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Hello, fellow vore freakos!
I'm an expansion fetish artist from Finland, who loves to draw girls with big huggable bellies, like vore, weight gain, inflation (air, water), stuffing, pregnancy, plump, chubby, whatever!

Commissions are currently CLOSED, check Commission Status up there!

Tools that I use is Wacom Cintiq 13HD and softwares are CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX & Photoshop CS6.

I love huge, huggable women's bellies, oral vore, F/F, preggos, plumps and chubbies, monster girls (Nagas, Tauress, Mermaids), same size, bite sized.
What I don't like are futanari, anal vore, cock vore, mpreg, male predators and expansion, scat and urine.

I also can be found at: DeviantArt - Twitter - Pixiv - Picarto.TV

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Status: STARTS ON 20th


7/9 Done.

To my Picarto Channel!


Starting at 18:00 Eastern European Time (15:00 UTC, 08:00 PST & 11:00 EST) each day and last long as long as I have energy to work!
You can reserve 15 minutes early before work on the stream truly begins to spare time.


For $10, you can get simple single character sketch.

Flat colors for additional $2,5, while Full colors is $5.
Upgrading from FLAT to FULL is just additional $2,5.
Colors will...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by BedTime 1 month ago Report

Hello, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your art, especially that zombie girl of yours. preds that aren't conscious of what they are doing are the best for me ^^

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Posted by SomeoneThatExists 6 months ago Report

You make great artwork. :)

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Posted by DeadStrategicCactus 8 months ago Report

<< Reply To A0IISA

That's very fair.


Posted by DeadStrategicCactus 8 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch, wasn't really expecting one from you to be honest.


Posted by JamKat 8 months ago Report

Happy New Years!


Posted by JamKat 8 months ago Report

Merry Christmas!


Posted by pingas21 9 months ago Report

Like the art if you are doing commissions let me know because i would like it :D


Posted by TinyHero 10 months ago Report

<< Reply To A0IISA

The RP will be in PM, and hopefully the OC/s in question will only make short cameos too, voring them will require promission too... ^^;


Posted by TinyHero 10 months ago Report

Planning an RP with someone, and was wondering if we can use your OCs for it? Mainly student, teacher, or even principles as well?


Posted by hetcomc 11 months ago Report

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you've been doing to finish all these stream commissions. You're one of the most consistently great artists on this site. Hope you take a nice long break after all this is done. You deserve it!

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Posted by JamKat 1 year ago Report

Happy Vore Day! :3


Posted by AustinDR 1 year ago Report

Just a heads up: this user is stealing your artwork without your consent: https://vorefan97.deviantart.com/art/Brought-to-you-by-Lazy-Ass-Doors-Inc-747049176.

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