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A guy from Brazil trying to figure out this "drawing" thing. I like indulging myself with drawings of things I like seeing often, it's why I started drawing to begin with. Either way, these drawings should improve over time, I hope.

I draw vore and transformation (usually the genderbender variety) a lot, often both at the same time, but I draw latex, BDSM, weight gain, hyper, expansion, fat and other such stuff sometimes. I like combining fetishes, and I'm into a lot of weird stuff. I also draw a lot of pokemon, though I'm not necessarily limited to them. Over here at Eka's you'll usually get more of the vore related stuff.

I don't usually talk much to other people, but please don't mistake it for unfriendliness. I'm a massive introvert and so it's just not something I'm used to. It's easier if other people do more of the talking.

I have an FA account too. The FurAffinity account does have a decent bit of stuff that was only uploaded there, even vore involving the characters I draw (with other fetishes added in) and some more furry related content.

I do take commissions from time to time, check the blog to see if they're open right now. I make a new blog post whenever there is a new set of commission slots.


I have also set up a ko-fi for anyone interested. It helps me pay for my expenses, and I appreciate the support. However, only do it if you'd like to.


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Finally here! Sorry for those I told they'd open by June. Took longer to be able to open these than I expected.

This time, I'll keep the slot amount lower, at 6 slots.

Upping the slots to 7 since one of them was just one sketch.

Alright, they're full now, sorry for those left out.


- The slot order will be usually the order I do the drawings in, but if I get a commission for something I am particularly interested in, I may skip ahead to do it earlier. Treat it as an incentive to ask for things I like more, heh.
- The slot amount will depend on the workload. If previous slots are mainly single drawings, I may do more slots than planned. If there's a huge commission...
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Posted by kkrazdwinz 4 months ago Report

do u possibly still have those files? they're no longer accessible


Posted by NicoTheRapidash 4 months ago Report

You have an art thief on your hands.


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Posted by mosta1119 1 year ago Report

Something I have noticed from yesterday when I tried finding your old sfm stuff is that when you try to open the pics from the link, it never works. Did you delete them or is there an error?


Posted by KingOfRust 1 year ago Report

here's a question does your gardevoir gale like to use males to "upgrade"? and me and her have something in common we both like to dance


Posted by Rawr534 1 year ago Report

Some of the best out here


Posted by Bluebux 1 year ago Report

My favorite Gardevoir artist/best Gardevoir art.


Posted by purplelord 2 years ago Report

happy birthday


Posted by nightmaresoul40 2 years ago Report

more pls


Posted by pokebreeder25 2 years ago Report

um when will you a full sequence vore comic?


Posted by Callen 2 years ago Report

I'd love for you to join my discord channel vore palace all vore is welcome and if you would like to bring friends feel free https://discord.gg/GhFybC


Posted by JamKat 2 years ago Report

Happy New Years!

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Posted by JamKat 2 years ago Report

Merry Christmas!

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