking at options as studios opening back up, if push comes to shove may half shoot scenes with one girl at a time finish these things up.

Thats where kinda at cause going be hell get all back one time.
about my ocs, if want use em or such. Posted 3 months ago
So think mentioned previous blog long ago but seems people either didn't hear it, or just forgot read between the lines so going say again since people keep sending me pms again and again asking for permission to adopt or claim ownership of ocs after dozenth request i decided create this blog on the matter.

1. i not selling my ocs or giving nobody ownership of them so please stop asking.

If want use my ocs than more than welcome to, for stories, fan works, comics ect i don't care, as long get credit as owner of the character in question i not that bias about what characters appear in or what do in my works, as long get credit for character you more welcome to use em in any capcity or fan work.

That being.

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Okay to anybody who wants co-comission possibly some fully rig 3d models for vore, and growth and expansion. Posted 6 months ago
So if read last blog- found really good 3d modeler do really highly details models fully rigged, for basic movement, forms of expansion and vore.

So- that said i looking do some joint comissions while she availble and while she got prices right, for anybody inerested who may want to do one the following vorish characters.

I willing put up 120 to 150 a model- basic fully riged model meaning for basic movement facial animations is 320 bucks- extra features such growth, expansion, weight gain, inflation, bit extra, same for vore but have character rif for various facets of vore.

Oral vore- unbirthing- anal vore- cock vore, she least do these with confidence so she says, nipple vore, cleavage and absorption or tail vore i not sure.

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Update 4/25/20 Posted 6 months ago
Well presently with freeze on all productions not much going on at the moment, not guys probably are suprised at moment, smackaysmith putting things together for reshoots when ever everything gets back to going.

Also working on editing rough cut of gomu video when what that entail i don't know he said have very simple effects in place holders so keep that in mind.

Also been through level 3 tornado, which demolished my area i am fine, but area is been turned to shit all woods in area been flattened.

Anyways since live productions are almost impossible at moment i focusing on 3d modeling, endless illussion i think going part ways with him he okay but takes to many short cuts, and even with discount he kinda still expensive.

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New update 3/27/20, Smackaysmith videos bad news and good news. AND MODELS OF POSSIBLE VORISH CHARACTERS. Posted 7 months ago

First bad news.

Smackaysmith told me entire entertianment industry in canada been shut down till further notice, means shoots be delayed but soon productions can resume he girls finish the shoots, this alredy coming but i was hopeful woulnd't be factor.

the good news, smackaysmith told me this afforded plenty of time work on rough cut of gomu video work on render effects, and add some new renders for best friends forever not mention plan out those shoots more.

Don't ask me for rough cut till he got ready nothing be shown.

At moment focusing on 3d models.

Next week, after ndode ready going do bundle mentioned, with scanty and knesocks and all 3 outfit sets, and...
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scanty and kneesocks model packs. Posted 7 months ago
So going do this seperate posts as may recall from previous blog i set do pack of models with endless illussion, note though these models are done in blenderthey also be ported to sfm lab later as endlessilussion is slowly porting his models to that format.

For now I need focus on these, Scanty and kneesocks, with some customazation and all 3 of outfit sets, their anime transfomred outfits, school girl outfits and bathing suits.

Since so indentically in height and figure all most traits other heads, and hair color, all half do slight modification to one character make them look like the other.

So for that, be 850 bucks per 1 characters, 425 other to mod them half off, and 300 bucks for all for all 3 outfit sets.

So guess, asking...
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New update 3/4/20, Smackaysmith videos, 3d models, animations, and comics please read. Posted 7 months ago
So been long time since I done update people got a lot subjects to touch upon, real reason not been any updates cause really been nothing update on, I sorry that has been honest truth, I tired giving false hope till some concrete evidence things going move forward, which some I now have, so where now to begin.

1.  Smackaysmiths videos, guys been busy big job, but seems next week I hope going get girls back so finish all footage necessary for Dandelion Tea, and Gomu.

Its been trying cause, early this year, got snowed in, for couple weeks, in case guys wondering he lives in remote part of Canada, in late January, girls he wants been on busy schedule and he has to for last few weeks playing catch up with jobs.

A lot probably wondering why so much hold it...
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Update on smackaysmith videos and other projects, 12/26/19 Posted 10 months ago
Well i hope everybody had merry christmas i decided leave place for a while as wasn't much to update anyways.

Well first up in regards previous blog, about needing funds for re-shoots of ddt and gomu and fairy video, nobody seemed interested in donating or fowarding any remaining funds for the cause, which i figured, i about got amount fully funding anyways but, hoping somebody help in some regards but nobody did.

Regardless despite being short few hundred dollars here there i almost paid off money for reshoots, despite lack of any help but understand with holidays or stuff money is tight that or people just don't give shit but i tell ya now, going foward after some things get released i going start requesting some funding in some way or another cause funding shit...
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