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It was Halloween night and the rich girl Carrie was throwing the biggest party in town. Dozens of high schoolers and college students showed up to the party. Among them, Was Jackson.
He was talking with his girlfriend Debby, who was dressed like Sally from nightmare before Christmas.

"This party is awesome!"

"Yeah, too bad you stick out like a sore thumb." Her face turns red.


Ultimate treat, or ultimate trick?

It was All Hallows' eve, and children were run about the neighborhoods filling their baskets and pillow cases with lollipops, chocolate and candies of all kinds.
A group of three friends were out trick or treating. Jackie, who was dressed as a clown. Abby, who was dressed as Elsa. And ben, who was dressed as genji. About twenty feet behind them was jackie's older sister Betty who was talking on her phone, wish

Artemis’s final battle

It was a dark night in the city. A figure flew across the sky and landed on top of a warehouse. The young super heroine Artemis had finally tracked down her arch nemesis Mammoth. She had been chasing him for years, but she finally tracked him down to his new hideout. She uses a heat beam to carve a hole in the roof and slips inside. She walks around the seemingly empty warehouse.
“Where is he? My informant bett

Mom's note
It was a Friday afternoon.
13 year old Gwen arrived at home after hanging out with friends while her 9 year old brother, Lucas was getting off the bus. Gwen grabbed the spare key from inside the bush on the porch and they walked inside. "Hello?" Lucas said. "Mom?" They went around the house looking for her. Then they saw a note on the fridge. " I'm going shopping at the mall. Going to be here for a while. Gwen make Lucas dinne

9 months nap time 2

Alice was loving her life. It had been about 4 months since she unbirthed her class. Her belly was now sticking out a good 3 or 4 feet. Since then she was on a paid maternity leave since her class was gone anyway. She spent the days relaxing on the couch eating ice cream, fries, Doritos, pizza rolls, Corn dogs, burgers, brownies and every other unhealthy things you can think of. Rubbing her belly. She loved the feeling of life. So many live

Huntress of the woods

Kevin is 23 years old. Him and his friends just got out of college and to celebrate they went camping deep in the woods. He came with his best friends Kyle and James, his girlfriend Jenna and his sister Addison. He and James are setting up the tents while Jenna made dinner and His sister watched.
"What's taking so long?" Addison complained. "It'll be faster if you helped!" James angril

Getting out of the wedding

It was early 1am. The entire Sullivan household was quiet. 18 year old Bella Sullivan was fast asleep laying in her bed. Everything was calm, until her door opened and her three younger brothers sneak inside. 15 year old tom. 13 year old mark and 6 year old Jud. They all gather around their older sister’s bed.
“Are you sure she is asleep?” Mark asked.
“Looks as

Andy’s family of vore part 3: mother

It was Friday morning, And Andy’s mother Melissa was at her work, named VU Incorporated. Her job isn’t any ordinary job. Her job is centered around Vore. It offers various services like renting out bellies or wombs from extended time, and sells products that relate to Vore including digestion pills, acid proof products and more.
Right now she was working hard on her computer

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If you do something inspired by the monthly theme you post a link in the forum thread.


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If you do something inspired by the monthly theme you post a link in the forum thread.


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Every month I do an art challenge.
It's on the forums.


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Thanks for the watch. Was there anything you liked in particular?


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