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Fancreation Raffle - Last chance! Posted 2 weeks ago
If you want to join it - now is the last chance!
Let me know in a PM or in the comments if you need more time ♡

Read this if you want to learn more about it:
From all submissions, I'll draw a random winner to get a FREE commission!

On top of that, I'll do something special for the ones with the most entries!

Current public entries (will be updated!)



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3K follower raffle ending soon! Fancreations still open! Posted 3 weeks ago
Hope you're doing well!

I am happy to announce that I'm sooo close to 3000 followers on twitter!
Which means: my 3K raffle will end very soon!

How to enter

follow my twitter and like and retweet THIS post:

It will end when I reach 3K!

My fancreation raffle is going for a little longer!
Read more about it here:
Please let me know in a message or below if you need more time to finish a drawing!

How to...
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Favorite tags and tropes? Posted 3 weeks ago
Asked this 3 months ago, but what tags do you enjoy browsing on here?
I wanna get to know my audience and their preferences!
Be as specific as you want <3

I will probably go back to this for inspiration for future protects~
Therefore you're also welcome to tell me why this works so well for you.
Mel's Birthday - 10% Commission discount Posted 4 weeks ago
30th of August is Mel's birthday!
To celebrate, all commissions including Mel will be discounted for a limited time! (Until the end of September 6th)
Only a handful of slots.
PM me if interested!

Also, any questions regarding commissions and/or Mel are also welcome below!
Fancreation raffle! Posted 1 month ago
Hello everyone!

As you might've noticed, I'm hosting a 3k raffle on twitter.
Alongside that, I made a fancreation raffle! More details here:
the 'normal' 3k raffle is just retweeting and following me, but read below to find more info on the fancreation one:

Fancreation Raffle - FAQ:

"How do I enter?"
Well, any fan-creation created post-raffle announcement can be entered! Just post it on instagram, twitter or ekas with the hashtag "elicitemote3k" ! (Also tag me, as hashtags can be kinda unreliable...)
Alternatively, send me the fancreation to enter it <3

"I don't do artwork. Is that all I can...
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Fanart submissions for raffle Posted 3 months ago
So far:



from hashtag:
Q&A with my characters Posted 3 months ago
Check out my instagram or twitter for the option to ask my characters a question!
Right now it's Cari, but I might open up the opportunity to ask Mel again!
What are your favorite tags? Posted 4 months ago
I'm very curious as to what kind of tags you often browse/enjoy?
I am also in need of some motivation/inspiration to create some more art.

Feel free to share some below
OC's birthdays and zodiac signs Posted 6 months ago
I already posted this on twitter a while ago (except for Cheval), but I thought I would put it in here as well.

In case anyone is curious about the zodiac signs of my characters:

Angelie - Aquarius
Cari = Aries
Cheval = Libra
Lucretia = Cancer
Mel = Virgo
Naomi = Pisces
Scarlet = Scorpio

Adding to that,
Here's their birthdays!

Angelie: 5th of February
Cari: 1st of April
Cheval: October 10
Lucretia: 9th of July
Mel: 30th of August
Naomi: 19th of March
Scarlet: 26th of October

Cari's birthday is coming up! Let me know if you think I should make a commissiom sale for her birthday as well?
It's Naomi's Birthday tomorrow! Posted 6 months ago
As you might have seen on my post earlier:

March 19th is Naomi's birthday!

To celebrate I am giving 10% off any commissions that include her!

Discount runs until the 21st of March!

Regular price is found here:

PM me to order one!

I am also ready to answer any questions you might have about commissioning me.

I'm also still doing a Scarlet event on my twitter.
Check it out here:

Feel free to shoot me some questions about Naomi - I wanna talk about her since she's...
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