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Hello, world!

You can just call me DC. Or Dim. Or whatever works for you, really. I'm just a random little nobody who likes to write degenerate fics and color stuff. I tend to work mostly on Touhou-related things, but I might make content for other series that I like at some point. Hopefully you enjoy what I have to offer!

I'm mostly using these sketches and stories to work on improving my non-vore craft, so feedback is always appreciated.

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DimentedChaos' Blog - Upcoming Stuffs Posted 13 days ago

Figured I'd post a short little something considering it's been a hot minute since my last blog. With the recent commission done I'm going to start working on stories for the poll winners now, so hooray for progress and whatnot. This time around, though, I'll release them one at a time as they're finished instead of all at once, I just feel it's better that way... HOW-EVER! As a little surprise, I've also got a couple other stories planned. Those ones I'll keep as a secret, but the first will be posted after Ran's, and the second after Nue's. And after that I'll *finally* get started on the long-awaited Boss Rush entry I've been promising for the longest time now. I figured I should get back to working on that series since the Yuyuko one was... Wait, it's been over HALF A YEAR since the...
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Posted by rabidPsionic 1 month ago Report

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Posted by Reactorgirl 1 month ago Report

Dimentedchaos, thank you very much for watching.


Posted by VoraciousVelvet 1 month ago Report

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Thank you very much! You're stories are wonderful~


Posted by Raynebow 2 months ago Report

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No prob! Really enjoy ya Touhou stuff! It was long overdue if anything!


Posted by SomeGuyHere 2 months ago Report

No problem! Surprised I wasnt watching you already


Posted by goddessyuri 3 months ago Report

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Your welcome and your stories are amazing


Posted by PrismaticAria 4 months ago Report

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I love your stuff! Of course I'm gonna ad ya' to the watch list! I've still got plenty of room for improvement, and you're a way better writer than I am. Hope I'll learn something — or some things (Plural).


Posted by TenaciousTinkerer 8 months ago Report

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Wait how long have I not been watching, huh. Keep up with the boss rush stuff, I really like it myself! That and 2hu stuff in general lately as I slowly dip my toes into the series.


Posted by DeadStrategicCactus 9 months ago Report

Thank you for watching.

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Posted by Aqualite 9 months ago Report

You've been doing quite the fantastic job.

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Posted by Blarginated 9 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch, and again, welcome to the fold. ;D

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