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COMMISSION ARE PAUSED ( until the commission queue thin out a bit )
Hello everyone !
I'm Slagg, a free lance artist.
If some of you like my work and want a personal drawing, I am open to commissions.

I do all type of thing going from SFW to erotic to NSFW/fetish art, for more information go see my commission page ;)

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Sl4gg's Blog - I'm back Posted 5 years ago

Hey everyone, I though i needed to excuse and explain myself about why i wasn’t here for so long, long story short i was an university student, drawing on this website was for me a way to do something different than my studies and for quite a time, that was great. But with the homework and classes being more and more heavy I got less and less time to be here.

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no excuse for disappearing without a word for more than a year, but now that my studies are done and that a got a lot of spare time, I thought I would come here again.
I didn’t come back here until yesterday and I have to say I was pretty moved, I got people who sent me PMs and seemed seriously worried about me. I didn’t know people would care about me, I thought people would...
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Posted by KorinDragoon 4 years ago Report

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I just found your reply, I don't get on my profile on this site much.

He/she looks as human as your O.C.s Gin & Vathia, a dragonewt if you will.

The only parts that are human/elf are the front half of his/her torso from crotch to head, the rest is dragon.

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Posted by Rothar 5 years ago Report

Really happy with that one commission I got from you last year, I hope you are alright wherever you are and that you'll make a return one day, or at least guide us to whatever site you're active on now days.

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Posted by nidogatr 6 years ago Report

Has Sl4gg disappeared? At the top of the page is says 'Last Seen: Mar 26th, 2017'. I ask if anyone knows his/her whereabouts cuz I'm getting a commission from them.


Posted by Avezola 6 years ago Report

how could i be so blind ~ cheers

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Posted by KorinDragoon 6 years ago Report

you know any artists who're good at doing human dragon hybrids?

I got one I'd like to see drawn.

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Posted by AylaTheCat 6 years ago Report

Merry Christmas!

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Posted by Avezola 7 years ago Report

you will make it far here im p sure ;D since you got the good stuff :3

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Posted by Finetti 7 years ago Report

Such lovely pieces. Your work reminds me of Seekgr.


Posted by undertaker13 7 years ago Report

Welcome to the site, looking forward to more of your art. :3

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