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A guy from Brazil who is trying to figure out this "drawing" thing. It'll get better over time, promise.

I don't usually talk much to other people, but please don't mistake it for unfriendliness. I know it's weird, but I'm not used to talking much.

I have FA and DA accounts too. The FurAffinity account does have some stuff that was only uploaded there, usually some more furry related content.

I do take commissions from time to time, check the blog to see if they're open right now.



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I'll be doing more slots than usual due to me actually needing the money.

8 slots this time around.

Slots are full! Wow there was a lot of people trying to get one this time around.


Slot status:

Slot 1: Lolokira
Slot 2: SpaceHump
Slot 3 and 4: generalguy64
Slot 5: tn9007723
Slot 6: 7x9000
Slot 7: cornchip21
Slot 8: Tailithia


A fully colored/shaded, single character drawing with no (proper) background is gonna be 33 dollars (30+3 to cover for Paypal costs).

Extra characters that are visible will be 50% extra for each.

Proper backgrounds will depend on the level of detail you're looking for.

I could also do simple linework with no color for 16 dollars.

Sketches are available now, 13 dollars each. Expect overall...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 4 days ago

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Posted by DragonOFire 4 days ago

Happy B-day! Hope it’s a good one :)

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Posted by smog1 4 days ago

Happy Birthday :D


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 4 days ago

Yo mate, happy birthday.

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Posted by DerpySwordsman 2 weeks ago

More lattie please or do I have commision.


Posted by Mysterymaster 1 month ago

Hey man, i love your work, especially the shygal SFM! I can't wait to see more!


Posted by mibankai1171 2 months ago

Have you ever considered doing a vore comic where you show the prey being eaten?


Posted by Meloeatta 2 months ago

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ah, yeah
the posts arent *that* frequent here anyways
im sure half of my stuff is still on the second page of the newest results

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Posted by 203 3 months ago

Do you do requests??


Posted by EndercreeperMugen 5 months ago

Someone stole one of your pictures:

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Posted by Sothe123 6 months ago

I love your stuff especially the Hex manisc ones keep up the good work

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