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I've drawn for a while, but now I wanna try and EXPAND my horizon.


Commissions are OPEN!
Send me a private message here or on other social media if you want to order a commission

Support me or tip me on my SFW twitter:

Fanart/fanfictions and other fancreations are OK if you credit/tag/link me!

Do not claim to own my stuff. Credit me, tag or link back always!

Most importantly please be kind and respectful
And don't use my art in any way that is hateful.

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As you might have seen on my post earlier: https://aryion.com/g4/view/875742

March 19th is Naomi's birthday!

To celebrate I am giving 10% off any commissions that include her!

Discount runs until the 21st of March!

Regular price is found here:

PM me to order one!

I am also ready to answer any questions you might have about commissioning me.

I'm also still doing a Scarlet event on my twitter.
Check it out here:

Feel free to shoot me some questions about Naomi - I wanna talk about her since she's...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Assimilation 7 days ago Report

Wow, sorry, I was dead tired and the brainrot had set in last night, so all I mustered was an ancient meme and then shuffled away from this page. What I wanted to say was that both the scenarios you've been setting up in your recent uploads and the quality of your art are fanfuckingtastic, so I'm frankly excited to have found you. o7


Posted by linthia 2 weeks ago Report

How could I only discover you just now ? Lovely work and OCs !


Posted by Dudeox05 3 weeks ago Report

Amazing art! Always awesome to see a new lovely artist here. Welcome! <3


Posted by BlownFuse 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To elicitemote

You're even sweeter!!! Sometimes it's crazy to think I'm besties with someone as amazing as you!!!


Posted by BlownFuse 1 month ago Report

Hi Elicite! It's me Dani! Came here to give you all the compliments again! I LOVE all your work, you're an amazingly awesome person, and I'd love to work with you some more sometime soon!!! <3


Posted by AquaVelvetica 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To elicitemote

You're welcome! :3

[ Reply ]


Posted by AquaVelvetica 1 month ago Report

I'm late as hell lol, but welcome to Eka's!

[ Reply ]


Posted by BubonicBeauty 2 months ago Report

OMG your artwork is so pretty gaaa~
Vore and normal stuffs!

[ Reply ]


Posted by Tilalumtar 2 months ago Report

Welcome to Eka's! I hope you enjoy your stay and it helps you expand your horizon to where ever you want it to be ^^

You already expanded ours with your unique style :3


Posted by Joni3169 2 months ago Report

Just Came across and I just Love your art . How did I missed your work by now ?


Posted by WellsDeep 2 months ago Report

Absolutely love your art, keep up the good work (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)

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