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I got some time off, with more than enough stories Posted 7 months ago
It has come to my attention that while I have a ton of stories on my deviantart account, I don’t have them here.

I will post 3 Mass vore stories in the week that I will edit and make sound better, along with a lot of vore tournaments and the secret unbirth tournament.

Oh, and the most voted story? I will get onto that and change it for a summer theme. Hope you all enjoy.
The winner of the poll Posted 10 months ago
I will get started on the nurse story, but it will be a while since I still have a lot to do.

Rest assured, it will come before the end of the month.
Mayternity Posted 10 months ago
If poll works look below because I get 2 weeks off and I want to try get 2 stories done. Poll lasts for 7 days.
Only 1 vore per person.
*This is my excuse to try out the poll creation.
First message of 2019! Posted 11 months ago
Can someone please remind me why I haven't created those stories that i said I was going to do before hand?
Screw it. Adding them onto the list.
College chapter 4 is already half way through being done if I can find the old files.
Favorites Posted 1 year ago
Hi anyone who looks at these!
I'm starting to write back more so expect these stories.
A Rebecca story
A cowgirl story
And another college vore story
Deletions Posted 1 year ago
Been a while huh?
Anyways in case anyone's can't view some of the stories is because I deleted the ones that was sexual with underage characters from receiving the notification that underage content with sexual stuff is banned for now.
Want the stories I will send it to you via private link.
Status update Posted 2 years ago
Alright, I know that as well as me and everyone, the disappointment of not being able to keep the promise of doing all of those stories and sequels in November. They are not cancelled and I'm currently in the middle of the kingdom series (splitted up into 4 chapters since I wanted to add monster girls into the equation) and progressing.
So please bare with me and I'll get you all something.
Projects for this month Posted 2 years ago
Hey everyone who likes my work!
First I want to thank all of you who posted a comment about what idea you want to have next be done in, so yeah big ups!
And second I want to address what I will be posting this month. I will add a mini series about 5 chapters long about a family's vore tradition.
And also what you guys think is a good idea for a sequel. Here they are.
1)A cheerleader sequel from "Saving the family from the vores"
2)A sequel to "The kingdom's last hope" in which the princess gets revenge on her people who gotten eaten (PS May have it be a two part sequel, may turn the princess and some of her people into mini giantesses only about 8 feet tall)
3(A sequel to the pregnant beach vore in which we witness a vorgy
[ Continued ... ]