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On this profile, you will find vore stories that will steer far from the norm and have you on the edge of your seat. I hope you enjoy.

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The Great Escape

Part One


Stiff as a plank and silent as the space above, the mare settled into the far-left corner of her cell. Her silent posture was an endless lie to what was occurring in the mare’s consciousness. Her mind going a million miles per millisecond, filling her wakin

Fallout Equestria: Lost Memories.

Day Two:

Claws and Swords.

No matter how many blows


dealt to the

eldritch abominations, none of them seemed to sustainable damage to his 20+ adversaries. They stubbornly stood back up, ready for another tr

Little Meals.

Flank Full of Filly.

Peeking above the mountainous horizon, the sun began to rise from its slumber to claim its rightful throne atop the zenith. Many residents of Manehatten awoke with the sun for this was the very moment many

were required to wake up from their slumber to start the day, whether it’d be for work or for school.

Cruel World.

A Nighttime Stroll.

It was the dead of night and many people who had even a semblance of intelligence had retreated into their homes until the next time the sun rose. The thought of being out in the night and risking the probability of coming across a criminal wasn’t appealing to anyone who wished to live.

School Life In Manehattan.

The Bullying.

Considering himself very well-rounded, Winter held animosity towards very few things in the world, never finding it in himself to consistently loathe anything for very long since the many things that he may loathe were small and never truly hindered his day. School, however, did not fall under that category.


Alex’s Morning.

The sun had begun to rise to rage war against the sleeping residents of Equestria, the war being nastily one-sided as Celestia’s tool already claimed many lives as many ponies and other beings arisen from their slumber to reluctantly start their day.

Little Meals.

Park Problems


It had only been 3 months since Tree Hugger had made herself an established member of the Ponyville community, and she couldn’t be happier in Ponyville. She was spared the judgement of her hometown of Trottingham due to her ravenous appetite causing many ponies to suffer a painful fate in her stomach, a huge bul

Little Meals.




A relaxed sigh obliterates the threshold of tension as the young colt leaned back leisurely on the beach chair as the boat soared through the sea.

Traveling all over Equestria looking

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So, this is to notify anyone who may stumble on my account or have been reading my stories. I will be rewriting most of my stories. These stories are Fallout Equestria: Lost Memories, School Life in Manehatten, and Canine.

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