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Hey! You can call me Kai.

I've been using this website for years now, and finally decided to make an account and contribute! Hope you enjoy seeing my work. I'm a big fan of oral vore, anal vore, unbirth, and preg, so expect to see that! All characters I draw are 18+.

Deviantart - https://www.deviantart.com/kaijinx

My commissions are open!

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kaijinx's Blog - Thank you! Posted 1 year ago

Hey!! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone! I joined as an artist only a handful of days ago and already everyone is so supportive?? I'm baffled? The community here is wonderful! I'm already to 4K views! I uh don't know if that's considered good, but it's a big number so I'm happy!

Also uh. Quick question. Is there a way to see how many people are watching me...? I can't find it the number if it exists haha. I also don't know how blog posts work. Like I've mentioned before, I've been lurking on this site for FOREVER and only recently decided to contribute so uhhh I'm kinda clueless!

Again thank you all!

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Posted by Midnightpsycho 1 year ago Report

Very impressive artwork and dialogue


Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 1 year ago Report

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Wow, thanks! It's not often I get praise from an artist such as yourself, so this means a lot. I am a man of many ideas, and I don't tend to get tied down to one genre, so I probably do show up in numerous places, especially if you're looking for Nintendo stuff. All those ideas do generate a lot of content, though really it comes in waves I get bursts of motivation and inspiration where I have to get stories out. I can write stories fairly quickly when focused, so I guess that helps.

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Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 1 year ago Report

Woah! I totally missed that you favorited one of my Zelda stories... three months ago, awkward for me, but thanks!

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Posted by Blakesnorf 1 year ago Report

Thank you so much for the favorite! It means a lot to me ^-^


Posted by Vmaster608 1 year ago Report

Hello! My friend got me a gift from you. Just wanted to say thank you and I love it.


Posted by PixelMood 1 year ago Report

I just discovered your art and I love it!


Posted by BBBbrowser 1 year ago Report

Oh man, I love your art. Keep up the great work!


Posted by Slimimi 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by TentaMissiles 1 year ago Report

Good art!

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Posted by SherlokKiril 1 year ago Report

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HEhehehe thank you for your response ! I really appreciate it too !


Posted by Mamerui 1 year ago Report

Really nice stuff so far! Thanks for making an account to share :>

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Posted by Searinex 1 year ago Report

Welcome, glad you decided to make an account.

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