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Long, long ago... There once was an evil sorcerer who possessed a perverted and dark power. He could make whoever he cursed able to swallow others whole and alive. His name was Vorensu. Using his dark powers, he threw the land of Hyrule into chaos. The gods, however, intervened and sealed Vorensu and his Vorsu timeline away. That was the case until recently, when the seal weakened and the alternate universe began to seep out. Vorensu escaped. He fled to Eka's Portal and began drawing bits of his universe there.
Dare you enter this cursed realm?

The Legend of Zelda and all of its characters are owned by Nintendo.

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Wow, half a million views already. It's only been slightly over a year since I hit 250K! Thanks a ton everyone. I'll try to keep up the good work as the next milestone won't be until I hit 1,000,000 views. That's a lofty goal, so let's get cracking at it by reading my 500K views special: A Tale of Two Peaches. That's all for now.

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Posted by C107galaxytachyon 9 days ago Report

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Kinda both: though the former kinda speaks for itself given your choice of name.

What actually got me surprised was you being among the small minority of people with a positive outlook on the new Star Wars movies: for the longest time, IHE was the only prominent voice to come to their defense as of late.


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Posted by C107galaxytachyon 10 days ago Report

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Exactly where do most of your posts gleam their inspirations from?

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Posted by C107galaxytachyon 12 days ago Report

Mind if I ask you something?

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Posted by Dragónmacro 7 months ago Report

Hi, I'm new, I like your stories


Posted by BigClaudia 11 months ago Report

Loz vore fan


Posted by rika 1 year ago Report

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Give me a few days, dood~


Posted by AnonymousLurker 1 year ago Report

Keep up the good work with your stories!


Posted by linkever 1 year ago Report

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No problem!Love your stories. I really love zelda vore but before you appeared, not many writers did good stories on zelda, You truly arrived here at the best time.

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