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I like dragons, cartoons and vore. Those things all go so well together, don’t you think?

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we’re trying to be sneaky!
Rachel thought beratingly to her stomach. She had been talking to her
stomach a lot over that last couple days, after all it seemed to have
taken on a mind- or a list a will- of its own.
alternating constantly between being starving and flat out exhausted,
she felt she could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. For
the second time now, she had woken up from her post-buffet nap to
find that she wasn’t completely overwhelmed with hunger

around as a tiny is such a pain!” Rachel complained, though she
made a conscious effort to keep her voice down. Even at her current
size, sound tended to carry through the open, empty chambers of the
shrinking facility. “This room is enormous! We’ve been walking
for ten minutes and we’re only halfway across!”
been about thirty seconds, but you have a point,” Dave replied. “At
least we were small enough to fit under the door- and find the right

… *snore*…
were you actually asleep?”
I guess.”
can you sleep
in here!?”
don’t know! I was tired!”
you hear that?” Dave asked.
that Sarah snoring?” Rachel asked
like it to me. So let’s get out of here already.”
she’s so loud she could wake the dead!” Rachel remarked. Dave
considered pointing out that she had somehow managed to sleep th

Rachel, was that you?”
fine! I’ll take that as a ‘no’.”
should be the one accusing you after what happened before.”
if it wasn’t you and it wasn’t me, does that mean…”
and Dave were currently pressed up against each other, in what would
have probably been considered uncomfortably close contact, had they
not spent the last several hours getting over all concepts of
personal space. The two were upright at the moment, which was a n



sound filled Rachel’s ears, repeating rhythmically along with the
contractions of Sarah’s throat as she was squeezed along its



felt her head press up against a tight opening, the pressure mounting
until it finally pushed her through, the sphincter firmly stroking
down very inch of her exposed skin as she was excreted. She slid a
short distance and then fell, knocking in

first thing Rachel became aware of was the sound of voices; dozens of
muffled, overlapping conversations. Next was the uncomfortable
feeling of a hard, stiff surface against her back. She tried shifting
around a bit. Her body felt strange; off in a way she couldn’t
opened her eyes, and as she blinked through the artificial light
shining from above, she quickly realized that her body wasn’t the
only thing that felt strange. Her mind was clouded and slow, her
thoughts heav

awoke with a start as he felt his entire world lurch. Jarred from his
surprisingly comfortable sleep, he tried to open his eyes only to
find more darkness. Waking up to darkness was something he had gotten
used to over the past couple weeks, but the feeling of something wet
smothering his face was new. He instinctually tried to bring his
hands up to wipe his face, but felt his arms brush firmly against
slick, supple walls that seemed to surround him on all sides. The
walls squeezed in on hi

to see you all again too,” Rachel said in reply to the silent,
terrified stares she received from her startled snacks. Having
survived just over a week under the constant threat of the girl’s
hunger, the remaining handful of tinies had all but accepted their
fates, though that never seemed to stop the primal fear of impending
digestion from stirring them up whenever she opened their box.
see…” she mused, the candlelight dancing over her largely exposed
body, covered on

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I've been thinking a bit about my profile here. With almost 60 stories submitted and 130 watchers (thanks so much for watching me, by the way), I feel like I'm past the point where I should have some kind of avatar. The thing is, I don't draw and I feel kinda weird about taking a random image from the internet and using that. When I pick an avatar, I want it to be unique. Whatever, just random thoughts.

P.S. Yes, I am still working on the next Bite-Sized. I'm about 2/3rds done, but I've been sidetracked by work... and the Modern Warfare beta...

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