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Long, long ago... There once was an evil sorcerer who possessed a perverted and dark power. He could make whoever he cursed able to swallow others whole and alive. His name was Vorensu. Using his dark powers, he threw the land of Hyrule into chaos. The gods, however, intervened and sealed Vorensu and his Vorsu timeline away. That was the case until recently, when the seal weakened and the alternate universe began to seep out. Vorensu escaped. He fled to Eka's Portal and began drawing bits of his universe there.
Dare you enter this cursed realm?

The Legend of Zelda and all of its characters are owned by Nintendo.

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Who here is excited for the new Smash? Because I am hyped! Every single character from the past plus some newbies. And, we've got some pretty sick redesigns as well... Masked Dedede as the king's final smash, just what I always wanted. And those Zelda characters redesigns, love 'em! They represent the different eras of the games. Zelda represents the classics with her Link to the Past/Link Between Worlds design. Ganondorf (and the Demon King, Ganon, of course), Sheik, and Young Link represent what some might call the "golden age" era. Toon Link obviously represents the Toon era, and Link represents the "New Era" which with Breath of the Wild seems to be the coming of a second golden age. Maybe it's just the Switch bringing out the best in everybody: Zelda, Mario,...
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Posted by rika 2 weeks ago

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Give me a few days, dood~


Posted by AnonymousLurker 1 month ago

Keep up the good work with your stories!


Posted by linkever 6 months ago

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No problem!Love your stories. I really love zelda vore but before you appeared, not many writers did good stories on zelda, You truly arrived here at the best time.

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