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Meeting the boss’s family

It was Friday night. Quitting time. Most people would spend this time out with friends having fun or at home enjoying time with their family, but not for Christine Martin. She was rushing to get herself and her family dressed and ready to go out the door. Christine worked for a big incorporation and earlier today her boss invited her and her family to enjoy dinner at her house. This was a huge honor! If this

Escape from detention

It was a cool Friday afternoon. Northwater high school had ended almost an hour ago and everyone had gone home. Everyone, besides the detentions students. The detention group consisted of about seven teens and one teacher who really hated being there. In the very back of the classroom was Bella. She wore gray leggings that lead up to a knee high red skirt and a black hoodie that covered over her bright red hair. Bella could be ca

Andy’s family of vore part 5: girlfriend

It was a cool August Monday. Andy was at home panicking, while his older sister Kathy was trying to calm him down.
“I’m sure Jane will understand. She laughed when she saw you being digested by your teacher for a week.” Kathy’s attempts to reassure Andy did nothing to calm down his nervous mind.
“We weren’t dating yet, and That was one week. This

Daddy’s little girl

It was a bright sunny summer day, in a seemingly average suburban neighborhood. A young woman named Janice walked down the path leading to a Bright yellow house. She had scarlet red hair that went to her shoulders, and a very large sized bust. Janice had recently started dating again and had met a man named Richard waiting in line at a restaurant. He was a young man, Maybe in his late twenties to early thirties. H

Laura’s trip to college
It was a hot day in June as Ms Everett was running late to teach her college class. She pulled into the parking lot and parked her car. She ran as fast as she could to the door. She pulled out her keys and accidentally dropped them to the floor.
“Stupid keys!” Just then, she noticed a figure from the corner of her eye. She looked up and saw a little girl standing in front of her. She had long blonde hair and a rather

Rebecca to the rescue!

It was a bright sunny day at north water elementary school. It was currently recess and everyone was having fun on the playground. Best friends Jasmine and Rebecca were playing together on top of the monkey bars, trying to see who can hang the longest.
“I’m gonna win!” Jasmine shouted.
“Never!” Rebecca responded. They both held onto the bars like the monkeys it was named after.

Which Sleeping bag was mine? (Multiple endings)

It was a bright sunny day on the campgrounds. There, a man named Mark took his family camping. He brought his 8 year old daughter Wendy. His 16 year old daughter Bella and his beautiful wife and mother to his children, Cindy. They were all currently sitting by the fire eating hot dogs while Mark set up the family tent. It was a very large tent meant for a family of six. With just the four of them, i

Andy’s family of vore part 4
Little sister

It was a sunny July day and Andy and his family were celebrating his little sister Samantha’s birthday. The party consisted of Andy, their mother Melissa, their older sister Kathy, her best friends Sabrina and Adrian, Adrian’s boyfriend Luke and Samantha’s boyfriend Harrison. Everyone had just eaten the birthday cake and ice cream and were moving onto the living room to open up p

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