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Good day! I'm an avid writer with a lot of free time & so I spend much of that time, well... writing!

While Fire Emblem is my absolute main focus, I'll occasionally write a story for other games or anime. Think of it as a sort of a 'once in a while' thing.

No matter the game or anime, my focus will usually be for the more uncommon characters. I primarily focus on soft, oral vore (both macro/micro & same size) but may occasionally dip into different categories. While I do enjoy writing & reading both fatal & non-fatal content, I'm a sucker for the non-fatal, endosoma cutesy stuff.

I definitely tend to lean more on writing wholesome stuff but I do like to occasionally dip into darker and/or more lewd themes (still of the more wholesome kind).

I strive to become a better writer so any & all criticism is always welcome.

You can find my official Fire Emblem Interactive page here!:

For the time being, I RP only with good friends & when I'm really in the mood.

I write quite frequently but have no real set schedule so usually, there's not too long of a wait between one story to the next new one but of course, problems can arise, especially during the Summer time so you'll have to bare with me if a longer gap emerges.

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Hello everyone! Just making this quick little announcement that I have made my own Fire Emblem interactive page here! It's something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time now as there weren't really any good FE interactives… like anywhere, so I’m really hopeful that we can make this a great one! I will make absolutely sure that this interactive will never remain dormant as maybe every few days, I’ll add some pages of my own, possibly some that followup on a page you’ve written. I do hope you guys will enjoy this as I look forward to essentially write with you all, hahaa!!

Everything like the setting, the rules & all that jazz can be found on the first page of the interactive that’ll be linked down below. I’ll always keep this page linked on my user page so...
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Posted by KevinK1993 4 weeks ago Report

@SupremeToadLord I know it's late, but I'd just thought to wish you a Happy (Although belated) Birthday.

How have you been, so far?


Posted by RockCityBoy 1 month ago Report

I saw your gift story by RexLou and wanted to wish you a lovely birthday! <3


Posted by KevinK1993 9 months ago Report

@SupremeToadLord What was your first exposure to the Pokemon series? Was it through the games or the anime and what did you like about either one?


Posted by KevinK1993 11 months ago Report

@SupremeToadLord Honest Question: Before the Fire Emblem series, were there any other video game franchises that you liked?

Also, what was the first video game console system that you've ever played with (and / or owned)?


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 1 year ago Report

Thanks a bunch for the fave! :-)


Posted by HiddenIke 1 year ago Report

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Well, you are now so no need to worry XD


Posted by HiddenIke 1 year ago Report

Also, thank you for the watch!!!


Posted by HiddenIke 1 year ago Report

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Thank you. It’s giving me some weird error...


Posted by HiddenIke 1 year ago Report

Tfw tried to send you a PM but apparently they’re broken...


Posted by Grimmahr 1 year ago Report

Thank you so much for the favorite SupremeToadLord. ^,^

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Posted by HiddenIke 1 year ago Report

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Thanks. For some dumb reason I decided to edit it together on my phone. Both of my arms BURNED after it was done, but I can definitely say it was worth it if you and others think it’s good!

Thanks for the compliments!


Posted by HiddenIke 1 year ago Report

Hey, it’s me again!

Thank you for the new fav too!

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