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I cannot attach myself to a specific persona/fursona, and as you will see in my arts I switch continuously between human and mouse. That's just the way I am, sorry for those who like human or furry only :c

I am a digital artist, and I really enjoy drawing. I am sharing here freely all the arts I feel like sharing, and also posting all the commissions I am taking.

If you wonder if I RP: I do, sometimes, with some people. I tried to play with different people, but I must be honest and admit that it's hard for me to feel comfortable with strangers. And while I love to feel pred with the boy I draw all the time, it's REALLY hard to be pred with others/people I do not know well.
So even if you are curious and ask me if I want to RP, please be aware that I cannot promise that I will accept to play with you. Sorry for that.

I am speaking both French and English (in that order), so I apology in advance if I am having trouble to understand complicated message or if I make some mistakes here and there in my English texts.


I am afraid I cannot reply to all the comments posted in my gallery, but be aware that I enjoy them all and they are all brightening my days! So thank you in advance for commenting my arts!
However, I try to reply to all question(s) in the comments.

If you want to contact me, please use Note(s).
Of course, remain polite and respectful. I might not reply to notes that I do not judge respectful enough, sorry.

I have trouble to maintain social interactions, especially in groups, so I am not willing to share my Discord to everyone, sorry. I am afraid I also do not join Discord servers or any form of public chat as I feel overwhelmed by watching too many people discussing.

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Shoelace's Blog - Price update Posted 2 months ago

Hey everyone!

As announced earlier this summer, my prices are now changing from USD to EUR starting from today :)
I will try to make an approximative price in USD whenever I can on the commission infos to make it convenient for everyone, but please keep in mind that only the EUR price will be correct on a daily basis!

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Posted by Raiden556 4 months ago Report

I did respond to your pm, just telling you here in case it's not showing up in ekas

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Posted by godofhades 6 months ago Report

mouse is cute 10/10 would pat


Posted by C107galaxytachyon 1 year ago Report

Did I say anything at all recently that was rather offensive to you personally?

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Posted by Diaperpiggydessert 1 year ago Report

I really like your art,especially where the prey is diapered,i wish that would happen to me one day


Posted by Amatsu 1 year ago Report

You should be able to restore a lot of the art that was removed previously now, as long as it's not showing underaged characters in sexual situations. Hopefully you can bring back your missing art soon!


Posted by Dragónmacro 1 year ago Report

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What if you know how to create giant stories?


Posted by Dragónmacro 1 year ago Report

Hello, Do you know how to make or create stories?


Posted by ValLoveMeal 1 year ago Report

hi, where is the ,,Watch my meal"? my fv vore comic, and that comic made me amazing cum :C



Posted by rika 2 years ago Report

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Thx to you too then


Posted by rika 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To Shoelace

No prob~ (I thought I was already tho ^^; )

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