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On this profile, you will find vore stories that will steer far from the norm and have you on the edge of your seat. I hope you enjoy.

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Restoring Order.An Irregular Hindrance. Scootaloo watched the young colt with a scowling eye, with the fury of a thousand suns, as he ripped through the sand to serve the beach goers with the absolute best amenities his position could offer. All the while wearing a dashing smile that even she could bring herself to appreciate when considering him as an individual. In fact, if the two had knowing each other as simply coworkers, he would not be the subject of her unyielding ire. But that simp

A Powerful Mistake.

The Wrong Idea.

The B-Word Game.

A simple game, however immature it may be, with simple rules. Participants abstain from saying words that start with the letter B, and in the event they make a mistake in the presence of another participant, they could get slapped in the face. On the contra

Feast for the Faceless.

Jeff the




Jeff didn’t know if he should be aroused or afraid.


The enormous, faceless, humanoid creatur

Hellhound Haunches.

Explosive Overprotection.

    “This is





wasn’t overly confident in her predatory capabilities, but


Park Accident.


Tori sat on the park bench as nighttime hung limply in the sky, stars sprawled throughout to illuminate the darkened city with the help of the moon and various light posts. She browsed through her phone, through the various social media apps she had purchased over the years, a frown growing on her

Late Night.

Milk Run.

“Go get me some milk.”

Of course I’d known it was a bad idea. The night was late and most establishments had already barred their doors from entry from any potential customers, leaving most employees no longer shackled by their responsibilities, free to burn the hou

BlowOut Craze.

The Wrong Direction in Every Way.

When her friends suggested

a conglomeration of using adolescents and a showcasing of magical prowess to boost her social media presence, Rarity was quite sure that the trajectory in which she took that advice is not what they had in mind. Granted, her course of actions

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Base54's Blog - Alrighty Then Posted 1 year ago

To test this new blog system, I will update you all on my current status. Just finished a field trip with my family and am ready to kick it into high gear story-wise. To all those who're waiting patiently for what I have in store for you, please continue to wait for I will have them ready up and running around Tuesday, so please bear with me for a couple more days.

Also, you are infected with the big gay.

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