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On this profile, you will find vore stories that will steer far from the norm and have you on the edge of your seat. I hope you enjoy.

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A Sexual Mishap of Melty Proportions.

A Pleasurable Night Turned Upside Down.


stop struggling!”

Skye casted a glance over her shoulder, seeing Chase’s hips slip into her tailhol

Juno Takes Matters Into Her Own Claws.

Purging an Issue.



Legoshi was s

ent sprawling on the floor, the pain radiating from his shin immense and burning, no doubt bruised if the assault hadn’t ou

Sheriff Callie’s Wild Western Feast.

The Intruder and the Thief.

After years parading as an apex predator with reputation and body to back up such claims, Krystal never entertained the idea that she may very well be on the receiving end of the very same situation she put countless victims through. So when she elected to infiltrate a wild western styled municipality with the

Behavioral Readjustment.

The Root of the Problem.

“How much do you think you contributed to the company?”

The question hit the young internee like a brick to the face, stunning him for a brief moment as he stared at the fox woman sitting in front of him behind her desk, muzzle propped onto her hands in

Pokemon Wars.





The career of a kunoichi demanded a certain body type, one that was slim with very few noticeable features to optimize stealth when both in the shadows and in the naked eyes of the public, not at all the rambunctious, unrestrained

Pepper’s Midnight Treat.

A Very Poor Choice.

As the princess of the very night she crafted for all to adore, Luna felt it unnecessary to harbor negative feelings such as paranoia and hysteria towards the stellar result of her own blood, sweat, and tears. Believing herself to be far above any pernicious schemes her subjects may prepare and enact in her presence, compelling her to tru

Multiverse of Insanity.

Late Rabbit!

If the previous week had not been rife with hardship and constant moving, Makoto Shinobu wouldn’t have been as spry as he was young in getting prepared for his first day in a new chapter of his life that is sure to bloom into something truly admirable. And yet, the previous week was nothing if not trying, pushing the young man t

Restoring Order.

An Irregular Hindrance.

Scootaloo watched the young colt with a scowling eye, with the fury of a thousand suns, as he ripped through the sand to serve the beach goers with the absolute best amenities his position could offer. All the while wearing a dashing smile that even she could bring herself to appreciate when considering him as an individual. In fact, if th

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Base54's Blog - Alrighty Then Posted 2 months ago

To test this new blog system, I will update you all on my current status. Just finished a field trip with my family and am ready to kick it into high gear story-wise. To all those who're waiting patiently for what I have in store for you, please continue to wait for I will have them ready up and running around Tuesday, so please bear with me for a couple more days.

Also, you are infected with the big gay.

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