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[IMPORTANT] Furlough because of the lockdown & comeback Posted 1 month ago
Hey there,

As most of you may have noticed, I was not around for more than a month, and I was also completely not responsive anymore.
Like for everyone - I guess - the current pandemic affected my schedule in a terrible way, and I spent all this time trying to readjust my routine. While vore is an essential part of my life, and so is my art, I have been forced to stop everything until I was able to come back to a decent pace.

Which has been done now, fortunately.

But this had a bunch of important consequences on my organisation here on Eka. I really think it's important that I discuss it here briefly because it might concern some of you:
* During the transfer of my activity to follow a strict lockdown (as enforced by the place I live in),...
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Price update for 2020 Posted 5 months ago
Hey all,

As I sadly announced back in November, I am now updating my prices. I wanted to keep everything low as I could, but life wasn't really fair for me lately, and I desperately money to afford living while completing my degree :c that, plus the fact that my predictions for the last months have been skewed by some problems that I already discussed about last time.
It took me a while to come up with these new prices. I needed to increase them, of course, but I still wanted them to be fair for everyone. I even went as far as comparing my (old and new) prices to all the artists around here to still stay cheaper than the majority :')

All prices listed below are given in USD and will be effective right now.
I consider that notifying publicly...
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October scams & upcoming price revision Posted 6 months ago
Hey all,

Haven't make an update in a while, so here I go. Unfortunately, nothing too happy I am afraid.

When my study started back in September after the Summer break, I had the unique "chance" to find out that the government did not proceed my application correctly and I lost all my education grant for a whole year (there is nothing I can do on that, tried for months, please don't try to give me advice on that). While I fortunately have saved some money in the past for this kind of event, I did not expect it to be as long as a year and I therefore expected to got some help from the commissions I am taking.

I had hope that the October break that just ended would allow me to do as many commissions as I could and save money until the Christmas...
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Aw nuh Posted 9 months ago

I will unfortunately have to stop drawing for (hopefully only) a couple of days :( This includes unfortunately commissions

My computer did not like the latest Windows Update, and after it was complete I could not access Windows anymore :c (black screen after the logo). I am not at my place right now, and I cannot access the USB boot drive I tried to make to repair Windows either.

I will try again once at my place, but if it still does not work, I will have to buy a new computer. So... finger crossed
Should I... answer questions? Posted 9 months ago
Hey everyone,

I am really glad that I already received so many commissions :D it will definitively be of huge help in September :'( if you are interested to get yours, please feel free to PM any time.

With all this work to do, I was wondering if I should not interact a bit more with all of you guy :) I remember that Tumblr (or whatever) was doing all these questions/answers sessions with the artist. Should I do it here as well? So well, if you have any question for me (besides "can you draw this" or "can you make that" obviously), feel free to reply to this blog ...
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Summertime commissions! Posted 10 months ago
Hi everyone~~

I am now done with my exams and - unfortunately - with my small vacations. Which means I have all summer left to draw.
Of course, this means I will also be opened for commissions at least until September. I already work on one commission right now, but I can take more.
And this time, it will even includes comics :)

If you are interested, please feel free to PM me!
Please remember:
- the price list ( https://aryion.com/g4/userpage.commissi ... d=Shoelace )
- the terms and conditions ( ...
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[RULES][2019-05-11] Terms for the Art Commissions Posted 1 year ago

No big announcement here, but instead a set of rules. I had to deal with numerous frustrating situations recently, so I guess it is time for me to write down all the rules that people would have to accept before ordering a commission from me.

I highlighted the critical points in blue, but please read all of them first.


1a - Commissions can only be taken if the customer approve the following set of rules. It is the customer's responsibility for reading all these rules before commissioning, and none of these rules can be overruled if the customer failed to read carefully.
1b – Unless specific notification, the artist will only sell digital art to the customer. No...
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Commissions are open Posted 1 year ago
Hey lasses and lads,

I am opening commissions :) please MP if you are interested.

I am planning to go on a trip in July to see a close friend (am giving a hint of where in this blog entry), hence the need of money. Unfortunately, I am also busy with my finals right now and till July, which means I will have to be picky on the commissions I can take. Most important for me right now is to be able to deliver the requests I will receive as fast as possible with the same quality as always :)

I will be then back to regular commission schedule on August, as I will be over with my study <3
Upcoming arts Posted 1 year ago
Hi guys,

Since we cannot upload every type of arts on Eka's anymore/at the moment, I will be uploading more arts on other places than here.

Basically, everything that is acceptable by rules here will still be uploaded, but obviously I can't upload the rest here and will so do on other websites. In fact, I am afraid I do not have much accounts, and I really don't have time to think about where it would be the best to open an account on.

So for now, I advise you to check sometimes my FA account ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kittyshoelace/ ) because I will be uploading my underage art there.

Hopefully the situation will sort out soon and...
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Commissions are open Posted 1 year ago
Hi everyone,

I am opening commissions slots till the 7th of January. If you are interested, please PM me :)