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Posted by SearKahn 4 months ago Report

Hope to see you posting more art. I love the classic stuff. You can use my character Melissa if you want


Posted by Bluebros 8 months ago Report

Surprised to still see you active! What've you been up too?


Posted by Nezumichan 1 year ago Report

Glad that most or all of this stuff seems to be back. Big fan, and such cute little preds and prey you draw.


Posted by Bellyl0ver 2 years ago Report

Good lord they removed almost all of your work! What is going on here?!

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Posted by supernova1324 2 years ago Report

Love your art especially sisters eating babies to get pregnant like their moms XD


Posted by Casdan1492 2 years ago Report

Thank you so, so much, for being the door to this incredible subculture for many of us...


Posted by 0kc0mputer 2 years ago Report

I remember seeing your art in vore videos when I was much younger and honestly i’m pretty thankful I found your stuff. i’m glad that because of that, i’m really into the vore community and met so many amazing people bc of it. thank you and i hope youre doing well, wherever you are

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Posted by JimboMcGrimbo 2 years ago Report

Love your stuff! Your art was actually the first vore stuff I ever saw, so I suppose I should thank you for that, heh! Keep it up, dude! ❤️


Posted by klonoa723 3 years ago Report

Love your style, you were pretty much one of the first vore artist I've checked out when joining the portal. I hope one day to see new stuff from ya :)


Posted by theclaw 3 years ago Report

i would just like to thank you it was you work along with anne2snakie and strega that allowed me to find ekas.


Posted by b5n 3 years ago Report

oh man i know you are not in a good situation. It sad to say but i think your not going to repost or even anwser someone here but i want to : first to wish you good luck. And second thank you, it in saw a kphoria animation of your work that i get interested into vore your the one that make me discover vore DA and ekas so again thank you


Posted by Deleted8gh198b51 3 years ago Report

I hope your well and shiny today!

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