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I have a lot of sketches. They're just all over the house and not here...
Thank you for checking out what I have managed to upload.

Most of what you will find here:
-- Dragons, snakes, naga/lamias, plants, humans, demi-humans.
-- Macro/micro, oral vore, unbirth, vaginal vore, oviposition.
-- Soft cooking and food play.
-- Mild bondage and slave/pet play.
-- Mild digestion and clean disposal.

If you have questions, send me a PM. I like to get mail. :3

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I know.. lots of us are probably here to escape from real life stresses and I'm sorry to bring more shit up, but I somehow feel calmer around you guys. This is my place right now, the community I feel connected with.

I'm pretty much just sitting here at my parent's, waiting for mom to pass under home hospice care. We don't know if it'll be hours or days, but she's drifting out of consciousness, having trouble breathing, and for some reason thinks it's 1982, the year I was born. Why always something to do with me..? Grandma and mom both in such a short time? I can't do this..

There is one thing I can be glad of. My best friend who was in that dire situation earlier? She's now living with us and so far doing very well. According to her, she can "Finally relax in a QUIET household and...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Giogon 1 month ago

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Succ111 1 month ago

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No problem, man. ;)


Posted by Asagrid 1 month ago

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Posted by Fluffyhelicopter 1 month ago

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Its alright! Love your woek and glad to hear things have gotten better!


Posted by Dekkard2 2 months ago

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No problem. I'm mostly into Female pred, giantess, implied soft digestion, oral vore, mouthplay, that sort of stuff.


Posted by Gantradies 6 months ago

safe was the wrong word- i meant soft XD


Posted by Endierlord 7 months ago

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Posted by NataliDragon 7 months ago

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No problem again! ^w^


Posted by Fluffyhelicopter 7 months ago

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Np! Also yeah I thought itd also make a great story sometime! Id love to see it redone if you manage to get time for it.


Posted by bathroombuddy23 7 months ago

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thanks for making cool art :)


Posted by NataliDragon 7 months ago

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Np!keep up the good work ;)


Posted by Scrumptious 7 months ago

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Oh no! So sorry to hear that all is not well in Rendezvoreville. :(

I've poked around a bit, but there are still a few bugs/what-nots that I still think I need to figure out before I really jump in. Regrettably the amount of disposable time I have these days is just too limited. But I'll have some more in a few weeks.

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