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On this profile, you will find vore stories that will steer far from the norm and have you on the edge of your seat. I hope you enjoy.

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The Hungry College Student.

The Strange, Strange Day


The day


Valkyrie’s life was flipped upside down and all her preconceived knowledge of the world and what her body was capable of accomplishing still burned bright in her memory. The day had been so strange, so atyp

Judo’s Journal.

A New Home.

Day 1, Sunday, January 5


, 2016.

It’s been quite a while since I put pen to the paper and wrote in this journal, and even if that time only amounted to a week, it still fe

A Day




he Mall.

A Dept to Pay.

After an eternity of worthless hours slaving away at the hands of people who think because they stand on the other side of the counter they know more than him, when the sweet, angelic grace of his paycheck touche

Educational Work Aid.

A Hands-On Experience.

Stress dictated Frisk’s stride as she made her way to the employee backroom, her large duo-colored sweater pushed up at the him by her even larger gut, the gargantuan dome of flesh hanging to around her knees, the result of a 3 customer binge. She knew she would get yet another write-up for loosing her shit and devouring the cust

A Mae In



Game Night Gone Sexual.

The clanking of metal armor and the howling winds tore everyone’s attention from whatever activity they were indulging in and towards the Wolf woman standing at the tavern’s entrance. She was an imposing figure, standing at an impressive 9’11, dwarfing

Mayde To Maximize

An Unconventional Method



May was never known as an individual who exercises exceptional executive decisions, the majority of her choices would end up bad for almost everyone involved. Even May herself will admit that in most scenarios, leaving her to own devices was generally a recip

Ravenous Rabbit.

The Lunch Enforcement.

"Excuse me young man."

The diminutive fox abruptly stopped his rush to school and turned to the voice, coming face to face with a Rabbit garbed in the standard ZPD garb that was way too constrictive against her voluptuous form. On

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So, I'm not dead, just a bit overwhelmed with a lot of stuff that's going on. However, with the required resources at my beck and call, I should be able to write and post more stories for all of you to enjoy.

First and foremost, I will be posting the request that I have, and then I won't be doing request for a while so I can focus on my stories. Those who have requested something of me should have their request completed by this weekly's Sunday, if not by then, then by next Tuesday.

Secondly, I will be rewriting and editing The Adventures of Gender Swapping since I can do a whole heck of a lot better with it. I will also be rewriting the majority of my stories as well as posting the start of two new series of stories: Furry Fantasy and Anthro Animals, both of which will make their...
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