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Just like with previous years spring hit Tikki hard, leaving her sopping wet and dripping her love honey in Marinette’s purse. The only benefit, Marinette is getting hit just as hard this year now that she’s 18, Tikki refused to relieve her own tensions with someone underage. Well now that both of them need help it only made sense that they would help each other. That led them to where they where now, both ladybugs sprawled out on Marinette&rs

As Emilie Agreste walked up the path from the manors front gate to the manor doors she was beyond nervous. The last time she was in the house she was in a glass coffin under it in a hidden room as her soon to be ex husband abused her miraculous and her poor Nooroo. The grand entrance was so much colder and imposing then it used to be, gone where the flowers, bright portraits, and warm color scheme. Leave nothing but surgically clean marble floors, and bli

Adrien was excited to say the least; this was going to be Marinette’s first trip to the French Alps for a ski trip, and he new just the place to take Marinette on a date. The hotel he had booked them into using his fathers money had a world class spa on the top floor over looking the ski hill AND the valley below the resort, the spa had amazing views of the sun set as it lit the valley, and amazing views of the sunrises as it gave the mountain a halo. While he wouldn’t be allowed to

One of the few things that both Emma AND Hugo both enjoy is modeling for their mother fashion line, Miraculous Designs. Despite Both parents repeatedly telling them that they didn’t really need to model if they didn’t want to, and to be fair Hugo would not model for anyone other then his mother, and the entire family knew it. While he didn’t like the actual Modeling spending time with his mom made it more then worth the hassle of being turned into a glorified manikin, being mob

“So where do we go from here?” Adrien asked, “We know that father is a terrorist and that he’s got some punishment coming, but he took delivery of decommissioned long range rocket shortly before I was pawn off at the design contest. We don’t stand a chance against weapons like that.” Even he was at a loss for what to do, he could shadow stalk his father, but if the man was transformed he would be able to sense him the m

When Emilie Agreste came to she desperately tried to remember where she was and how she got there, and why she was resting in an upright, uncovered coffin? Something is very seriously wrong, she needs to get out of there and make her way home. Moving to separate her self from the coffin she mad it maybe two steps before her legs gave out. Don’t panic don’t panic don’t panic, at the far end of the room Emilie sees a door open and a VERY large shadow appear in the doors light, Sh

Having Neutralized Her stomach acids for the trip home from school Marinette knew that there was no rush to bring Adrien back up, good thing to she needed to talk to Tikki before she exposed Adrien to the tiny god of creation. She also needed to ask her Kwami about the best way to tell Adrien her meat slave and hopefully future boyfriend that she was Ladybug and had a Cat themed partner that was also hoping to be her one and only. Upon reaching the bakery Marinette greeted her parents, accepted

Chloe relaxed on her bed, her prey filled gut extending above her. Her acid neutralized stomach having lulled Nathanial to sleep hours ago, Chloe was now free to talk to Pollen “ Look Pollen I know I could have been gentler to Nathanial, but now that his dead beat father forced my hand I had to take ownership of him. That included breaking him, and turning him into a submissive doormat. If I didn’t my mother would have and might not have given him back.” Pollen only shook her h

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