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Hello, and welcome to my Eka's Portal gallery! My name is TheVoreEngineer, though I do go by a variety of nicknames, including but not limited to Engineer, Engi, V. Engineer, and Wengi. As the being on the site and my name imply, I am a creator of vore content. Specifically, I create written works with voraphilic content contained within its words. The actual types of vore and even content is quite vast, from the more common female predator oral vore affair to things a touch more exotic. If you can imagine it, you can probably find it here (eventually). My main two types of output are Fanfiction and stories taking place in my own setting, known as "The Engisphere", a representation of our own modern world with a little more, uh, voraphilic activity taking place within its bounds. Also, supernatural things sometimes because sometimes reality is just a touch too dull, even with vore. Alongside this output, you'll find works others have commissioned from me, as well as my own art commissions I've purchased alongside thoughtful gifts from friends. While my writing style won't tickle everyone's fancy, I hope it can provide a collection that can tantalize the mind alongside more sexual urges as well, this is a fetish after all.

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This update is gonna be more somber than my prior ones, so let's just get into it.

Where have you been? Again...
Nowhere good. May was not a good month over here, more hard lockdowns, sick pets, and poor mental and emotional health left me somewhat shambling my way through May. I've, not been in a great place. I don't really have any excuses or any defense for the way I've been spending my time, and all I can say is sorry. An additional extremely heaping of apology to those waiting on commissions from me, I am aware I haven't been super open with communication over the past month, and I will try to improve myself on that front as best I can. That being said, over the past week or so, I've been able to improve somewhat, and even the desire to write has returned, so...
[ Continued ... ]

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h-hewwo mistew engineew :3c


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I appreciate the watch :D


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It's a loooong time overdue. I'm slow like that~
But thank you SO much for the watch o3o

Keep safe from predators and have a great day~


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Thanks for the watch!

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Thanks, wengi, for the watch~

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Thank you oh so much for the watch my dear Engi~


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Thank you for the watch Engi!~


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How could I not, Vengi~


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Hi mate thanks for the watch XD I appreciate your support!


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and thank you too Engi


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No problem ya'll welcome Holmes.

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