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I like dragons, cartoons and vore. Those things all go so well together, don’t you think?

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How Not To Become Lunch: 31 - Don't Become Show-And-Tell“Um, Sissy, I’m not sure this is such a good idea.”“Sure it is! Come on Coby, open wide!”The bear cub somewhat reluctantly opened his jaws, stretching them as wide as he could.“Stop it! Let me go! I don’t wanna go in there!” The kid at the end of Sissy’s arm squirmed and struggled as he tried to pull out of the furry little girl’s grip, but her budding werewolf strength kept him se

“How are you doing in there?” asked the girl with the bulging belly. Her voice distant, her eyes slightly closed, with a slight smile across her lips.The reply took a moment to come, slow and heavy.“…Hot… and tired…” replied the hidden voice of the other girl. She’d long since surrendered control of her limbs, now just sagging weights she could feel pulling her body down, sinking into the tight enclosure of the fleshy walls. Her breaths were slow, with distinc

How Not To Become Lunch: 30 - Make New Friends“Ozzy! Look out!”The boy froze, instantly grabbed his wand and looked frantically around his surroundings, searching for a threat.“What is it?!” he asked urgently.“Your shoe’s untied,” came the worried reply.“… Zach!”“What?!”“You sounded like a predator was about to have me for lunch! Don’t scare me like that!”“Sorry!” Zach replied, “It’s jus

How Not To Become Lunch: 29 - Don’t Leave The PackThe thumping heartbeat was loud in Jack’s ears, but still managed to be overshadowed by the high-pitched crackling of mucus as the quivering interior of the throat pressed against his head, delighting in his presence. A sudden pressure squeezed his shoulders tight, flowing up over his neck and face and dragging him deeper into the eager gullet, toward the waiting pit of digestive juices below.*GULP*!He could feel he was in up to his b

How Not To Become Lunch: 28 - Share Your Story*knock* *knock* *knock*Jack looked up at the unfamiliar house to which the invitation had led him. It was rather large and elegantly built, with a faint air of wealth about it. A few moments later, he heard the familiar sound of predator-resistant locks being undone, and the door before him opened with a noticeable creak. A man stood to greet him, holding a wand at the ready, and looked him once over.“Hi, I’m Jack,” he said politely

How Not To Become Lunch: 27 - Don't Sweat It*ding-dong*Jack smiled. He lay his comic down and stood up, stretching for a moment before heading out of his room. Late-morning sunlight streamed in through the windows as he descended the stairs and approached the front door. He reached toward the peephole cover as he took his last few steps- though he knew who he was excepting, someone in his position learned to always check who was at the door before opening it.But an unexpected sound distracted hi

How Not To Become Lunch 27 – Expect the UnexpectedOn this day, something unexpected happened. In a world full of hungry predators, you never really can know what to expect. Humans get gulped down left and right, and even other preds aren’t always safe from the hungry maws that roam in search of another meal for the waiting bellies down below.April, May, June. The summer rolls in. Time passes. Hunters hone their skills. Humans try to stay alive. But every now and then, even the most s

How Not To Become Lunch: 26 - Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice“And this is one of my puppy teeth. And this is a stick from that tree. Oh! Here it is!”Granny Bea was sitting on Sissy’s bed, watching with a smile as the pup dug through a large chest, excitedly explaining every little thing she pulled out. Her granddaughter’s energy was quite endearing, but she was starting to wonder if the chest would ever run dry.“My Jack bib!” Sissy exclaimed, yanking o

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Hey, while everyone's waiting for the next HNTBL (or the next "One Big Family"- I haven't forgotten about that), I thought you might like to know about this. Every now and then I like to colab with  wolfSnack and help her out on some of her stuff, it's a fun change of pace and we usually end up making some pretty good stuff. She just uploaded a story I had a hand in making:

"A Taste of Haute Cuisine"

It features  IrateLiterate's character Boom, who was just a ton of fun to write with. There's just a ton of fun, teasing-type dialogue, not to mention good vore. It's long (understatement), but if you know wolfSnack then that's to be expected :D The point is it's good and you should check it out...
[ Continued ... ]

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Oh hey!
I recognize you, I really enjoy some of your work! ^^
Thank you for the watch too! I’d love to know whatcha like about my art~


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xD Thanks. I'm pretty proud of it too. Love your writings man, keep them up


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Alright, I’ve been lurking as an anon on this site for quite a while, but I finally went and made an account specifically so that I could tell you how amazing your work is! I love all of the cartoon stories you make, you are able to write the characters so well, it makes it feel like it would be an actual episode! And I love a lot of your original works, Bite Sized is fantastic! Honestly, you make some of the best vore content I’ve ever read!


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Appreciate the watch!


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