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Convict Consumption (vore/bondage) By drpolice -- Report

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Sequel of sorts to

Guess the clap of her asscheeks alerted the guards after all. Disembodied grunt hand included because I was too lazy to draw the whole thing.


1st image

Team Aqua Grunt: “Heh, well ‘little girl’, it’s only fair we treat you n’ your pal the same way you treated one of our own! Wanderin’ around here, “lost” in our base? You’re lucky we’re just lockin’ you up n’ not giving you a smackin’! Either way, sorry for the single bed, but we feel you’ll only need the one soon enough~ Hope you two like sharing, hah!”

Brandon: “Mmmph! May, quick, you gotta spit me out! I don’t wanna pad you out like the others, c-come on! I-hrrk! Hhrnngph! We gotta act, fast!”

May: “Nrrgh!” (Brandon no! Oh God, I-I need to find a way to get you out! But, how am I supposed to do that… My arms’re bound, and I’m gagged! Pff, pff! Of all things, wh-why did they have a ballgag in storage to use on me?! Ohh think May, think!)

2nd image

Team Aqua Grunt: “Ohoh, all by yourself now? Normally we’d assume it’s a prison break but, seems more like you got accustomed to ‘prison food’~ Damn, he did your body good, your nipple’s the size of my hand! And your ass, that thong’s gonna snap soon it looks! One thing I can admit, you wear our uniform well, even when it’s four sizes too small, hah!”

May: “Gah! Hey quit it, haven’t you brutes already had your fun?! You chained me up n’ made me digest my friend! Come on, lemme go already, this is already humiliating and awful! I won’t tell anyone what’s going on here, I-I promise! I swear!

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Posted by Exequi3l 1 year ago Report

The drawing is so good I wish it would eat and suck me to be part of that ass.

really great work: D


Posted by delete0n269h 1 year ago Report

Damn what a way to go for Brendan but a acceptable way at that.


Posted by JohnnyF102 1 year ago Report

Beautifullly done


Posted by MSPfan 1 year ago Report

hope you do more may vore she looks very good.


Posted by JeebyHeebies 1 year ago Report

It "may" have been an early end for him, but it was probably the best end he could get.


Posted by lockycloud 1 year ago Report

they will surely use she to discard from unruly prisoners or unwanted guests :)


Posted by awakener 1 year ago Report

My mind is racing with “Please be a part three where she eats the leader and takes over.” On repeat


Posted by Bernstein 1 year ago Report

Nice Job. How about a Part 3?


Posted by Trex4 1 year ago Report

Man I hope I get as good as that plus I might have an idea for this and how to end it


Posted by Aizen 1 year ago Report

can there be another continuation of this art as she eats other victims and again increases her body,pls?:3


Posted by ChrisW 1 year ago Report

This is so evil. I love it!


Posted by Trex4 9 months ago Report

I hope she eats everyone in the base