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Stolen GainsIt was late hours within the walls of a 24/7 gym. Bright halogen lights reflected off the floor to ceiling mirrors, perfectly illuminating the workout floor. The air was hot on the mid summer night and the manager had neglected to leave the cooling system on for the two late night denizens. One was significantly larger than the other, and he was currently finishing off his last few reps at the bench press rack.His name was Daryl, Dairy to those who knew him well, and he was massive.

Festival of the FeastAlice tucked herself into her body to try push her way through the throng of people, why on earth was tonight the night the entire town decided to throw a massive party? All around her was the beat of drums, the stamp of feet, and the dazzling splendor of exotic street acts. People blended together like a homogenous soup, flowing between cliques as easily as water flows from a cup. All around was merriment and joy, a perfect scene for the wondrous holiday in the town of Tilg

Big Hungry Stalker - 7 : New FriendLio, like most days, was pressed snugly against an overfilled stomach, wondering what he had done in a previous life to earn this treatment. Yuki was dozing dreamily on the couch, maintaining a possessive hold on him like a natural instinct. They had been watching a movie at Yuki’s insistence, one that didn’t excite Lio that much. It seemed that Lio guessed right for the big girl had quickly fallen asleep at the mediocre plot line, leaving Lio alone to watc

Blinded PreyMark woke slowly, initially confused by the insistent blackness filling his gaze. It took some moments before he noticed the soft silken pressure on his face, a scarf blinding him. A second wrap was his lips, and the dry taste in his mouth told him he had been gagged. He tried to move, but padded restraints on his wrists and biceps held him completely. He tried his stiff legs, but they were similarly bound, with his knees bent uncomfortably backwards and his ankles forced alongside h

Organic PowerThe Scanner took a moment to gather the surrounding geometry as her robotic frame unfolded from the small interior of her planet entry pod. Her programmed ROM kicked in, filling her central memory core with images detailing her current mission specs. She had landed on a remote planet along with a team of 5 other sister units, all scattered to key points in the geoscape. Her mission was detailed to her by some mind numbing briefing docs, written by boring bureaucratic aliens hoping t

Big Hungry Stalker - 6 : Digging DeepLio awoke early in the morning, roused from his heavy slumber by the uncomfortable warmth wrapped around him. He was exhausted, as he often was thanks to Yuki’s consistent late night shenanigans. The massive girl could never let him sleep without at least a minimum amount of cum pounded out of his tiny body by her obscenely wide hips. Lio’s bleary eyes glanced from his position on the bed, ill prepared for the early morning light. He felt the need to lay

- (Timid)- Oh shit, you have officially gone too far. You should have read the signs sooner. It was obvious that you were overstepping your bounds with this giantess. The only thing now is to beg for mercy, and hope that her hunger doesn’t affect her judgement. You used the silence to process what she was saying, all the terrifying details of her cannibalistic hunger. You glanced up at her cold eyes, feeling the metaphorical dagger at your neck. You should have realised she would tur

- (Angry)- How dare she manhandle you like this. On Top of that, what she was talking about was horrifying. You need to fight back, you need to do everything to escape from this horrendous patient.“Let me go now” you scream, raising your arms to break her grip on your shoulders. Remarkably you manage to shake off her heavy palms, allowing you to take some much needed retreating steps away from her grossly bulging stomach. You force yourself to look her in the eyes, recognising a gl

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TinnedSpam's Blog - A thought I had Posted 2 months ago

Hey y'all

It's Friday the 13th

Just letting you know

Stay spooky (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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Posted by Mancrer74 2 months ago Report

Hope that you find the time and inspiration to write a sumo wrestling story!


Posted by Mancrer74 4 months ago Report

Hope you are doing ok thanks for continuing with the big hungry stalker story!


Posted by SaoYuuki 5 months ago Report

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>w< hehe~

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Posted by Mancrer74 1 year ago Report

can't wait for the next part of Big Hungry stalker


Posted by Shryland 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the Watch :D


Posted by Smoge16 4 years ago Report

Thanks so much for the watch!


Posted by Sarkopheros 4 years ago Report

So you watched me the day you joined and I'm one of three? And you watched me on HF too. You must really enjoy Aracelle. And I really appreciate you watching!


Posted by Rendezvore 4 years ago Report

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I would give it a few more days and then ask Eka or Leshana for a gallery page by sending them a few examples of your work.


Posted by Rendezvore 4 years ago Report

Welcome to the Portal!! If you need help understanding this place, feel free to send me a PM.

I heard you want a gallery for your goo girl writing, but some things may not be available to you for roughly a week or two for probationary purposes. The admins usually wanna make sure you're not spam (the other kind) or here to harass our fetishes. Best to use this time getting to know the rules, participate in forum threads, and comment on other gallery work to show that you are serious.


Posted by TinnedSpam 4 years ago Report

Hello World!

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