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*I keep having to remind various people of this so hopefully a disclaimer will do on my profile and future art/literature: I do not do ANY fatal vore. Never have, never will. The death fetish makes me personally very uncomfortable and so I've resolved to never depict it, not even under duress or with bribery(commissioned). None of the other material I post here has overlaps with the snuff fetish either. Digestion, asphyxiation, and other deathly things are non-existent on all of my past and future artwork. You have been warned... or assured, depending on your opinion.*
!End Disclaimer!

Hello. ^^ My name is Spider, and I am a giant Maranaga... ^^' It's a small name for a big snake. I prefer neutral pronouns like they/them/their, and I am an asexual with a decidedly perverted mind. X3 It is a brilliant combination~

I'm best known for being a gentle predatory type. I just want to hug my friends with coil and mouth both. X3 And stomach.

For those looking for art and having come here searching for perilous tales of creatures of all sorts meeting horrific demises... no such luck for you! For every piece and every sketch, there is an implicit theme of nonfatality, even in the most teasing and frightening of situations. ^^' If this displeases, well, there's a lot of artists here...

My F-list, for those who want to know: https://www.f-list.net/c/spider%20-maranaga-

And another: People peering around my gallery expecting that sweet and tame vore means tame everything else... eheh, well, don't expect a General Audiences rating is what I'm saying. There are some serious sexi-times going on here and there... Some of it vore-related, most not, some that could be either. ^^ Enjoy!

*NOTE! PLEASE, whoever is doing so stop re-tagging art involving my sona as "Male Pred", "M/-", "Male Vore" and the like. I am not a man and my naga persona isn't either! PLEASE consider the existence of non-binary folk before passing judgement based on appearances!*

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...which means a variety of vorish doodles. XD

I'm looking for a wide variety of suggestions for species and creatures to try out new forms with my persona. All of which will have at least a lil tidbit of vore made using the design. I'm maranaga, true... but I frequently portray myself as a more humanoid version of naga, and also as a fully feral anaconda, so I figure a little playing here is good.

Done a cat, dragon, and an actually spidery drider-esque form so far--hope to hear some interesting suggestions! XD Nearly anything goes (though afraid that official material is probably a naw.... well, except maybe Transformers. XD Because I am a nut.)

Awright below here is some kink talk, fairly NSFW! ...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by ilbv 1 month ago

Holy shit getting a favorite from you!!! <3 <3 ahhh!! fan guying out! <3


Posted by Nummynumz 2 months ago

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Yeah no, someone is doing it against my will.

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Posted by yamato 2 months ago

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Of course. We both still do enjoy the coils and maw fun after all.


Posted by yamato 2 months ago

Keep up all the good artworks now Spider


Posted by jonathan123 7 months ago

*beeps and boops Spider*


Posted by Cinquint 11 months ago

Thank you for the favorite!

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Posted by Rendezvore 1 year ago

Thank you for the fav! It was only a gift, so please fav the original artist if you can, too! :D

And hey, hope you aren't still upset about that thing earlier. I may have been a bit too enthusiastic. Would still like to talk sometime if you're up for it. :)


Posted by e2s86 1 year ago

Merry Christmas!


Posted by thevorrdudette 1 year ago

Thank you so much for the faves~!


Posted by JediPadawanJess 1 year ago

Thanks for the watch and fave! :3


Posted by CutenessOverlord 1 year ago

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Wait... You didn't? x:
Your art seems really familiar though. Do you have any other galleries?
I really feel like I saw your drawings somewhere else before. o-o

And then I suppose I should say "Welcome!" :3


Posted by CutenessOverlord 1 year ago

Kyah? Why wasn't I watching you? o-o
You art is amazing! ♫

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