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Hail, friend, welcome to the archives of the Divine Scribe:  ZeldaNoVorsu. Here you can find many tales of legend within an alternate version of the Legend of Zelda universe. This universe splits off from the main one due to an event early in the timeline known as the Perversion of Vorensu. A sorcerer corrupted by a primeval cosmic entity, Vorensu possesses the ability to curse almost anyone with the Power of Vore. This ability changes the bodies those afflicted, granting them abilities all revolving around the ability to devour others whole and alive before digesting them in some manner. This wicked sorcerer was sealed long ago by the Golden Goddesses, but his legacy lives on, most prominently in the eponymous princess of these legends: Zelda. While she has for the most part converted this power to use for the cause of good, there are others who still give into its more primal gluttony. These sad creatures often end up as Servants of Vorensu and are prime targets for facing the wrath of the serie's arch-villain: Ganon. The evil incarnation of hatred and malice was born to oppose the Power of Vore and take over Hyrule, twisting the kingdom in his own dark image. However, he does not go unopposed in this sinister mission for whenever darkness rises, so does the light to meet it. This light is best embodied by the era's Princess Zelda and the chosen hero of the Goddesses, most commonly known as Link. Together, they are destined to destroy Ganon and form an unbreakable bond that will certainly lead to a happily ever after for the pair (unless you're the Hero of Time). Of course, there are also tales outside of the main Zelda No Vorsu canon for you to explore. So please, enter the archives, take your shoes off, and stay awhile; I'm sure you'll find something you'll enjoy.

The author lays no claim to any unoriginal characters. These characters are owned by their respective companies.

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Hello Audience!

If you didn't already know, today is the 35th Anniversary of the release of the original Legend of Zelda. To celebrate this special occasion, I'm releasing a series of short stories. You can find them in the Milestones folder under Zelda 35. Once I finish these stories, I will finally have time to work on all my backlogged projects, so look forward to those soon. For now, may the light shine upon you.

Until next time!
The Divine Scribe

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Also, forgot your birthday was recently! Happy belated birthday!

The K

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Sorry, I'm super late for this but Happy Birthday ZeldaNoVorsu


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You're welcome!


Posted by rockysavannah 2 months ago Report

Happy Birthday.


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@ZeldaNoVorsu Before Zelda, what other games have you played or enjoyed, if any?


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Well you got me there >.>

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Stop doing such interesting stories without doing commissions you monster! >: (

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Of course, your writing is great! I feel like I always see something by you every time I go searching - I'm very impressed by the amount of content you crank out lmao


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Thanks for the favorite, kind stranger!
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