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Just a guy with a love of vore and chubby chicks.

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2 questions.
1, how did you discover vore?
2, for those who draw/write weight gain and things like that, why do you find plus sized women sexy?
I’ll answer these questions myself, feel free to add anything.
I stumbled onto vore when I was little and saw Men in Black 2 on TV. As the opening credits went on, I started feeling funny. I didn’t really know what it meant at the time, but I was extremely attracted to Serleena with a big belly. Years later I looked up the clip on YouTube, only to stumble onto Kiphoria’s brain3times3 videos. And that’s how I discovered vore, which also evolved into a love for plus sized women. Fat or chubby girls just seem more natural than the ridiculously skinny models you see on tv and in magazines. It just seems right, I can’t really explain it any...
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Posted by GREGOLE 1 month ago

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Baragon has it as his shtick.

Rodan did in the first movie, though they seem to have moved on to dolphins and fish.

Ebirah did it implicitly.

Kamacuras and Kumonga both demonstrated clear intent to eat people, even if they didn't quite succeed.

I think Gezora was implied to have eaten one of his victims he dragged under.

Gorosaurus was clearly trying, before Kong interrupted.

Gaira does it so often it's a legit addiction.

Oodako never succeeded, but he was pretty clearly also making the attempt - though he prefers his meals Franken-sized.

Kong has done it on and off, though not in any of the Toho films.

I remember one of the books confirming human skeletons found via X-ray in King Ghidorah's stomach, but I'm not sure of the canonicity of that. I'm pretty sure he's a radiophage, but I guess he could do with chemical nutrition.

I guess Megaguirus indirectly counts, at least as far as her larvae are concerned. Though if you include her, that opens the door to lots of non-giant monsters.


Posted by GREGOLE 1 month ago

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None. That's what I just said.


Posted by GREGOLE 1 month ago

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I would need to settle on what animal to use as a base.

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