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Mother’s birthday cake It was a cool Friday afternoon. Daniel knocked on the door to his old house. It was his mother’s birthday today and the 21 year old decided to come home from college to visit and wish her a happy birthday. The front door opened, revealing his 17 year old sister Janet. She was wearing a yellow sweater and long white skirt. Physically she was a few inches shorter than he was, with short brown hair and a noticeably large chest. “Well well, look who decided to actually

Daddy’s little girl 3 To celebrate their one year anniversary, Richard got three tickets to a fancy cruise ship. One ticket for himself, one for his girlfriend Cynthia and one for his eight year old daughter Cameron. Right now, they were enjoying the nice summer day by swimming together in the ship’s large swimming pool. Richard was tossing Cameron into the air above him and catching her after she fell. “Higher Daddy!” He tossed her up as high as he could throw her and caught her again.

What should I focus on doing next?


Alien encounter 2It was a cool Friday morning in the city. In a seemingly average apartment, three women sat together enjoying a breakfast of eggs, bacon and pancakes. One was a very tall woman with long black hair. Another, a young red haired woman appearing to be in her twenties and finally a little eight year old girl with the same red hair as her big sister. Everything seemed perfectly normal, except for the fact that one of them was actually an alien from outer space. “You can eat this, r

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It’s frustrating

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The ones for The comfy sister.


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your works are so awesome to read, keep up the amazing work an have a epic day


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Will there be a Astrid Hofferson from HTTYD solo vore fanfic in the future?


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Thank you for the fave!


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Thanks so much for the favs!


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Youll be great and remember i have faith in your abilities

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Im watching you. So do great things

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Hanging in there!

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