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The Baby Fat Finale is here! Posted 3 years ago
Download it immediately. Thinking this week might be the week I actually take everything down (I know, right? Like we've heard that before).
My gallery so far... Posted 3 years ago!NFVSQaZD!NCqf1DrTo6t ... A!JFcxCYTa

Someone was kind enough to upload all of my work to this is everything. Enjoy it all.

I have two more comics coming out - a final Baby Fat and Craving Control piece. I'll hopefully have them out before September is here.
Update on my departure! Posted 3 years ago
Hello all. I'm still here. Didn't leave as early as I thought I would. Still have some backlog to finish, so I'd suggest that everyone continue to download my works, if they want to hold on to them.

I'm finally getting the pages of Serving Size out. Been working on these for the better part of four months now. Enjoy!
Commissions Posted 3 years ago
Hey, since I'll be departing and I'll need a bit of cash between now and when my new job starts, I've decided to open up for commissions. I'll be a bit selective about the commissions I'll select, preferring shorter pinups rather than longer comic stories. Please keep this in mind, if you pitch me an idea.

Also, remember to download my comics and animations, if you're looking to save any of my works:
A Change Is Coming Posted 3 years ago
Good day everyone,

This is an announcement to download all of my content while you can. I wanted to announce this so everyone has fair opportunity/warning to adjust. Due to a number of circumstances, both recent and longstanding, I have decided to discontinue my career as a fetish artist.

The work involved and the inherent nature of the job have proven to be unhealthy for both myself and the relationships I've fostered. My time with you all has not been without its pros, however. I've developed many great friendships, plenty of whom I wish to maintain long after I've stopped working. I've already let me patrons know of this decision and will be concluding the three comic orders currently due (two Craving Control and one Baby Fat). After this, I will...
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Streamtime Posted 4 years ago
ANC/BIGBIG Stream Posted 4 years ago
Reminder to folks to download the works of mine that you like! Posted 4 years ago
As per Eka's post here (, you'll notice that some of my content is gone. While I upload most things to both Deviantart and Eka's, there may be some content that's Eka's exclusive. So, if there's any content you value, I suggest you download it now, in case a similar situation should arise in the future.

My gallery:
Remember these little in-game ads from Deep End? Posted 4 years ago
Well, they’re making a comeback, sort of, and your ad could be featured next! In the upcoming Baby Fat game, there are spaces for ads placed throughout one of the main areas. If all goes according to plan, they will cycle through several different ads, promoting the many businesses throughout the game. These ad screens will eventually be filled up, but I thought to myself, “Why not open this up to the fans?”. So, a contest seemed to be in order.

I invite any and all designers to create their own ads for the game. The constraints are within a 1.25:1 ratio (portrait orientation). I suppose there isn’t a small range of subject matter to stay within. These are ads and can really be about anything that can be advertised. However, the more pertinent ads will be favored over the...
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A reminder to follow my Twitter for exclusive updates. Posted 4 years ago