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Hi everybody!

One guy in the distance: Hi Dr. Wolf!

I've lurked on this site for ages, decided it was finally time to jump all the way in.

I'm a big nerd (and a big weeb, currently trying to learn Japanese for realsies). I know tons of video games, movies, anime/manga, comics, music, etc. I love pretty much all media. A short list of some of my favorite things in no order includes Digimon Adventure, Katamari, Cowboy Bebop, Dark Souls, Yellow Submarine, Shrek, Avatar TLAB, Resident Evil, Gorillaz. I also keep up with seasonal anime, so that list could go on forever...

I'm a prey-leaning switch. I myself am pretty passive, and very into the idea of being dominated physically by a woman. Satisfying the pred is what it's all about, and while my preference is to be unwilling prey, I'm pretty flexible about my role. I prefer soft vore, and I prefer the pred to be motivated by lust over hunger, but I'm generally pretty open minded and will try almost anything once. The identity of the prey doesn't matter too much to me, if that's my role, I'm happy to be play a variety of different characters and genders. The pred is the star of the show, and is exclusively female for me (I don't do male preds, though the occasional femboy/futa may be up to discussion). I have an OC named Bailey that I like to play, she can fit either role. https://aryion.com/g4/view/669329

I'm basically here to write stories, and RP, so if you're interested in having me write something or want to RP with me just PM me.

My LFRP page: https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=60378

Oh, also, I love all the great art the people on this site draw, but I myself can't draw for shit. If YOU can draw and would be interested in a colab/trade, please PM me, I would love to try writing some stories to go along with some art.

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I don't know if anyone actually reads these, but I like to give little updates as to what is going on. It helps me to keep things organized.

Currently, I am working on episode 2 of The Get-Inn, which should hopefully be out late tonight. After that, I already have a commission lined up for episode 3, which should hopefully come out late tomorrow.

Also, I have always been a god damn clown, so I decided to embrace it. On a related note, watch Worthikids' "Wire" on youtube, it's fucking fantastic, I've already watched it no less than 30 times. I'm a big fan of his, though I don't know how much he'd appreciate getting a spotlight somewhere like this, so don't tell him I sent you :3

OH! I almost forgot, I have begun the process of getting Jenna...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by CardsBears 5 months ago Report

Thank you for the fav! Love your stories!! <3


Posted by TheAya 7 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch and fav pally!


Posted by Swalloweredipus 7 months ago Report

hey, i have recently read your stories and am actually creating an interactive called "vorepedia". i was wondering if you, or indeed myself, would be able to use the "i hate my sister" to inspire a vore interactive? i love the personality of the pred in this. not demure, but takes control and basically ignores the prey, although does not *intentionally* hurt her brother.

all things aside, your work is of a great quality. you do not have it too brief, i.e "he ate her and was satisfied", but also dont waste time on unneeded details.
kudos to you [sir?]


Posted by Kurczak48 8 months ago Report

I have no idea how are you doing it but you've stormed in like a thunder and came up with so many great stories! Wish you the best to keep at it!


Posted by BadlyDrawnDedede 8 months ago Report

Hey there! Welcome to Eka's! If you are ever in need of someone to talk to, or just desire a friend, PM me anytime! That being said, have fun in all the craziness and enjoy your time at the portal!

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