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Commissions and Streams Posted 2 days ago
Hey everyone~

Just a little reminder that we are open for commissions, both single drawing and comics.
We have worked hard to reduce the number of comms left to do in our queue, so if you DM us soon there won't be many peeps in front of you and you'll get your art relatively fast!


Also, another reminder: We are going to be streaming on Picarto this Saturday, starting at 6 PM (GMT+1), so 11AM EST.

We will be taking sketch commissions on a first come / first served basis, with a Pay what you want model - although, with some minimum prices:
- 1 character = 5 EUR
- 2 characters = 8 EUR
- 3 characters = 10 EUR
(4 and above, just add 2 EUR per...
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Commission streams Posted 11 days ago
Hey friends and foes!

We have decided that our commission streams will now take place on a monthly schedule!
And the next stream will take place on the 2nd of July, on our Picarto channel as usual. We will specify the exact time later

All these commissions sketches will be Pay what you want, with some minimum prices. You can find all details and rules on webpage.

Hope to see all of you there~
Commission status update Posted 3 weeks ago
Hey everyone!

We wanna say so many thanks to the people who applied for a commission so far!
We have been only open for 3 days now, and we already got A LOT of them.

As a consequence, it's time to notify everyone that our comic commission queue is about to close. We have set a hard limit of 15 comics, and we already got 12 of them in our queue.
If you are interested in a comic and are still hesitating, it's time to make a decision~ Usually it takes about 1 month or so for us to go through that list and re-open

Meanwhile, no limit on single drawing for the moment, so no need to rush~

Shoe & Lace
Commissions are open! Posted 3 weeks ago
Hey everyone!

We successfully went through our huge to-do list, which means we are back in business and open for commissions :D

We confirm both comics and single drawings are open.

If you are interested, please DM us <3

Shoe and Lace
Streaaaams Posted 1 month ago
Hey everyone!

We are so happy to announce that we are finally able to stream regularly! All our ISP issues has been fixed, but boy did it take time.

Since streaming often is really new for us, we will start slowly and adapt ourselves as needed.

We will always dual stream, meaning both Shoe and Lace will be doing art at the same time in the same stream. In some cases, we will open slots for sketches to be drawn during the stream (still thinking about the price then), but we will also do personnal streams where we will draw for ourselves or draw the commissions we have in our to-do list.

Because Shoe works on an iPad and because connecting an iPad to OBS (on WinOS) + Picarto is a major pain in our asses, we will...
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Commissions closed Posted 1 month ago
Hey everyone!

We will be closing all our commissions queues, single drawings (+ sequence + refsheet) and comics, for now.

We are facing a high demand - which makes us extremely happy, of course! - but we need to control our queue to avoid being overwhelmed by the quantity of work to do.

As usual, we will re-open as soon as we have processed a significant amount of tasks on our to-do list.

Shoe & Lace
Update on scammer Posted 1 month ago
Hey everyone,

Welcome to Sunday~ and along with that, we wanted to share some positive update on our yesterday issue with a scammer.

So good news for these two little mice, but someone extremely kind covered up for the whole price of the commission. That's more than we could have hoped for <3
Of course, we won't just finish the comm now, as it would grant the scammer exactly what he wanted (his idea done for free). The idea will be updated with a new main character, and hopefully we can release it later this week.

As for the scammer, they have disabled their FurAffinity account for now. Guess things backlashed for them pretty quickly.

However, even if the loss has been covered, we would still encourage people to check our...
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Scammer and T&C update Posted 1 month ago
Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, some bad news to start the weekend. We have to report that we just have been scammed by a user on FurAffinity. The scam was done by requesting a comm, waiting for the WIP sketch, asking for corrections, then blocking our account without paying. The name of the user can be found on our latest Tweet, so have a check to be aware that this user shall be avoided.

We also posted a censored version of the WIP sketch. Please be aware that if you find that art, uncensored or even lined and coloured, the poster might be the thief or an accomplice.

Following that issue, we will surely revise our Terms and Conditions in the near...
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Price Update Posted 2 months ago
Hey everyone!

As announced previously, our prices are being updated starting from today!

Please keep in mind that this only apply to new commission that will be discussed and then approved starting from today.
All commissions discussed and approved before May 1st will not see their price affected in any way.

You can find all the details on our new prices as well as our new types of art in our Commission status page.
Everything is also thoroughly explained and presented in our Carrd webpage.

Just a little recap of the main changes
  • Comic prices have a...

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Comic commissions are NOW closed Posted 2 months ago
Hey everyone~
Shoe and Lace are here~

It's both joy and a little bit of sadness that we are here today to annonce that we are closing from now our comic commission submission queue

We are really happy to see how successful our comics were, which is exactly why we have to stop them. We don't want people to wait endlessly for their commission to be completed, and limiting the total number of comics we can accept at once is our best wait to control that.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely the comics will re-open before the price update in 12 days.

Please note that this only applies to our comics. All the single drawing commissions remain OPEN until their queue is full too.

Wish you all the best~
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