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Ideal Female Body (vore/sentient fat) By drpolice -- Report

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Been a while since the last post, eh? I haven't really drawn much at all for quite a while, and the little that I did draw, it wasn't really just vore. But well, here's some of that, I finally got around to doing it.

Been a while since I've drawn Sybil, wanted to do that. I also realized that the guys have not actually been eaten by her before, so I also did that.

Anyway, this one comes with a story. HisashiHinata wrote it, and hibbyjibby did some of the writing and edited it.


“Weeell you didn’t hear it from me Sybil but, I happen to be an expert on the female form” Leon quipped as he adjusted his glasses, a dorky smile (from Sybil’s perspective) on his face as he continued, stating “And far as I can tell, women can’t get anywhere near that big. Trust me, I’d love i- Uh, I mean, notice if it were possible.”

Leon’s statements perplexed Sybil, the tough go-getter Snivy doing her best to reflect on his words. The pair had been conversing about a mutual cohort’s recent activities, the mad and unhinged Latias known only by her terrifying moniker of “Lattie”, which consisted of such things like extremely labour-intensive thinking. This basically meant she sat down on her huge behind and claimed she was ‘solving extremely complicated problems’.

But this wasn’t the only thing the big red behemoth of a woman had been up to. A few hours ago she had made the claim that she’d discovered, in her words, “ideal female body”. Leon, being a true connoisseur of the female form in his own mind, deciding to gloss over her findings, commenting “Huh, y’know if I didn’t know any better these forms just look like you scribbled random things onto ‘em. The heck does “biggerus asserus” mea- Oh.”, taking note of how cluttered and messy Lattie’s findings were on paper coupled with immature terms. Lattie merely shrugged, saying “Ahh well, it’s just a theory for now. On paper things look good but they’re easy to mess up! Sooo, we should experiment a bit!”

As the two began to prep for this latest experiment, Leon’s mind was merely relieved that not only was Lattie enjoying herself, she was enjoying herself WITHOUT making him into another layer of fat on her ass again. Not only was avoiding this fate (mostly) ideal for him, but an added bonus was that he might be able to actually see the results with his own eyes this time, rather than being part of the results.

Yet the pair were in for a shock once everything had been set up, and the available information was fed in through a computer terminal, with the results of the so-called “ideal female body” less ideal, and more ghoulishly exaggerated. On the screen was a female body with more curves than a curly fry wrapped around a bent silly straw, with assets at such gloriously ginormous sizes it made curvaceous giants like Kangaskhan seem lacking and underdeveloped by comparison.

Sighing at their failure, Lattie quickly put her usual smirk back onto her face and merely shrugged, stating “Welp! Back to the drawing board, and not necessarily a literal one, though that might help a bit, ehehe….”. Leon watched as she walked off, disappointed he wouldn’t get to see some bouncy booty or ridiculous sweater puppies, but, it’s not like he was a brainiac or anything himself. So, seeing nothing left to do around the lab, he too wandered off, shortly meeting Sybil wandering about as well, and thus brings us to our current scenario with this new duo.

After being relayed this information from Leon, Sybil’s mind began to ponder the exact same questions as Lattie; is there really such a thing as an ideal female body? Seeing her not-quite gifted mind hard at work, Leon spoke up with “Don’t tell me YOU’RE interested in trying to achieve this now too, Sybil. You’re hardly cut out for this, you keep having to get ME to find your dumbbells when you lose them, much less you being even less a genius than me-”, when suddenly, Sybil turned to face Leon, exclaiming “What?! Hey I may not be as smart as I look but, I ain’t an idiot either, Leon! Besides, I could probably get this ‘ideal lady bod’, I’m already the most in-shape of us all, how hard can it be?!”

“W-Well uh…”, and before he could utter another sound, Sybil continued. “With a bit of hard work, or atleast hard work for you folks, I could easily get this in a day, 12 hours tops!” Leon, being the small guy, not big guy, in this scenario could only shrink in place as Sybil drew in closer, never breaking eye contact. “H-Hey now Sybil, y-you really shouldn’t, uh…” But even if he’d had extra time to consider his next words, Sybil smirked and furrowed her brow as she spoke over his feeble attempts to rephrase his past comments. “Look Leon, we both know where this is goin’ considering yah set yerself up for this.” She placed a hand firmly on his chest, idly massaging it firmly as she continued, stating “I catch those eyes of yours lookin’ at me every time I strut by you n’ as if this is the first time I’ve had yah inside me~ Soo, make it easy aaand… bottoms up, cuz you’re gonna be my ‘protein pack’~!”

And just like that, Leon had been shoved partway into Sybil’s gaping maw of a mouth. Squirm as he might out of pure instinct, it bothered her none as she merely hoisted him into the air and tilted her head backwards and, much like a snake or reptile, quickly gulped Leon down past his shoulders, past his hips (and a little ‘something something’ in his trousers, something Sybil noted if he denied any enjoyment during this), and ultimately within mere moments, he’d been effortlessly ingested and forced to curl upwards inside of Sybil’s gut, a place he wasn’t a total stranger to by this point.

Sybil let loose a satisfying belch, firmly patting and kneading Leon through her stomach as she found a nearby wall, and plopped her back against it as she sat on the floor. Knowing full well Leon couldn’t exactly respond back with ease, she chortled to herself as she felt him squirming from within her, his usual antics in this scenario as she resumed speaking again. “You wanna help a gal get an ideal bod? Then help this one in getting exactly that, hah! If you didn’t like ‘helping me out’ so much like this then yah wouldn’t make it this easy~”. As Leon continued to squirm, feeling Sybil’s stomach walls closing in on him, he made one last rebuttal to her claims, though even he knew it wouldn’t likely do much good. “W-Well why me?! Why not Lattie, o-or Wade or Gale or, the other girls we know?! Y-You re what you eat, right? So, eat others instead, just let me go! Sybil, do you hear me?!”


Whether Sybil had heard Leon or not, or had merely just not cared, it was of little use to do his usual complaining, and within just a few hours, he had gone from being a whole, if kinda wimpy young man, into being just the most recent organic slurry pumping through Sybil’s toned body. She felt him coursing through her, biting her lip and moaning contently to herself as her breasts began to greatly swell in size, each breast going from ‘big’ to ‘bigger than her head’ as she massaged them vigorously. Had anyone been around to watch, it’d be evident that Sybil was perhaps enjoying this as much as Leon likely would’ve been, had he not ‘volunteered’ to help out. Eventually, through a combination of digesting Leon and groping her own breasts so thoroughly, Sybil was soon blessed with breasts that were each greatly larger than her head, a fact she grinned maniacally over as she closely inspected her new assets.

She couldn’t help but to shiver as she looked them over, muttering under her breath “H-Hah… Well Leon, they call your kind ‘legendaries’, and I will say… You gave me some legendary as hell tits, ha~ha!” But as Sybil continued to play around and inspect her gargantuan honkers, she felt something stirring inside her. Not her gut, no, but a bit higher up, perhaps in her breasts specifically. Taking a moment to realize what this sensation was, it dawned on her eventually, and her smirk grew ever wider. “Well well, you’re sticking around now to see this AMAAAZING body yah helped me with~? No, wait, you’re ‘hanging’ around, eh? Hah, now that was a funny pun!”, guffawing all the while as the sensation in her chest continued.

“Sybil, c’mon… You turn a guy to mush n’ then… Nngh!” As he tried to get his thoughts organized, it was a difficult endeavour in no small part due to Sybil’s constant pulling, tugging, pinching, massaging, and general activity with her breasts. However much pleasure and pressure she felt, it was greatly magnified for him, what with how Leon’s very being WAS her breasts. “Agh, h-hey! Stop it, can’t a guy- hooh! Can’t a guy get his bearings first, Sybil?” But, as expected, she paid his desires no mind, and merely continued her self-indulgent behaviour.

That is, until she happened to grow curious about her lower half, specifically her backside, and to her both shock and dismay, it hadn’t grown or changed at all! Her voice as she spoke up was a mixture of disbelief and frustration, gritting her teeth as she said “Wha- Really?! Leon, you normally can’t stay away from my ass, or being my ass, usually like most guys! So why is it THIS time you decide to just stick on my frontside?! You gimme a legendary rack but a normal-sized ass? Rrgh!” Her mind began to race for a solution as Leon merely sighed, the best a consciousness could muster anyway, as he merely settled in for the show. Not like he could really do much at this point, and he spoke up, she might pinch her nipples again just to torment him. Torment he wasn’t opposed to but, this was hardly the time to get his jollies off.


Sybil reclined backwards on the couch with a wide, self-satisfied grin on her face as she uttered another totally ladylike belch as she pat her stomach, her midsection once again engorged and bloated, this time with the ‘assistance’ of Leon’s sort-of-but-not-exactly close friend Wade, the Weavile’s form bulging out quite obviously from her flabby gut. As he stewed away in her gut, folded and cramped up tightly inside her, he took a note out of Leon’s way of acting and began to complain, saying “As much as I love it when the ladies can’t resist me, you do realize Sybil that a man’s got needs, right? And this man needs to watch his programs, pronto! Eh, though I guess real tits’re still better than fake, on-screen ones…”, to which Sybil could only agree with. Obviously.

“I’d apologize for inconveniencing you like this Wade but, on the one hand this is me who’s talking n’, I’m never sorry, haha! And on the other, you sure didn’t put up much of a fight now… Sure was weird of yah~ What, you wanna be part of the perfect female form? MY female form~?” Out of instinct, Wade struggled and squirmed slightly, but nowhere near enough to offer any real resistance as he tried to think of a comeback. He merely uttered a dejected sigh though, and it amused Sybil, who gave him a few pats on his back through her gut in responce as she sat back, relaxed, and felt her meal slowly but surely become part of her, and with any luck, part of her very-much-deserving-of-an-increase ass and backside.


“Heh heh, now THIS is what I call an ass!” Sybil happily chirped, probably not referring to herself as a person and more accurately, to the very generously enhanced backside courtesy of Wade being her newest padding to an already thickly-proportioned figure. Much like before, Sybil indulged herself and ran her strong hands across her ass cheeks, running them down and over to her thighs and taking in all the warm, squishy, jiggly, full-figured proportions that belonged to her and her alone. A few subtle, but present moans escaped her lips as she felt herself up, chuckling to herself before congratulating herself. “How’s THAT for ‘hard work’ eh boys? Told yah I could do it, and I did~”

And just like clockwork, Sybil began to feel another sensation in her ass cheeks, similar to what occurred in her bosom earlier. Mischievous grin plastered across the cheeks on her face, she gave a firm, forceful slap with both of her hands on the sides of her ass, bunching them together and releasing them, guffawing and chuckling as she felt them wiggle and jiggle from the impact. “An ass-man even until the end, eh Wade? More like my end, aaahh~!”. Wade didn’t say much, nor could he say much; Sybil may have been teasing, but even Wade had to admit, he was absolutely an ass-man. And a breast man. Really, a man of good taste when it came to sexy lady shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, with one hand on her butt and the other on her breasts, Sybil gasped as she started playing with her sensitive body, sending ripples across it as if she were a body of water.

“Although, now that I think about it a lil’ more’n usual… I COULD keep going, cuz why not right…?” Suddenly, it clicked in her head, clapping her hands together and eyes wide with realization. As she approached the door to exit Leon’s apartment and finally managed to stop herself from feeling her body up, a sly grin spread across her face as she licked her lips, and uttered one last statement: “If I’m gonna get me an ideal body n’ figure, I’m gonna need WAY more volunteers~! Two’s just not enough!”

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Posted by Mettra 9 months ago Report

Nice & thick~


Posted by starhotbar 9 months ago Report

Damn.. always amazing has been ..


Posted by Zeeza 9 months ago Report

Wonderful to view and read as always!


Posted by theunknownspy 9 months ago Report

The daily struggles of a predator


Posted by Thefoxcyan 9 months ago Report

One sexy snivy


Posted by Cootaloo7 9 months ago Report

Yesss! A new post! And one of my favorite character of yours at that! Amazing job on this one!! <3


Posted by StormyRange 9 months ago Report

Such a lovely character, always happy to see more of her -3- <3


Posted by Base54 9 months ago Report

Leon is just a walking "Eat me" sign now, isn't he? The dude's practically begging to get eaten every time we see him.


Posted by lockycloud 9 months ago Report

increible comic e increible historia de hinata, te extrañamos estos 4 meses amigo


Posted by DudeBoi54 9 months ago Report

Nice to finally get another high quality post from ya! Hope you've been doing well.


Posted by threk 9 months ago Report

You may not like it Leon (yes you do), but this is what peak performance looks like!