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Bout time I updated this thing! Ok! Here's all the information about my artwork that might concern you. x3

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I want all of you to know that I tend to give out free gifts to folks. I've been studying all of you. Trying to find out what you all like. If I find out enough I might give you something just out of the kindness of my evil heart. ^\w/^ Know that my gifts are randomly selected so don't go asking me for them.


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FoolyFox's Blog - Snuff Origin Posted 8 months ago

So... this is gonna sound weird. Does anyone know about this show called "True Blood"? Years ago I walked in on my father watching this when I was younger and there was this scene in it where some vampire lady was having sex with someone and she was mind controlling him or something and the guy, being a vampire too, was trying to fight against it.

He managed to get enough control to grab her head and snap her neck. Twisting her head all the way around and took a sigh of relief for like a second, but then suddenly he kept humping into her while her face was facing his and she was still alive and was still mind controlling him and forcing him to have sex with her even though her neck was snapped. The scene ended with him screaming realizing he wasn't free just yet. ...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Arlon 1 month ago Report

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Thank you! It's an old one, but changing profile pics on here is a hassle so i keep it. If you RP, and would be interested in seeing the current iteration of the character, i can drop you my FA c:


Posted by AcidicAura 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To FoolyFox

Not entirely hehe, I’ve checked out your stuff and really enjoyed it every now and then before, but it was some of this most recent snuff stuff that reaaaaally hooked me enough to want to take a good long look over your work hehe. Big fan~


Posted by KittyBoi 3 months ago Report

Thanks for the fave, dude. Glad you liked that story


Posted by Pit 4 months ago Report

Waking up and seeing a flood of your art is always a blessing❤️ keep it up uwu


Posted by MintyCat 4 months ago Report

Starting to explore permavore as well~? I didn't think your art could get any lewder~!


Posted by MikeFOX2400 4 months ago Report

<< Reply To FoolyFox

Always appreciate hearing people enjoying my stuff!
I could say the same to you as well, I love your content!


Posted by BalouCyan 4 months ago Report

Hope to see you back soon!


Posted by MikeFOX2400 4 months ago Report

Hey yo thanks a bunch for the watch friend!
Very much appreciated!!


Posted by horror93 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the fave! ^_^


Posted by MikeFOX2400 5 months ago Report

Yo thanks alot for faving pal!
I very much appreciate that!!


Posted by C107galaxytachyon 8 months ago Report

Why are your trades open here, but closed on your commission status page?

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Posted by Foxeshavepower 8 months ago Report

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Well, digestion and absorption (prey being turned to mush and then becoming part of the pred) is one of my favorite things involving vore. You happen to have lots of that stuff, so naturally I became a fan ^^

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