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Hey there, I'm ilbv the small human from the Big Apple.

I LOVE Dangerous creatures. Dragons and Dinosaurs hold a particular appreciation. That does not limit my love of regular and traditional creatures.
Seriously a lover and admirer of sharp claws and teeth, smooth scales, silky fur, snuggable noses and squishy paws and big jaws.

I love meeting new people! I'm a BIG Rescue-and-Protect or Intimidate-and-Dominate fan. Love snuggles, Teasing, and Vore too: only the Soft Kind!

I RP sometimes, mostly vore.
I have Skype! it's ilbvilbv1
I have Telegram! It's ilbvilbv

Even if you don't like vore, I hope you'll still give me the chance to chat with you and play and stuff.

I also hugely enjoy drawing and writing (when the mood hits me). I often draw for those I admire a lot <3 and other people because yay giving <3
I have a big heart, sometimes too big for my own good. I'm overly ambitious. I'm also fictionally a dentist. Cause I freaking love huge teeth!

My Birthday is March 4th


Also, my most active site is linked here:
Here is my other site:

Also if you ever want ot eat me, please do. I love stories and drawings of me being captured and swallowed. Just Love it.

- ilbv

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ilbv's Blog - Cat Passing Posted 3 months ago

One of my older cats was on her final days. She wasn't being herself anymore and when we pet her we could feel her body shutting down. We called the vet to seek advice, and from there she was taken in. We knew ahead of time that if it was bad, we would let her go.

X-rays found cancer everywhere. The vet said even if she was young, there was nothing they could do. She would have naturally passed away this week in a lot of pain. She left us at 11:45am on March 14.

I'm sad but I'm okay, she had lived an amazing long life, she had two adorable litters, and her feisty personality was always tamed and affectionate with me. 16 years is a beautiful long life for a cat who was so loved and will be missed. She isn't my first cat to pass away, so I've been through this...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Mecho 5 months ago Report

Hey! I recognize you =3
Thank you so much for the watch~


Posted by zxcfrtyuiop 9 months ago Report

<< Reply To ilbv

Well, there are a lot of them i like, probably one of the dragon pcitures is my favorite, with vore being a good one, maybe more non-human characters having fun with other non-human characters or human ones?


Posted by CorporalDred 1 year ago Report

Much appreciated!


Posted by SplitterPic 2 years ago Report

thanks for the fav ^^


Posted by novarose122001 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To ilbv

You're welcome!


Posted by Badfurson 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To ilbv

Don't worry about it, there were some good pics on your page. I believe I found them via another person's favorite gallery? I quite enjoyed the image of them in bed, I suppose.


Posted by delete2590h26nb 2 years ago Report



Posted by delete2590h26nb 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To ilbv

Well i do like ypur art and do you rp?


Posted by Lysergia 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To ilbv

Oh hey! I was watching you on FA, and wanted to add you here as well when I signed up. ^^

Hope your day has been well for you!


Posted by PhilipHarris 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To ilbv

Can't say, really. A whole lot of things interested me.


Posted by Nixy 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To ilbv

Well I first saw you on DeviantArt so I decided to follow you on here. You also make some very good vore stories there absolutely fantastic and it also makes is more entertaining for me because of there male


Posted by Vaslog 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To ilbv

Think it might of been your Trick or Eat story. Other than that, I don't remember

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