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Hello to anyone who ends up on this page. I've been hanging out on the site for some time, but I just started submitting art.

Profile name on deviantart is dragonflame102, but I am only going to be posting vore art over here. If you like my art style head over there for a bunch of fantasy characters with large assets or big bellys.

Comments are greatly appreciated. I do listen to suggestions about what I should draw next and ways I can improve my art

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Firebird22's Blog - Goodbye Posted 2 weeks ago

Hello Friends.
Thank you for this wonderful journey.
It has been fun, but, for personal reasons, I really need to move on from drawing fetish art.
It's just healthier for me, and this takes up too much time from my life.

I did retire once before, but I do not intend to return from retirement this time.
If I do, it will not be for several years, so don't wait.

I appreciated all the support, and favorites, and comments.

If you're wondering, my personal favorite pieces of I created are in the gallery folder 'personal favs'. I favored some series more than others, but I still like the whole list a lot.

I'm happy to have made all the OC projects, even if not the most popular, including the

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Posted by Notexactlynothere 2 months ago Report

It's not that I want to complain or anything but since the approximate release date of that post-digestion Wasp pic didn't workout, would it be possible to get a new approximate release date?

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Posted by Personad 3 months ago Report

Thanks for the favs!


Posted by BowlOfSoba 3 months ago Report

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Well, I was on another platforms earlier. And now I decided to post my artworks here too


Posted by Talaria 4 months ago Report

Thanks for the fave, and glad you found a thing you liked for one reason or another.


Posted by Heimko 6 months ago Report

Ever thought of creating a folder for your OCs? I can be kinda hard to keep tract of them. Of those that has names, i can remember the following:
Mary (Cheerleader).
Cecilia (Bartender/barmaid).
Violet (Goth mom).
Blastbeetle (Super hero).
Ice Devil (Supper villain).
Hypergirl (Super hero).
Omega Woman (Super villain).
Samantha (satyr warrior/tank).
Juliana (plant girl mage/healer).
Vera (zombie archer).
Capri (shapeshifter fairy).


Posted by Heimko 10 months ago Report

Any idea when you're going to write the last few stories for the vore tournaments that you're missing?


Posted by fallenandscattered01 11 months ago Report

Thanks for the fave
My commissions are open! only if you are interested


Posted by megafish36 1 year ago Report

Hey, you have a really great gallery, I particularly like the Slue Foot Sue, Elastigirl and Chel artwork. I look forward to what you'll produce in the future


Posted by Heimko 1 year ago Report

Any ideas when the story for the remaining matches comes? No rush, i'm just curious. :)


Posted by Kenyinightwing 1 year ago Report

un dibujo de caulifla por favor


Posted by PervyLesbian02 1 year ago Report

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You're welcome! : )

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Posted by zacman300 1 year ago Report

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it's alright have a great vacation

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