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It was Halloween night and the rich girl Carrie was throwing the biggest party in town. Dozens of high schoolers and college students showed up to the party. Among them, Was Jackson.
He was talking with his girlfriend Debby, who was dressed like Sally from nightmare before Christmas.

"This party is awesome!"

"Yeah, too bad you stick out like a sore thumb." Her face turns red.


Artemis’s final battle

It was a dark night in the city. A figure flew across the sky and landed on top of a warehouse. The young super heroine Artemis had finally tracked down her arch nemesis Mammoth. She had been chasing him for years, but she finally tracked him down to his new hideout. She uses a heat beam to carve a hole in the roof and slips inside. She walks around the seemingly empty warehouse.
“Where is he? My informant bett

Huntress of the woods

Kevin is 23 years old. Him and his friends just got out of college and to celebrate they went camping deep in the woods. He came with his best friends Kyle and James, his girlfriend Jenna and his sister Addison. He and James are setting up the tents while Jenna made dinner and His sister watched.
"What's taking so long?" Addison complained. "It'll be faster if you helped!" James angril

Andy’s family of vore part 3: mother

It was Friday morning, And Andy’s mother Melissa was at her work, named VU Incorporated. Her job isn’t any ordinary job. Her job is centered around Vore. It offers various services like renting out bellies or wombs from extended time, and sells products that relate to Vore including digestion pills, acid proof products and more.
Right now she was working hard on her computer

Late night jog

I was out late at night in the woods going for a jog. I don’t normally go out this late but i had a lot on my mind and jogging helped clear my head. I got pretty deep into the woods until i stopped to catch my breath. When i did, i heard it. *snap* i looked behind me. “Hello? Is anyone there?” I called out into the darkness. Suddenly, a woman came into view. Judging from her face she appeared to be in her early 20’s. &ldquo

Melissa’s perfect life

It was a cold friday night, and a young woman named Melissa pulls into her driveway after working another extra shift at the office. She gets out of her car and slams the door, stomping inside the house. She is sick of her job, sick of all the stupid people she has to see, but most of all she hates her cheapskate boss. She puts her jacket on the rack and slams the front door. She reaches for the light switch but it w

Andy’s family of vore part 2: big sister

It was Friday afternoon and Andy was relaxing at home. A action movie marathon was coming on tv and he planned on spending the entire weekend watching it. Meanwhile, his older sister, Kathy just got back home from lunch with her boyfriend James. “See you later babe!” She kisses him and goes inside the house. Andy looks over. “Hey sis. How was your date?”

Hello and welcome to Andy's family of


. It follows Andy as he goes through his day while having either the best or worst luck ever, depending on who you ask.

Our story starts at his school.

Andy's teacher Ms. Weaver was teaching the class about digestion. Andy on the other hand, was staring

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Does anyone have any updates on the underage situation?

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