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“So where do we go from here?” Adrien asked, “We know that father is a terrorist and that he’s got some punishment coming, but he took delivery of decommissioned long range rocket shortly before I was pawn off at the design contest. We don’t stand a chance against weapons like that.” Even he was at a loss for what to do, he could shadow stalk his father, but if the man was transformed he would be able to sense him the m

When Emilie Agreste came to she desperately tried to remember where she was and how she got there, and why she was resting in an upright, uncovered coffin? Something is very seriously wrong, she needs to get out of there and make her way home. Moving to separate her self from the coffin she mad it maybe two steps before her legs gave out. Don’t panic don’t panic don’t panic, at the far end of the room Emilie sees a door open and a VERY large shadow appear in the doors light, Sh

Having Neutralized Her stomach acids for the trip home from school Marinette knew that there was no rush to bring Adrien back up, good thing to she needed to talk to Tikki before she exposed Adrien to the tiny god of creation. She also needed to ask her Kwami about the best way to tell Adrien her meat slave and hopefully future boyfriend that she was Ladybug and had a Cat themed partner that was also hoping to be her one and only. Upon reaching the bakery Marinette greeted her parents, accepted

Chloe relaxed on her bed, her prey filled gut extending above her. Her acid neutralized stomach having lulled Nathanial to sleep hours ago, Chloe was now free to talk to Pollen “ Look Pollen I know I could have been gentler to Nathanial, but now that his dead beat father forced my hand I had to take ownership of him. That included breaking him, and turning him into a submissive doormat. If I didn’t my mother would have and might not have given him back.” Pollen only shook her h

Standing outside of her own room Chloe had no idea how to proceed with Nathanial. He was hers that much she was sure of, but how she would treat him, No clue. In all honesty she had hoped that Nathanial would heed her warning about that stupid drawing of his and destroy it. He didn’t even last a full day before one of his parents found it and tried to sell him, not even a day. Going over hotel delivery logs he was delivered in a crate only just large enough to contain him, that was an idea

One of the benefits of owning a broken in meat slave is that when your in a hurry it’s really easy to simply eat them, by that point Adrien doesn’t fight it, he even helps her get him down faster. So when Marinette woke u late for class she didn’t bother with breakfast, she just got dressed and roused Adrien form his sleep and rushed out the door leaving her obedient kitten to fallow her through the streets of Paris wearing nothing but his collar. Marinette didn’t slow do

Adrien sat on the living room couch opposite of the three Dupain-Chengs; the four of them had sat down to talk about Adriens recent revelation. “Are you sure that you want to be treated like a true meat boy” Tom Dupain asked, “If you say yes, you’re basically giving us permission to treat you as we wish. You’ll never wear any clothes again, transported through the cold winter weather in a stomach, walking long distances barefoot and naked weather permitting” s

Nathanial was sitting at his desk doodling when Marinette arrived, she was wearing her usual dark grey jacket on top of a light greyish white shirt with red roses stitched into the front. His rose tinted glasses shattered when a naked and collared Adrien entered the room, MARINETTE could be seen on the collars brass tag. A shocked silence permeated the room, sure everyone heard roomers that adriens spot in life had change after a designing contest, but no one believed them, especially when those

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