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Hello, and welcome to my Eka's user page!
My name is The Vore Engineer; however, you may see me with a variety of nicknames, such as but not limited to V. Engineer, Engineer, Engi, and Wengi.
I am a creator of vore fiction here on Eka's Portal, focused on a wide variety of different vore styles and combinations.
There are very few exceptions to the content that doesn't appear within my gallery. In my collection, you can find a variety of content!
Stories using original characters in my setting "The Engisphere" (Original I know), as well as a variety of stories taking place in other existing canons.
Alongside these stories are art, both gifts from lovely friends, and commissions of my creations!
I'd describe my writing style as 'Character focused', a technique I hope you can enjoy as I take you through many a scenario.
Taking the perspective of an individual, diving into their thoughts, their actions, their desires, as the setting I've engineered for them plays out, that's my style.
It may not be the most focused, or the most fulfilling, but I hope you enjoy it and enjoy watching my writing improve and flourish!

Here are some links to things I own, work on, or am a part of...

Amongst a World of Vore - Vore Interactive Story | Web version link | Eka's forum page
Ink and Quill - Writer's Discord Server | Come join me and many other readers and writers today!
Support me on SubscribeStar to help me continue producing vore literature!
Check out what I'm currently working on with my Trello board!
Come ask my questions about my OC's, my setting, or whatever you want!
V. Engineer#0460 | [email protected]

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TheVoreEngineer's Blog - Harry out! Posted 12 hours ago

Hard hat man out, yay!
Become a SubscribeStar subscriber to help me choose who gets their reference sheet (and their flavor story when I'm done with commissions) first!
You pay enough you get spiffy benefits too!

back to writing now

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Posted by Pluto 1 day ago Report

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You're welcome :)


Posted by Eurodex 4 days ago Report

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You are most welcome. ^_^

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Posted by SearKahn 5 days ago Report

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No problem. Hope to see great stuff from you.


Posted by ImmortalPrey 5 days ago Report

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You are welcome


Posted by Caustic 5 days ago Report

*Cums and farts* hehe sorry... *it chases away all your subscribers*heh.. i ate beans sorry again..

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Posted by Pkmnguy6262 8 days ago Report

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Np! Looking forward to read some more ~~pokemon~~ stories from ya^^ so keep up the good work.


Posted by Victusu 2 weeks ago Report

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No problem, you're welcome.


Posted by VisforVictory 2 weeks ago Report

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Course! Thought I was already watching you haha


Posted by justhere 2 weeks ago Report

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Np! Love your stories!

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