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In a universe, sewn together like the Frankenstein monster from all kinds of different universes that was either destroyed or left after The Cataclysm, lived many people and creatures. Creatures and people from far and wide, from formly many different universes, all now living together in one. From the the noble transformers, to the alien gems and lizardmen, to the beastly orcs, to the strange trolls, to kryptonians, to creatures known as pokemon, to the mighty rahis, skakdis and matorans, to th

Mutation Relation

Topaz would have never thought when she first met Rouge that she would be stuck on the same team with her. The ‘former?’ jewel thief had been insufferable originally, but after a few missions together, the blond


agent was

finding Rouge to be less insufferable.

As the sun shone against the rooftops, shadows of skyscrapers bearing down on the pavement below, metallic clangs rang through the hollow tower, black high heels clashing against the metal stairwell as Pauline climbed higher. As she ascended, she ripped a poster from the wall, an advert for a Koopa’s wedding, it’s ramifications no more, a small action to try to alleviate her mind. Pauline had agreed to meet with the previously unlucky bride, her presence requested for a celebration,

Star Wars Vacation

After the Battle over Mustafar on Tarkin’s personal Star Destroyer. The Ghost crew was in bad shape after their mission to save Kanan and needed to rest before officially joining up with the Phoenix cell. The planet that they chose to rest on hadn't been mapped by the Empire so there was no fear of being discovered as it was in the Wild Space regions of their galaxy. It was an ocean planet covered with a few noticeable islands

Viwil and Joxran


day together

Narrators POV:

There are many mysteries in the world that people constantly try and prove them to be true or not.

The loch ness monster, the lost city of Atlantis and so on. There are however, some

It had been three months since


had decided to accept


hand in marriage and it had been an unusual three months for




at that. With


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