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Adrien saw Marinette pull both Kim and Ondine into the pool building, he saw her screw the two of them silly, them and 12 others who had lined up when they saw what she was doing. How that alpha never seemed to run out of cum he would never know, what he did know is that if she ever showed signs of protecting her omegas he would let her have him, only if she protected and respected her omegas. Either way it was fun to watch her cream fill 14 omegas to near bursting with her potent spunk. And he

As night fell a black cat darted from one shadow to the next, invisible except for those brief couple of milliseconds. Many a passer by tried to investigate the seemingly dead end shadow for the animal only to come up empty to their astonishment, on the roof Adrien took pleasure in the confusion, no one but himself knew were his shadow walking would take him. Ever since his biological father (Natalie, his father’s assistant) took him for her pleasure in rut shadow walking has been one of t

Disclaimer I don’t own anything, further more things need some explaining. Male/Female gender still exists in this world but is subservient to orientation (Alpha/Omega) ALL alphas have dicks and ALL Omegas have pussies and breastfeed no matter what gender they are. Further more the ratio of Alpha to Omegas is a little skewed; only 2% of the population is Alpha, 18% Beta, 80% Omega. Because of this Alphas tend to form “nests” with the Ome

Marinette was in heaven as she let Adrien lead her to the milking station on the far side of the room. Dropping to her hands and knees Marinette let Adrien place the two clear plastic cups on her breast for the first time ever, moaning slightly at the minimal suction keeping them on while her owner finished hooking everything up Marinette already knew it would be better then the hand milking the two of them had been going through since he took ownership of her. All thinking stopped when a powerf

Adrien could only stare ahead numbly as he was escorted through the streets of Paris, the police officer assigned to him had to pull him from a cross walk five time already when he failed to notice that it wasn’t his turn to walk, he could only stare ahead numbly with perfectly working eyes yet still unable to see, and uncomprehending of even the smallest stimuli.

Marinette’s hands shook in barely concealed horror. In

After his golden shower finished Adrien curled into the warmth it left on the un-drained floor bellow his mom as she continued working. From his place on the floor Adrien could only see his mom’s exposed privates and the small sections of smooth creamy skin.

Emilie had never felt so good as she did in the moment, she had eaten, digested, and disposed of her son to be reformed, an act that she had dreamt of repeating ever since she’d gotten her first taste of

Adrien knew that Alya had a creative mind in regards to the use of their food pets and has come up with some out their ideas, but this takes the cake. A four way between them and their pets that would end on quite the high note for all of them? If the four of them could pull it off, it would be a game changer for them as a group. That being said she could use some better timing, because her telling him right before class started while BOTH pets where still reforming left him hopelessly distracte

When Nino felt his cage rattle he was expecting to be dropped into the panther cage once again, he was not expecting to be loaded into a car and driven out of the zoo that had been his home since birth. For as long as he could remember he was fed to the panthers one way or another, what was going to become of him now, sure he knew that the zoo officials where pushing to move away from pet meat, but he never thought it would actually happen. Curling in on

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