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Hey there, I'm ilbv the small human from the Big Apple.

I LOVE Dangerous creatures. Dragons and Dinosaurs hold a particular appreciation. That does not limit my love of regular and traditional creatures.
Seriously a lover and admirer of sharp claws and teeth, smooth scales, silky fur, snuggable noses and squishy paws and big jaws.

I love meeting new people! I'm a BIG Rescue-and-Protect or Intimidate-and-Dominate fan. Love snuggles, Teasing, and Vore too: only the Soft Kind!

I RP sometimes, mostly vore.
I have Skype! it's ilbvilbv1
I have Telegram! It's ilbvilbv

Even if you don't like vore, I hope you'll still give me the chance to chat with you and play and stuff.

I also hugely enjoy drawing and writing (when the mood hits me). I often draw for those I admire a lot <3 and other people because yay giving <3
I have a big heart, sometimes too big for my own good. I'm overly ambitious. I'm also fictionally a dentist. Cause I freaking love huge teeth!

My Birthday is March 4th


Also, my most active site is linked here:
Here is my other site:

Also if you ever want ot eat me, please do. I love stories and drawings of me being captured and swallowed. Just Love it.

- ilbv

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I'm on the cusp of a very busy month in which I have no idea how much or little online time I will have. All I want to do is stay in bed and sleep. Motivation is non existent despite my raging inspirations.

This month has been frankly; hell, and I've lost quite a lot of people and its caused me to really distance myself from places I used to hold dear. Talking to people now frightens me and my sense of being accepted is in tatters.

My desire to be social and participate is clashing with my fear of more people I like asking me to go away, or of people leaving altogether. I saw a picture meme of a cake that said "I'm really scared to talk to you but I want to be your friend", that is exactly the manifestation of words I've been looking for and couldn't find.

I'm not sure where...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Base54 1 month ago

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I've found you on DeviantArt from your the Dog story, and everything else was a uphill ride for me.


Posted by purplelord 1 month ago

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i just see you around often and i decided to finally wacth you


Posted by Shadow1998 2 months ago

<< Reply To ilbv

Your welcome and your content is very awesome


Posted by VorishSnivy7 2 months ago

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This picture.


Posted by Shadow1998 3 months ago

<< Reply To ilbv

Your great content


Posted by NaughtyHungryLion 4 months ago

<< Reply To ilbv

Predator or prey? ^^


Posted by NaughtyHungryLion 4 months ago

<< Reply To ilbv

I like vore ^^


Posted by Thefoxcyan 5 months ago

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Posted by Thefoxcyan 5 months ago

<< Reply To ilbv

The stories


Posted by scag2807 6 months ago

<< Reply To ilbv

A bit of everything, especially the vore ! ^^


Posted by Chameleonette 6 months ago

Thank you kindly for the watch and the fave! :) I appreciate it!


Posted by VenusMoonstone23 6 months ago

<< Reply To ilbv

I was looking for non fatal,intimate same size vore

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