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Hello! welcome to my page, this will be my vore account.

my main is on FurAffinity as "Servo117"

I will treat this site as I treat FurAffinity.... will, no, this site is much better, AND! Kinder then FA, I will treat this site like one of my own.

My vores are Cockvore, and Unbirth. so if you like that, you will expect a lot of good stuff on my account ;)

One more thing. I DO NOT RP. But I will humor you a little with it if you make a comments on kinky stuff ;p
oh, and creepy comments are acceptable, I don't mind them, I just see them enjoyable to read.

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This is a copy/paste I made on Furaffnity to here

As you all know, if you don't know, i'm a university student and soon to graduate, and being a artist will soon come to an end for me for I will be seeking for a real job because being a artist is not a reliable income source, and it was never a passion for me, it more of a hobbies, and it is unrealistic to live off of art. I've had a long and good run in the fandom as a artist.

what does this mean for you exactly?
will, I am quiting being an artist, it was a fun 7-8 years drawing for everyone, I wish to proceed into the next chapter of my life

How long will you will be drawing art tell you stop?

it is very close, I am predicting 2 - x month from now, I will give a month in advance(if I can, no promises) that I will...
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Posted by JamKat 5 months ago Report

Merry Christmas!


Posted by Drvictorwkatnik 9 months ago Report

Hello mr servo your pizza is here.........Wait why are you staring at me 0_0


Posted by JamKat 10 months ago Report

Happy Vore Day! :3


Posted by dkrule 1 year ago Report

Mind if I ask something


Posted by JamKat 1 year ago Report

Merry Christmas! :3


Posted by kronos1 1 year ago Report

love your stuff. could we, maybe message eachother sometime soon?


Posted by jacobgord12345 1 year ago Report

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ya i am~ a fluffy fat latios

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Posted by biohaze 1 year ago Report

Servothehusky you are one of the best CV artist. Words are not strong enough to express its awsomeness/voresomenesss. Thus i must ask is there a way to get all your creative work in one rar file ?


Posted by lafrugele 2 years ago Report

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Posted by PrefessionalSoviet 2 years ago Report

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tbh ive totally forgot about Ekas, after moving to FA, which is Here: (cough cough) shamelessselfadvertizment (cogh cough)

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