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Inspiring writer, dealing mostly with short, one shot stories. Hope you all like all the weird stories I come up with.

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Luna grunted as she yanked at the staff in her hand, the glowing rope coming from its tip pulling a floating cart through the portal she just came from, carrying a wooden chest atop the cart. Her long golden hair tied in a messy bun on her head. Her robes torn and splattered with green blood. She sighed with a smile as she looked around the landscape, the familiar tower that her adopted mother and master resides in. Knee high clay, wood and stone golems roaming about, tending to the fields, h

In the dark, unlit room of a multistory apartment complex, comes the rhythmic thumping. It belongs to the wagging of a massive Caucasian Shepherd’s tail. The dog easily weighed over 100 kg, and was a good size bigger than his kin. With a thick coat of well trimmed straight brown fur covering his body, he eagerly awaited the return of his owner, Sophia. His ears perked up when he heard the scratching of keys on the lock, the person fumbling with their keys before eventually opening the door.

Jessica panted as she caught her breath, looking behind her down the dark alleyway to see her pursuers starting to slow, their formerly fast and ravid movements turning sluggish as they got out of range of whatever was controlling them. They weren't human, not anymore, shambling corpses brought back to life by some mutation of a recently discovered and subsequently widespread drug, or so she heard. Straightening out her long blonde ponytail, the woman began moving again, towards a familiar me

Lily woke with a pleasant yawn, stretching out atop the inn bed she and her new found friend and partner rented with their recent earnings. Enjoying the fact that the bed is much more comfortable than the ones she slept on back in the orphanage. She was currently in the small riverside town of Riverwood, a rather uninspired name of a town located south of the great spider woods and next to one of the many distributaries of the Great Mother River that flows through it. The town is also located

A fresh trainer grinned excitedly as she stood on the road, her eyes scanning the various patches of grass around it, and the dense trees further along. Spying movement, she moved towards, adjusted her baseball cap and threw her pokeball. With a flash of red, a Ratata came out to engage the surprised pidgey, soon beating it into submission. She smiled as her Ratata returned to her, rewarding it a pat and a small bit of pokefood for its victory, before returning it to its ball to find more Pok

It was the 31th of October, Natalie sighed with a smile on her face as her friend from school and current workmate, Lilly turned off the TV for the night. The duo had hung out together for halloween, having some of the usual, and not so usual fun for the season. The reason being Lilly, who is actually an experienced witch. She moulded her very home into a grand Halloween attraction for Natalie’s enjoyment, summoning various creatures to spook her as she went through, and ending the tour off

Annie hummed to herself as she lifted the recently completed tray of sandwiches, proud of her own creation as she climbed the stairs of her own private house her parents bought for her, located close to the homes of her friends since school. They hung out regularly, even after they had already started working. Despite having the money, Annie decides to live alone for the most part, learning to be independent, which explains the lack of servants in the 2 storey bungalow. Her blonde drill twint

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So, been rather busy IRL lately, getting used to new jobs and stuff. Had very little time to write. I wonder if you peeps would be interested in seeing some RPs i done way in the past, or would you want to see them rewritten into a proper story format.

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Hey, no problem. I initially favorited it at first to bookmark it for later, but now reading it, I'm thouroughly pleased. Well done!


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Hey man, as long as you like how the story goes, it's fine by me on how long it takes


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I liked the slime series the best, tho i only fav the first one


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