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oh, uh, also

I guess I like traps/long hair/fluffy tails/giant tiddy/squids. If you like those you'll prolly like it here.

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I forgot to upload a bunch of Halloween things (I was on vacation) and now it feels like it's too late. But I might do it anyway?? I dunno. RIP.

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Posted by CyberXIII 3 months ago Report

Do you have any galleries elsewhere?


Posted by JamKat 5 months ago Report

Happy New Years!


Posted by JamKat 5 months ago Report

Merry Christmas!


Posted by Tigataga 6 months ago Report

Welp, it's official, I'm addicted to your characters... How dare you.


Posted by th31and0nly 6 months ago Report

<< Reply To Tabris

will it auto-return to favourites if fixed? I checked and it's actually 3 favourites, plus a bunch of stuff from Odinboy666 whose lost things even fro mhis 'recent updates' page goign all the way back to EIGHT MONTHS AGO! The heck is going on around here?!


Posted by th31and0nly 6 months ago Report

Permission Denied
So somebody's probably anwsered this elsewhere but i can't find it, so i'm going to wonder out loud why an image would suddenly become "Permission Denied, You do not have access to view this item" and-or disappear, because 2 of my best favourites have gone missing and i can't even remember the 2nd's title to go looking for it on other websites, IF indeed the artist posted it elsewhere to begin with! How do i gain the right 'level' or permissions to get these images back in my favourites folder?


Posted by nightmaresoul40 7 months ago Report



Posted by sweetbunnii 8 months ago Report

thank you so much for the watch! your art is so cute!!! ;v; i'm watching you back <3

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Posted by MobiusTheIce 10 months ago Report

Much much much thanks for the watch my dude! I truly appreciate that! :D


Posted by ALAMOS123 10 months ago Report

glad to see a big artist on here enjoy clothing entrapment, we need more of that on here


Posted by JamKat 10 months ago Report

Happy Vore Day! :3


Posted by AwkwardFerret 10 months ago Report

Love that Whimsicott of yours~

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