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Commission break Posted 3 days ago
Hey everyone,

I am afraid life is getting a bit too busy for me right now, and I need to take a break from commissions for a few. I need to allocate that time to process IRL stuff, so I can get more free time in the future and keep enjoying doing my art on my free time.

Fortunately, it should be rather short, and I expect at the moment that in 2 weeks time I will be able to take comms again. Will keep you all updated, and keep on posting some of my arts if I got the time to do some :)

Take care
Shoelace, out
3 million view contest - Results Posted 1 month ago

Thanks a lot to everyone who take part to my contest! I am happy to see that I received quite a few submissions, and I had a great time going through all the entries.

Despite a careful calibration of my cuteness-o-meter, making a decision have been tough, lots of cuteness here.
Anyway, here are the list of the winners:

1st place (full color):  KheraTheWolf
2nd place (flat color): Fableye
3rd place (lineart):  Katojana

Once again, thanks everyone else for your submission! I enjoyed them all, but I still needed to make a choice in the end :C but your participation did make me really happy!

Shoelace out, peace!
Last day of submission Posted 1 month ago
Hey everyone!

Today's the last day to submit an idea for my 3M view contest! (reminder: )

- 1 idea per person, should be "Cute"
- can be with any characters you want (as long as typically allowed by my normal rules)
- 2-3 characters max
- vore is not mandatory, only cuteness is
- if you want to use my OCs, it is allowed although won't give you any extra point
- deadline is 11:59pm GMT

The three winners will get each a drawing (1st: full colour, 2nd: flat, 3rd: lineart)

If you have any questions, drop a PM :)
Notes on the idea contest Posted 1 month ago
Hi everyone!

Just making some additional notes regarding the idea contest (more info:
- The ideas do not have to include any of my characters or whatsoever. You can use them in your ideas if you want to, but really use your OCs (or any character you want) first :)
- Please remember to submit your ideas by PM - do not use the comment sections on the blog to submit your ideas. Otherwise, it will be hell for me to stay organised.
- Please provide references to the characters in your idea - except if one of mine.

Hope lots of you will take part to the contest :)
3 million view contest! Posted 1 month ago
Hey everyone, Shoelace’s here!

Dear me, I realised that I just missed my 3,000,000th view…! Thank you so so much for liking my art that much ;_; I feel so honoured. Would definitively thank individually each of you - if I wasn’t so lazy.
I am a tad late to celebrate the exact 3M view, and to be honest… eerrr… I don’t like kiriban that much :C But hell, I really feel like I should do something! Plus I always have some silly ideas… here it comes:

So, the way I thought about celebrating my 3,000,000th view is by organising an idea contest! And the subject of the contest is “Turn the cuteness up to 11!”
How does that even work? What does it mean?

The first part of the contest is an “idea contest”. If you want to take part to that contest, it’s...
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Thank you! Posted 3 months ago
I just wanted to thank everyone for all the comments you are always posting on my arts and on all the commissions I am uploading!

Unfortunately I am so busy in my life, running between IRL stuff and commissions, that I cannot find the time to answer to all of them. I am really sorry for that, and please don't ever feel that I am ignoring you if you added a comment. But I do read every single comment who is being posted in my gallery! And it's always make me so happy to see that so many people appreciate my art.

At the moment, I am prioritising the comments asking questions for which I feel an answer is needed. For instance, I sincerely apology but I will not answer most of the time to questions such as "Can I be next?" or "Can you draw X next...
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So long, 2020 Posted 4 months ago
Hey all!

Wish you all a happy whatever celebrations you are having that December!

Haven't got really the time to be more present on the website, and I am just done uploading the latest comm I made in... well, the last 4 months. I really fell behind :'D I may have some interesting material that I made for myself to add as well, but I will see in the next days.
Price update Posted 8 months ago
Hey everyone!

As announced earlier this summer, my prices are now changing from USD to EUR starting from today :)
I will try to make an approximative price in USD whenever I can on the commission infos to make it convenient for everyone, but please keep in mind that only the EUR price will be correct on a daily basis!
Just a little message Posted 9 months ago
Heya fellow vorish people

Today I wanted to post a bit in my blog, without making any special announcement. I always feel like I am a bit too quiet and shy here, just posting art and disappearing with the wind as soon as I am done. Result is that I am sometimes feeling a bit secluded - which is only made worse by the fact that I am too uncomfortable to join Discord servers or any type of chat -.- I always feel too overwhelmed by strangers.

But yeah, I am indeed an active Eka user, and I come here often during the day not only to check my messages but also to have a look at all the Submissions and have read of the forum and all. I just don't know what else I should do to feel more present, more like an active artist and member of the community.

So I am...
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8/8 Posted 9 months ago
Happy vore day everyone :3

Hope you will all find a stomach to fill or someone to fill yours