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I like dragons, cartoons and vore. Those things all go so well together, don’t you think?

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How Not To Become Lunch: 59 - Clean Up“Is anyone else home?” Jack asked as they approached the door to Fiona’s house. He didn’t really want to answer questions as to why he was covered head to toe in stomach acid.“Yeah, my mom’s probably back with my sister by now,” Fiona replied with mild displeasure. She didn’t want to answer any questions either, especially not once one of their keen noses recognized that it was her scent Jack was drenched in. &

*Swallowing*“Mmmph! MMMMPH! MMMMMMMPH!!”“Mmmmmmm~”“He’s almost down,” Abigail said in an almost sing-song voice, her familiarly cheerful and encouraging demeanor on bright display. But her voice let on a bit more than just that, like a touch of her own personal excitement, and maybe even one or two other feelings which tended to sneak out in these situations. Not that it mattered; with only the two of them in the room, no one else was around to hear her.

*slosh**flap* *flap* *flap**slosh*!*flap* *flap* *flap* *flap* *flap*Toby felt the pull of inertia, tugging him in unexpected directions; pressing him to one side and then the other; leaving him weightless and then suddenly much heavier than his little body usually seemed. But the fleshy walls held him tight and snug, securely pressed into the innards of his younger brother’s belly- ‘younger’ by their family standards, that is.None of his siblings were actually behind him in ag

His family, particularly the elders, had always warned him. When he was little, he could remember them doing it a lot. ‘Be careful not to get stepped on’, ‘be careful not to get burned’, ‘be careful not to fall from the cliffs’. But more than anything else, they had always been the most worried when he was swallowed up.Toby could understand why. They loved him, and it was scary for them to see him treated like a meal. Claws and teeth and bellies were dangerous

How Not To Become Lunch: 58 - Talk… *gurgle* … *glorp*…Jack sat there, curled up in a little ball in the stomach of his best friend, utterly still but for the motions of the belly which held him. It had all happened so quickly. One moment he’d been out there, and the next…*squelch* *guuuuurg*Gradually, the shock of it all began to leave him, and he felt his first emotion. It wasn’t anger, it wasn’t fear, it was… guilt, regret.Fi… she ate me… I… I really made her

How Not To Become Lunch: 57 - Don’t Argue With A WerewolfThe walk had been mostly long, awkward silence.Jack hadn’t really had much time to feel awkward, though. In the long gaps between sparse words, his mind had been racing, emotions churning and battling beneath the quiet exterior.He wanted to talk about Ruby- or at times to scream about her- but he didn’t even mention her. Because the fact was, if he brought up the name, Fiona wouldn’t know who he was talking about. I

How Not To Become Lunch: 56 - RecoverJack was a bulge in his bedcovers. He’d made a bit of a mess of his room last night, left a slew of scattered items he hadn’t bothered to pick back up, and when he did finally crawl into bed, he never did actually get much sleep. And since then he hadn’t really moved, aside from a few tosses and turns; the indistinct outline of his body against the bedding, largely still but for a few occasional shifts, were like the final struggles of a dev

How Not To Become Lunch: 55 - Share Your Friends“You ready to go, honey?” Mrs. Eten asked.“Yeah,” her son replied, somewhat despondently.She gave him that sad-eyed, encouraging smile that she’d been giving him all weekend, and he did his best to muster a smile back.It had been about two days’ time now since the incident at school, and the thoughts and feelings, while dulled by the broken sleep of a couple nights, still whirred through Jack’s head.It didn

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Hey everyone, just wanted to give a little update to all the eager fans out there (especially the ones who take the time to read blog/journal posts, you guys are the elites XD).

I know it's been a bit since the last HNTBL dropped, just sort of wanted to let you know that nothing bad has happened, and to give you some info on the hiatus.

That last story was the culmination of a *lot* of planning, not to mention time and effort. It's the point we'd been working toward for over a year. And while we definitely do have plans for what is going to happen next, #58 was as far as we had planned out *in detail*, meaning we knew most of the broad strokes of what would happen next, but not all the specifics.

On top of that, I'm sure you noticed how quickly those...
[ Continued ... ]

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