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*I keep having to remind various people of this so hopefully a disclaimer will do on my profile and future art/literature: I do not do ANY fatal vore. Never have, never will. The death/torture fetish makes me personally very uncomfortable and so I've resolved to never depict it, not even under duress or with bribery(commissioned). None of the other material I post here has overlaps with the snuff fetish either. Digestion, asphyxiation, and other deathly things are non-existent on all of my past and future artwork. You have been warned... or assured, depending on your opinion.*
!End Disclaimer!

I am no longer involved in this kind of artwork and am in the process of removing my account here.

*NOTE! PLEASE, whoever is doing so stop re-tagging art involving my sona as "Male Pred", "M/-", "Male Vore" and the like. I am not a man and my naga persona isn't either! PLEASE consider the existence of non-binary folk before passing judgement based on appearances!*

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Bearing in mind I like things safe and consensual (for characters too, not just real life people!)--I'm curious to try out new kinky stuff suggestions! X3c Most of my characters are good for this, though there doesn't need to be a specific character included just a suggestion of scenerios... equipment... techniques... well, really anything.

Have at it--I'll pick the ones that really interest me. :D

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Posted by BigClaudia 1 year ago Report

see ya here too! eh? *smirk*


Posted by FrostedCupcake 1 year ago Report

*pat pat*
It's like 2:30 in the morning and I'm late as heck saying it, but who cares? Glad to see my favorite fluffy artist is back in action!


Posted by ilbv 2 years ago Report



Posted by EnunaBaeLune 2 years ago Report

Somebody likes Prime Starscream

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Posted by yamato 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To SpiderMilkshake

Your very welcome! ^^ I can bet its quite cozy lounging along the maw like that. Such a good serpent you can be for a trainer like me heh.


Posted by yamato 2 years ago Report

Love the icon you have there Spider. ^^ Maw play for the win.


Posted by ilbv 3 years ago Report

Holy shit getting a favorite from you!!! <3 <3 ahhh!! fan guying out! <3


Posted by Nummynumz 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To SpiderMilkshake

Yeah no, someone is doing it against my will.

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Posted by yamato 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To SpiderMilkshake

Of course. We both still do enjoy the coils and maw fun after all.


Posted by yamato 3 years ago Report

Keep up all the good artworks now Spider


Posted by jonathan123 3 years ago Report

*beeps and boops Spider*


Posted by Cinquint 3 years ago Report

Thank you for the favorite!

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