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Inspiring writer, dealing mostly with short, one shot stories. Hope you all like all the weird stories I come up with.

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Rosemary felt gravity shift, her legs tangling with one another as she fell. Time seemed to slow down as she watched the bowl of hot soup fly in the air. With an unfortunate level of precision, the soup lands onto the head of a pig like man, drenching him in the scalding soup. If her cry of alarm as she fell didn’t bring everyone’s attention to the scene, the enraged bellowing of the unfortunate plump customer certainly did. Insults were hurled at breakneck speed as she just sat there, st

Pip flew high in the night sky, circling her usual haunt as her black feathers concealed from the few eyes below, her lithe body covered by only rags. Earlier in the day, she spotted a peculiar adventurer coming from that far off dangerous town. Coming from such a strange place, and looking like those dragons in those picture books she stole, Pip figured that the adventurer must have so much money. So, when night fell, she took flight, circling the town before doing close flybys of the only i

Claire grunted as the morning sun passed by her, the yacht she was resting on board turning a heavy turn as it chased a signal. Considering the time and movement, her companion had already awoken, and already began searching for any possible wrecks below the surface. Deciding to take it easy, Claire went to the adjacent bathroom to wash up properly before checking with her companion. Looking at her body in the mirror, she grimaces a bit, wishing she looked more like her. Sure, her long golden

Jean sighed as she glanced around, holding her simple duffle bag tightly as she was met with predatory gazes. She is a regular human, with short blonde hair and an average body, medium sized breasts squished tightly against her chest by her one size too small shirt. She was on her way to a strange, too good to be true job request. It provided living locations and wages and free food, but the details are what is concerning. The application only accepted humans, the bottom of the sentient food

Deep within a jungle lives a tribe of catfolks. Ruled by a matriarchy, they live a simple hunter gatherer life, living off the land and hunting the various monsters that live within the trees. The village was simple, but wary of outsiders and hostile towards magic of the cursed variety.It came to a point with the daughter of the chieftain of the tribe, Emi. Emi’s birth and early age was normal for one of the tribe, though her training began even earlier than others. Seeing her mother being

In a dark forest, near the town of Lakefall, lives a mad witch, so allured with the possibilities of body modification that the area around her tower mutated with her. Trees with arms and faces, beasts with mismatched body parts, and swarms of creatures that are more than happy to pass their mutated form to others. It isn't long after that the forest her tower resides in gets called by the locals as "the Forest of Change". If there is any consolation to her madness, however ,is that

Liloria lived her whole life in a small elven cult community, born under the guidance of a goddess and one of the first to be born in such a way, derived from a mixture of the goddess’s powers and an unknown mate. The community worshiped the goddess, abstaining from all sexual activities and dressed thickly to hide their bodies, only those blessed by the goddess bearing the new generation of worshippers. Even the statue that is the focal point of worship barely shows anything more than thic

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So, been rather busy IRL lately, getting used to new jobs and stuff. Had very little time to write. I wonder if you peeps would be interested in seeing some RPs i done way in the past, or would you want to see them rewritten into a proper story format.

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Posted by UnbirthDude 1 month ago Report

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thanks. i do enjoy some living in a pred content.


Posted by gtgod 10 months ago Report

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Np, i will


Posted by 2good2btru 1 year ago Report

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You're welcome. X3


Posted by Glavitar 1 year ago Report

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Thank you for sharing your work on Nest's discord, am enjoying your work, almost all caught up


Posted by lYasul 1 year ago Report

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No problem:)


Posted by Personad 2 years ago Report

Sorry for the late response. Thanks for the favs!


Posted by Robotdocter 2 years ago Report

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lol ofc, i dont know why i didnt initially lol

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Posted by S1nZ 2 years ago Report

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Thanks for the watch as well~


Posted by Hawkeye7 2 years ago Report

Thank you for the favorite, hope you liked this little story! :)


Posted by FutureBellyAche 2 years ago Report

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Hehe~ thanks a lot. She's super fun to write. And I've got more I want to do with her.


Posted by FutureBellyAche 2 years ago Report

Thanks so much for the watch and all the favorites!


Posted by elliotalien08 2 years ago Report

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Im glad you like it :)

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