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Inspiring writer, dealing mostly with short, one shot stories. Hope you all like all the weird stories I come up with.

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Frank walked through the ruined city, a hefty blade in his hand and rifle slung on his back next to his backpack. Watching every corner as he walked, he thought on his current mission. The world had gone to shit, some global pharmaceutical company made a mistake with a brand new drug. It was supposed to be a cure all for any illness, but ended up ending the world as they knew it, turning those who took it into monsters.
Frank was one of the few to survive the initial outbreak a

In a small village, surrounded by forests, lives a young woman by the name of Xyn. She was an adventurous soul, despite her small stature and almost childlike appearance thanks to her A cup sized breasts. With long brown hair and bluish green eyes, she was quite a cute beauty, but perhaps also due to that, and the fact that the townsfolks treat her like one would treat a 5 year old, she became quite rebellious. That nature lead to her venturing out into the surrounding forests alone, ignorin

S1nZ - 11/14/2017
In another realm where Anna's parents and aunts were taken from, a lone arachne wanders the forest, believing she is the top of the food chain. Although still unnamed, she is the strongest amongest her now dead sisters, except the cowards who fled the nest, and now went out in search for a place to start her own nest, to hunt humans like her mother. Her mother has her children make their own name when they set up their own nest, though mainly because she is just lazy to come u

“Are you sure you want this~?” Your futanari girlfriend asks, looking over you as she sits at the edge of the bed, her sizable mounds of flesh partially blocking sight of her face as you kneel before her eager rod. You notice her eyes glancing to the side, at the other person in the room, your girlfriend’s girlfriend who is hungrily eyeing the woman’s hand filling sac.
With a nod, you lean forward to your girlfriend’s cock, tongue teasing the slit of the member as your hand

Lynn looked excitedly over at the sleeping beast, marveling at the green scales covering its body, and the spikes running along the creature’s draconic form. The forelimbs tucked under its body hid the wings’ webbing that went from the chest to arms of the creature. It would be a more marvellous sight if not for the various dents in its scales and broken spikes it incurred as it was captured. The cause of the damage grinned as she walked towards Lynn, patting the girl on the shoulder as

Cassandra led a life of death and blood; trained from a young age in both murder and subterfuge by her father, the current Guild Master of the Assassin’s Guild. She had also grown up on tales and fables, fed stories by her mother of valiant and heroic assassins who slew corrupt kings while sneaking past the guards who were forced to work under him. Perhaps it was due to her own guilty conscious that her mother had chosen to do so, but due to her mother’s teachings and tales, Cassandra gre

Twas the night before Christmas, and all were asleep.
Save for poor ol’ Chrisy, tossing and turning in bed
It was not anticipation for jolly Saint Nick, for She is much to old for such fables.
Instead she wreathed in pain, an injury from earlier that day.
Out on a date, with her lover named Lucy, misfortune only a corner away
Right in their path, was a trio of college bullies, jealous of Lucy, looking all so pretty

Julia and her elder sister, Luciel ,lived in a small town, her elder sister taking care of her after their parents died in a monster attack, going out to hunt for game for food and money. Meanwhile, Julia stayed at home, taking care of the place while her sister was away. She would go out occasionally, picking herbs from the town outskirts, but never venturing deeper, due to the dangers lurking within the trees, which she learnt about personally. During her first few days, after she came of a

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So, been rather busy IRL lately, getting used to new jobs and stuff. Had very little time to write. I wonder if you peeps would be interested in seeing some RPs i done way in the past, or would you want to see them rewritten into a proper story format.

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