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Salutations! Dimented "Dim" Chaos at your service. Amateur writer, despicable clown man, and local Touhou enthusiast... among other things. Take a peek into my gallery and let the Lunatic Times roll.

I'm always trying to improve, so feel free to leave any feedback or critiques you might have on my stories. They're very much appreciated!

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Heya! Long time no blog post, eh?

I figured since it's the new year, I ought to make a quick little update post just to let y'all know I'm very much still alive and kicking. First and foremost, I really should apologize for my long stretches of radio silence outside of posting the occasional art pieces I've commissioned over the past few months. I just tend to keep to myself a lot; trying to give semi-regular updates on my status just never felt like something I thought people would care much to hear about. Hopefully those pieces I've gotten were able to tide people over for the time being, but I hope to get back to writing in earnest soon. Frankly, I've just been pretty busy lately--I'm finishing up graduate school this year while working through internships, and I had a big...
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Posted by ezkerbkun 10 months ago Report

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You are one of my favourite writers now. It took me a while to read your stories but I loved them all. Keep being amazing.

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Posted by Xiphelier 1 year ago Report

Thank you for watch!! (>ヮ<)

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Posted by Tsavo 1 year ago Report

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I love your stories so damn much. I'm barely restraining my fanboy urges here.


Posted by StygianSkies 1 year ago Report

Much thanks for the watch, Touhou Guru


Posted by Ilove 1 year ago Report

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Np, just read your Yuffie story, would love to see your next story, hope KH related :)


Posted by rockysavannah 1 year ago Report

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You're welcome!


Posted by rabidPsionic 2 years ago Report

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Posted by Reactorgirl 2 years ago Report

Dimentedchaos, thank you very much for watching.


Posted by BalvoArt 2 years ago Report

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Thank you very much! You're stories are wonderful~


Posted by Raynebow 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To DimentedChaos

No prob! Really enjoy ya Touhou stuff! It was long overdue if anything!


Posted by SomeGuyHere 2 years ago Report

No problem! Surprised I wasnt watching you already


Posted by goddessyuri 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To DimentedChaos

Your welcome and your stories are amazing

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