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I'm writing stories about fictional women eating people. How the hell is that going? Who knows!

Also pixel art.

At the moment, I'm focussed on a series where a zombie virus causes the ladies of the MCU to swallow people whole, while also uploading other content.

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Hi all, I’d like to thank all of my watchers for all this time enjoying my content. New priorities have entered my life (entirely good) which mark my stepping back from posting regularly (not that I ever really did that, but I used to try and fail to).

I’d also like to apologise for the many empty promises I’ve made over the years about stories, art or series that I planned to make. There’s a lot that I liked the idea but as I wrote them, I began to dislike aspects of them until the process of making them became unenjoyable.

I do still intend to upload occasional short stories based on art that catches my interest but it’s unlikely I’ll ever upload pixel art again, due to the fact that my methods of making it were extremely slow so felt like a huge commitment....
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Posted by mattalart 2 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch and fav :)


Posted by DrDark7 7 months ago Report

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Your welcome. and i do have ideas in mind


Posted by NotNeoAtAll 9 months ago Report

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Surely, i'll be waiting


Posted by JMTFS 1 year ago Report

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No problem, and thank you!


Posted by Sitharc 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the favoriting of the Capsule Corp heiress committing a bad. Bulma's one of the few who isn't just crazy enough ot potentially actually do this, but she'd have ways to make it happen without relying on magic.


Posted by sweets 1 year ago Report

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don't worry, i'm sure i will


Posted by Etsurian304 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fav! :)


Posted by Sitharc 1 year ago Report

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If wanna discuss it more sometime, can PM me, or whatever. So not having to clog each others userpages with this.

Another important thing for me in these, is the fact that... it could be anyone. She's normally a nice woman who loves kids, is tender with them, the parents and fellow staff all love her, etc... Having no idea when she returns to work later her horrible evil secret. Can imagine other tykes poking/asking about her extra chub, having no idea that's where their friends went... And if she did record anything... it's on a fucked up niche underground website where hers and others like her post their content and they circle jerk and support each other for dissolving people and/or animals alive for fun. Even a section I imagine to show the aftermath.

When also possible, I like including aspects or least imagining them where we see the family/friends reacting to initial disappearance and/or their mourning/suffering days later or even longer than that.

Christmas and the victim's birthday are going to hit different now at home...

It's not the edgy mean looking ones have to worry about, it's the seemingly normal ones that should be most scared of. These people would consider even harming/killing their own friends and family just for a night or two of digestive fun. All while feigning concern and support as their best friend comes to her bawling over her missing child brother or beloved pet.

Regardless, been a nice chat chain with you, and nice to hear/read others into the darker more realistic side of things too. It's all fun and games till one actually experiences that acid bath.

Most other things in my gallery also have this realism to other degrees. I love the Sailor Moon one showcasing the awkwardness that'd occur if someone tried to go about their day with someone digesting inside still.

Also, aside from 'normal' people, worry most about the women tasked with caring for children, or just caring in general. Never hurt a person, you'd say? Never know! Tho also gotta love the idea, imagining how these horrid people get the job to begin with... was it part of the idea all along, or did they at some point after getting it get tempted by the idea? How long were they planning?

Whoever is on the other end of that phone (if an actual call and not just pretending for her footage) has no idea that her 'indigestion' is actually child murder in progress... well both as one is clearly dead already.

And even if they do get remorse to some extent still, it'd be too late to stop anything, even if they wanted to. Or they'd get affected months to years down the road. I love a pred's first time, as that is what truely warps them into realizing they are capable of hurting/killing others and that it was kinda fun for them... I love pred psyching themselves up beforehand, as well as being paranoid bout choking.

It's already hella fucked up and evil on the base level, then ya consider the deliciously evil layer to it that says... she's doing this to children. Though at the same time, it makes sense why some preds, especially ones like this, would go after kids rather than same sized adults. Just like real pred animals out there, why go after a fully formed healthy adult that can fight back and risk injury?


Posted by Sitharc 1 year ago Report

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I try to include that level of realism in my ideas whenever, shows how fucked up it is, as well as the risk and paranoia preds experience. Even without the 'streaming/recording' aspect of it, just the fact this woman entrusted with caring for others is just casually ending a few lives, ruining families.

If I ever have a pred get caught, they will get some level of karma they deserve for their crimes.

Good thing for her she's on a couch, as otherwise her prey would probably be knocking her over or least nearly every little bit or so with their thrashing.

Also gotta love the internal one that doesn't just show the suffering, but shows that one is already dead. That these poor things are doomed to become layers of body fat on her and a bowel movement. Their mothers are worried sick, having no idea their kids are being slowly and graphically murdered for sick fuck just cause she finds it fun to digest things alive. Also gotta love how she's gonna need a new workshirt regardless, old one ripped and ever digesting the three prey, she's gonna need a bigger size. Who knows if these kids are even aware one of the staff meant to care for them is the one hurting them so... she could've devoured them during a nap.


Posted by Sitharc 1 year ago Report

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And something that'd prob happen somewhere if vore was somehow possible or if just shrinking them were.

Something about showing just how fucked up and cruel vore would actually be if people could do it.


Posted by Sitharc 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the favs on that horrid daycare woman ;P


Posted by Johnsmith101 1 year ago Report

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