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A guy from Brazil who is starting out on learning this "drawing" thing. It'll get better over time, promise.

I don't usually talk much to other people, but please don't mistake it for unfriendliness. I know it's weird, but I'm not used to talking much.

I have FA and DA accounts too.

I am currently taking commissions, check the blog.



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All slots full!


I'll start with five slots this time. They'll be at the bottom of this post.

A fully colored/shaded, single character drawing with no (proper) background is gonna be 23 dollars (20+3 to cover for Paypal costs).

Extra characters that are visible will be 50% extra for each.

Proper backgrounds will depend on the level of detail you're looking for.

I could also do simple linework with no color for 14 dollars.

I can't do sketches. Sorry, but trust me, they look terrible.

Sequences will depend on their complexity, variance and whatnot. Same with comics. In a sequence's case, most of the time each part's likely to be at the base price though. Send me a message.

I'm sure there's other stuff that I'm missing....
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by 10293we 2 days ago

i love your work! was wondering if you RP


Posted by JohnnyPhoenixFighter 1 month ago

Omg. Your work are so amazing. Keep up the good work buddy cx


Posted by MobiusTheIce 2 months ago

Congrats for 500.000 views dude :D


Posted by MobiusTheIce 3 months ago

Thank you so much for the watch, It was literally one of my dream XDD


Posted by Heavykiin 5 months ago

<< Reply To drpolice

Personal taste. Your drawings are great either way!


Posted by Heavykiin 5 months ago

I have to say, I like the pictures with feral pokes more than the anthro ones


Posted by Vulgun 5 months ago

<< Reply To drpolice

I like the art you've got. It's pretty nice.


Posted by Vulgun 5 months ago

Howdy there.


Posted by TotenkreuzEX 11 months ago

Happy one year anniversary on this site, Mr. Guy!


Posted by Gstef 11 months ago

<< Reply To drpolice

Hum. Well, what're your other fetishes?
Personally if I were you I'd just use your FA or the like regardless, as you don't want to use your DA.


Posted by Gstef 11 months ago

Man, why hadn't I been faving your stuff earlier?
It's cool as shit. How's life treating you?


Posted by whitewendigo 1 year ago

<< Reply To drpolice

Alright I was thinking if you want maybe some mesprit vore or some roselia vore theirs a lack of it on eka and I think you would do a good job with it.

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