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Aspiring writer and artist. I hope any who visit will have a good time reading my stories or looking at my art. I am basically a newbie in both but I hope they are adequate. I would greatly appreciate if I can get constructive criticism for my art and stories.

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Stepping out of the room she rented at the Adventurers guild Priestess, and Guild girl was walking out with tired expressions.


“I would like to ask you to refrain from swallowing High Elf Archer again okay. Or at least not let her out inside one of our rooms,” Guild girl said as she looked back at the room. It was completely covered in thick creamy cum and on the bed lay an exhausted Hi

In the middle of the night, you usually would expect a forest to be tranquil. Most animals would be asleep, and the trees themselves would barely groan in the soft breeze. A slight rustle in the leaves that would be the most you would usually hear, but in

this section of the forest, there was the chatter of a group of friends. Around a crackling campfire were five people. Two humans, one elf, one dwarf and one lizardfolk.


sitting up on a soft bed Tia was showing her exhaustion. Her eyes were still lightly glazed over and, her long hair was lying seductively over her face. She was not sure when she had done it, but she felt like she had drunken some of Alex's rum. "Oh god, my poor head," she mumbled under her breath.


of Alex thoug

Slowly moving along, we were making our way to the spa. It would be nice to take care, after everything that happened today. We have to walk at a painfully slow speed though thanks to Fila and her big gut. She is always too caring when it comes to her belly. They would be fine if we walked even just a bit faster.

Her belly was shaking an incredible amount though I had to give her that when I turned my head to watch her. It was swaying so

Going back to the

main area of the beach

I noticed how the crowd here had only grown. Most people were in the water playing and being merry with the occasional person lying on towels sun bathing trying to ignore the surrounding commotion. I was enjoying watching the crowds when in the distance I saw something I had not seen earlier in the morning. In the distance was a massive water slide that people were going down in droves. A

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Filtia's Blog - The Formatting Posted 3 weeks ago

So ya I realise that I have used various text font sizes and different fonts. I would like peoples opinion on which of the many I have used is the best.

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