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This is Rendezvore's little corner of silly stuff. (Said like "rendezvous". Look it up. ;)

I'm female, tomboy, and very pred leaning. Have been a sketch artist for over 30 years. Kinda new to digital drawing, so please give constructive critique where applicable. All the latest pics were done on an android phone and tablet with built-in pen!

Thank you for checking out my gallery!

Most of what you will find here:
-- Dragons! ..Okay, mostly my gal, Chorl. >_>
-- Snakes, naga/lamias, plants.
-- Humans, demi-humans, furries.
-- Macro/micro, oral vore, unbirth, vaginal vore, oviposition.
-- Soft cooking and food play.
-- Mild bondage and slave/pet play.
-- Mild digestion and clean disposal.

If you have questions, send me a PM. I don't mind getting mail. :3

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After this long, I'm sorry to say all I have are a few doodles. I've been told this is understandable after losing close family members back to back. I wouldn't know because I still haven't had much of a grieving period.

Relatives interrupted a private session with horrible words. "Get over it! People die every day!" Which was bad enough, then later I was criticized publicly at mom's funeral for leaving hospice. But they refused to understand it was a mutual decision between mom and me. Mom didn't want her kids to see her like this and was trying to protect us by hanging on while we were still around. She stopped suffering a little after we had left.

But my feelings were still jumbled so we tried grief therapy and... that didn't go well. Lady spent two sessions trying to decide...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Fatboi220 7 days ago Report

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I enjoy all types of Vore except nose and kinks are Vore (mainly with digestion), butts, maid uniforms, diapers, maws, coils, squeezing, vampires, bondage, navels (aka bellybuttons), being dominated, male private parts (including futanari), farts, and nurse uniforms. Sorry if some creep you out, but I’m just telling you my kinks. (^_^)


Posted by NagaSerperior 3 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the faves!


Posted by zelphi 4 weeks ago Report

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your quite welcome


Posted by ReddRahvett 1 month ago Report

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You're welcome!
I'm glad that we have similar inrests in roleplaying and such, maybe sometime we could arrange one!
But I'll be sure to check out more of your stuff in the meantime, Thanks!


Posted by ReddRahvett 1 month ago Report

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Youre welcome! And thank you for taking the time to message me! I generally like Oral soft vore and mawplay, licking, sucking, smothering, all the good stuff.
I also like roleplaying a good bit, I don't have all my characters up yet, but i'll get to it in due time!
I also really enjoy your sketches, Keep up the good work!


Posted by GeneralPotato314 1 month ago Report

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You’re very welcome! As for my favorite, I’d have to say any involving Chorl, it’s an interesting concept for a dragon. :)


Posted by seriousdoomguy 1 month ago Report

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you're welcome


Posted by Deathwing81 1 month ago Report

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You are welcome! OK if I need help I Will ler you know. :) Thanks you.


Posted by Hesaki23 1 month ago Report

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You are very welcome

[ Reply ]


Posted by komikmaker 1 month ago Report

Sure thing~


Posted by JacktheDragon 2 months ago Report

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Heh you're welcome again x3

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