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Inspiring writer, dealing mostly with short, one shot stories. Hope you all like all the weird stories I come up with.

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A young girl sat alone in the dark depths of the town’s sewers, her clothes ragged and body scratched up from her hunt, but she securely grasped her prize with glee as it struggled, not wanting to lose her first meal in days. It was what normal folks would call a monster and not exactly appetizing in looks, it being a spider the size of a cat, but she was too hungry to care about the meal or consequences, she began chowing down on the still living creature, pulling its legs off while being

Bee Queen Alma stretched as she walked along, her entourage of 5 knights, 10 soldiers born from her brood, 15 workers, and two drones, following along. From the teachings imparted by the old queen when she was still a grub, she understood the difference between each, and what she lacked. The knights were her elite guards, technically no different from her soldiers, just more versed in combat. Them and her soldiers are all equipped with shields and one handed spears, along with their stingers

“Stop! Thief!” Alma heard coming from behind her as she climbed up to the rooftops, pausing for a moment to check her loot before resuming her escape. Running along the edge of the rooftops, she leaps to an adjacent roof as she sees more guards coming up ahead. Despite her attempts at shaking her pursuers though, she soon finds herself cornered. In a desperate attempt to keep her loot, she takes it out, a small pretty purple gem. It originally was contained in a golden box, that was surpr

Ever since she was young, Claire loved cows.She enjoyed their looks, their sounds and even their taste, beef being her favorite type of meat to eat. She had even worked at a few dairy farms back during her school holidays to get closer to her animal of admiration, enjoying how strong they felt despite being so gentle, the picture she had taken of her being nuzzled to the ground by a cow one of her prized possessions. Even after she graduated, and started working for real, she wanted to have a

Luna walked nervously though the familiar streets of the main city near her home, the looks of curiosity the folks are giving her sending her on edge. It had been a good 8 years since her rebirth, and she had honed her skills in that time, learning how to shift her form between various sets for the task at hand, be it going fully human, fully monstrous, or maybe only one fragment of her main body. The rather recently born shapeshifter also learnt how to control her body, channeling mana into

Luna grunted as she yanked at the staff in her hand, the glowing rope coming from its tip pulling a floating cart through the portal she just came from, carrying a wooden chest atop the cart. Her long golden hair tied in a messy bun on her head. Her robes torn and splattered with green blood. She sighed with a smile as she looked around the landscape, the familiar tower that her adopted mother and master resides in. Knee high clay, wood and stone golems roaming about, tending to the fields, h

In the dark, unlit room of a multistory apartment complex, comes the rhythmic thumping. It belongs to the wagging of a massive Caucasian Shepherd’s tail. The dog easily weighed over 100 kg, and was a good size bigger than his kin. With a thick coat of well trimmed straight brown fur covering his body, he eagerly awaited the return of his owner, Sophia. His ears perked up when he heard the scratching of keys on the lock, the person fumbling with their keys before eventually opening the door.

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So, been rather busy IRL lately, getting used to new jobs and stuff. Had very little time to write. I wonder if you peeps would be interested in seeing some RPs i done way in the past, or would you want to see them rewritten into a proper story format.

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Thank you for the favorite, hope you liked this little story! :)


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Hehe~ thanks a lot. She's super fun to write. And I've got more I want to do with her.


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Thanks so much for the watch and all the favorites!


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no problem and some of the things you do are great


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