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Hello there, my name is the Vore Engineer, you may see me referred to as VE or V. Engineer around the site and other vore related places! I am a creator of vore fiction here on Eka's Portal, though I may every so often attempt a different style of writing or attempt to make a non-vore piece of content every so often, though I'll try to make sure that you get that sweet vore content more often than not. I write with a variety of characters, whether that be one-off characters to explore a concept more than tell a story with specific individuals, Original characters of both my own and others creations, and licensed characters from works all across the ages, because who doesn't love lewding what hasn't been lewded before? (Who am I kidding, this is the internet, everything has already been lewded hasn't it)

My writing style is pretty descriptive, I don't particularly like it, but I don't hate it either, it's something I feel I can refine to better, so hopefully you can join me in this journey of self-improvement and copious, and I mean copious amount of fetishising being eaten alive, something we can all enjoy!

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Stuck in Waifu hell.
Xenoblade 2 has claimed my soul throughout January. So much to do, so many blades to awaken. Why.
All joking aside, yes my January has been very very lazy for me. However, as we move into February, I'm looking into getting writing flowing again. Sorry for the wait. Words will come (eventually)

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Posted by Itsuune 1 month ago

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You're welcome, my dude. Thanks likewise!

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Posted by Sebistan 1 month ago

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You're welcome.
Keep those stories rolling, some of the best I've read


Posted by Itsuune 1 month ago

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You're welcome, you good bean, you.

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Posted by Natsukashii 1 month ago

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Thank you as well for the return watch, and I hope I can produce some work that you'll like as much as I like yours! ^^

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Posted by Raynebow 1 month ago

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Thanks a lot right back! Write more, doof!


Posted by NeverOokami 1 month ago

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Your welcome :)


Posted by shortprey20 1 month ago

Thanks for the fav! I should have another story out here soon, or two, for you to look at and let me know what you think! =D


Posted by HipHugger 1 month ago

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And thank you for your watch, Engineer!


Posted by Chameleonette 2 months ago

Thank you kindly for the watch and the fave~! :) I appreciate it.


Posted by OmaeWaMoShindeiru 3 months ago

Thanks for watching me!

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Posted by Halcyon 3 months ago

Thanks much for the watch, friend~!


Posted by MianQ 3 months ago

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