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On this profile, you will find vore stories that will steer far from the norm and have you on the edge of your seat. I hope you enjoy.

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Prison School Girls.

Hallway Hell.

Meiko Shiraki glared accusingly at the small girl on the wall, her arms crossed under her voluptuous chest, her eyes regarding the freshman with nothing but pure hatred and disdain. She had just received word that the freshman had been groping many other female students, and at first was willing to disregard the claims and chalk it up to one of

Conventions and Conundrums.

Krystal Klear.

Pass: Advanced Pass

Name: Jason Caesar.

Race: Bengal Cat

Age: 16

Birthday: May 28th, 4098




The Strange Night.

    Lance stared endlessly at Leslie’s rump, her plump asshole continuously opening and closing as if it was anticipating on ingesting the poor Riolu, the sight causing his uneasiness to increase tenfold.


Taking That L

The Mega Mewtwo X made sure to ensure the Lucario behind him wouldn’t escape by way of holding him in place with his meaty and powerful tale. He also ensured the Luxray that he captured wouldn’t have a way to escape through him having broken the poor feline’s shins.


Advices and Chats

“I fucking told you not to go into my room fifty-thousand times!”

“Look Les, we’re sorry okay? We won’t do it again!”


Secrets Must Be Kept.

A Shocking Night.

Ever since she was but a modest Shinx, Bolt knew that a life brimming with excitement and thrill would be the only life that could satiate her undying yearning for adventure.


when she snagged a position at a very prestigious and well-kept secret organization going by th

The Adventures of Gender-Swapping.

The Girlfriend’s Ring.

Alex never really liked


but she never minded it either, it was always a bit neutral for her. Whenever she demoted an individual to fat on her body or jizz to use at some unrelated time, she always planned to keep it that way. But on the

The Adventures of Gender-Swapping.

Strange Mornings.

Peter starred in horrid disgust at the sight that lay before him to


witness to. He had entered the bathroom to take a shower and get the day started, only to have his routine halted by the sight of his stepsister bent on her knees with no pants or underwea

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So, this is to notify anyone who may stumble on my account or have been reading my stories. I will be rewriting most of my stories. These stories are Fallout Equestria: Lost Memories, School Life in Manehatten, and Canine.

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