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Just an average guy serving as an average vore writer.

Ilias is best girl.

I can't draw worth a damn.

But if you think I write worth a damn and that I deserve a little extra for it, check out my ko-fi! I don't do raffles or anything like that there; it's a tip jar, no more, no less. Check it out here!:

I have a SubscribeStar, but can't commit to any of the rewards at this time.

If you're passionate about vore writing - whether it's actually doing the writing, or you just enjoy reading - come to the Ink and Quill Discord server! We're a pretty friendly group of chaps and chapettes here. Whether you just enjoy reading, you're just starting out, or if you're an experienced author looking to talk with other writers, it's the place for you! Just click this link and you're in!

I also thought it was a good idea to make a Discord. If you want in, just ask and I'll give you an invite link!

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On this day, many years ago, I pushed myself out of the chamber that held me, and made myself everyone else's problem. Now, I have sat through yet another cycle made by this rock around the ball of fire in the sky.

In other words, it is my birthday. Praise my honorable name on high.

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Posted by MikeFOX2400 4 months ago Report

Thank you very much for the fav pal!
Really appreciate it!


Posted by NightRoller 5 months ago Report

A hearty thank you for your favorite on one of my quirkier and kinkier story's genderbent version, "The Hungry, Hungry Wolfboy"! I hope their cheekiness kept you rocking from side to side until it swallowed! I'm curious to know which part you enjoyed the most~

I'll be sure to check out your discord!

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Posted by cr055x 6 months ago Report

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I was hoping we would see more Beatrice stuff this Halloween, and then realized you had already posted a story. ^^;


Posted by Loonnyx 9 months ago Report

Thanks for the Fav!


Posted by MagChan 10 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch~!


Posted by TeruyukiKiryuin 10 months ago Report

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Posted by Kronguss 1 year ago Report

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Uh ohhh, looks like I've been found out


Posted by Natalya 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch~! ♥


Posted by YourFriendComputer 1 year ago Report

Big McThankies from McSpankies!


Posted by YourFriendComputer 2 years ago Report

Thanks so much for the fave, watch, and kind words!


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