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New Server is Up! Good Time to Return? Posted 3 years ago
After this long, I'm sorry to say all I have are a few doodles. I've been told this is understandable after losing close family members back to back. I wouldn't know because I still haven't had much of a grieving period.

Relatives interrupted a private session with horrible words. "Get over it! People die every day!" Which was bad enough, then later I was criticized publicly at mom's funeral for leaving hospice. But they refused to understand it was a mutual decision between mom and me. Mom didn't want her kids to see her like this and was trying to protect us by hanging on while we were still around. She stopped suffering a little after we had left.

But my feelings were still jumbled so we tried grief therapy and... that didn't go well. Lady spent two...
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Dragon Mom's Mom (Family Stuff) Posted 4 years ago
I know.. lots of us are probably here to escape from real life stresses and I'm sorry to bring more shit up, but I somehow feel calmer around you guys. This is my place right now, the community I feel connected with.

I'm pretty much just sitting here at my parent's, waiting for mom to pass under home hospice care. We don't know if it'll be hours or days, but she's drifting out of consciousness, having trouble breathing, and for some reason thinks it's 1982, the year I was born. Why always something to do with me..? Grandma and mom both in such a short time? I can't do this..

There is one thing I can be glad of. My best friend who was in that dire situation earlier? She's now living with us and so far doing very well. According to her, she can "Finally relax...
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My Gut is on FIRE. Posted 4 years ago
Where have I been? What happened to the art streams? Welp, I did my best to work diligently on organizing RP logs so that Cryptid and I can get more drawings for that out. I did a simple size chart sketch of several major characters, so I'll get that up when I can.

But mostly I've been trying to keep it together. *Deep breath* Mom was in the hospital for stroke symptoms, but what happened was... the cancer has moved to her brain. She went from completely cancer free for almost a year to... this. We are all still in shock. And on top of that, my best friend who I've known since elementary school and is practically family.. we're close to losing her, too, and I don't know what I'm gonna do if I lose more family so soon. ...
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Live Streaming (OFFLINE) - Ant Queen and Doodles Posted 4 years ago
Woo, got a lot done on that queen ant. Thanks for keeping me company!
Be sure to hit the Follow button if you'd like to catch the next one!

CONTENT -- I like a wide variety of fetishes, so please have an open mind when joining the stream!
VOICE -- YES, All set with my dorky voice.
MUSIC -- NO, Not at this time. Although I do hum while drawing sometimes.
Birthday Stream (OFFLINE) Posted 4 years ago
Thank you to those who hung out with me! Friends and vorarephiles, alike!
Please follow the channel if you would like to join us next time!

CONTENT I like a wide variety of fetishes, several are listed on my profile page, so please have an open mind when joining!
VOICE Yes, all set with my dorky voice. Not the greatest quality mic, so let me know how that sounds.
MUSIC No, although, I do hum...
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Birthday Stream Later Today Posted 4 years ago
Yesterday was my birthday! I wanted to try out my art stream again, but it got late.
So, the (Belated) Birthday Stream will start sometime this afternoon... hopefully between 4 - 6PM EST if all goes well.
Here's the channel. I'm gonna get some sleep first. :zombie:
Meet and Greet with Weird Al Yankovic! Posted 4 years ago
I had a lot of fun at the concert! Well, that is, after an initial anxiety attack at witnessing a theft and my brother totally kabedon'd me against the wall to help me focus. Such a dork, hah, but it made me laugh.

I could get used to the VIP experience! Complimentary drinks bar that no one else can use and not being yelled at about taking videos of the show. And you know what's funny, a group of us that were sitting together were suddenly contemplating on how young we all looked, even though we were all in our 30-40s. We came to the conclusion that most of us never did (recreational) drugs, cigarettes, or stressed over what everyone else thinks of us. Woot for being WEIRD in a positive way! ...
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Am I Allowed to Have Fun Sometimes? Posted 4 years ago
Ya know, occasionally I look at my message list and go "Look at all the pretty favorites!" and then realize those were from a good while ago.. I really do have an awful sense of time.

Probably difficult to believe, but after several family crisis... all of my drawing devices broke, crashed, had dying batteries, and me and Kaldar had a hell of a time getting replacements. Got sent the wrong model, then we got the right model, but the pen stylus was borked, the software wouldn't respond correctly... Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I thought we had wasted a whole lot of money on a tab that refused to work the way I needed it to. Got severely depressed and retreated into computer gaming cause I had no means of drawing for many months. Then FINALLY earlier...
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Just Simply.. Worn Out Posted 5 years ago
I have no projects of my own to upload. Very worn out from dealing with shit. For two months my heartstrings and stress levels have been wrenched back and forth between several painful things. Here's just some of the things that have been going on around here.

My mother was in a ten hour surgery for cancer removal and everything about that turned out fine. I was asked to take care of her for a while, so I put everything down and worked around her sleep schedule without complaint. Tried my absolute hardest to get her to follow her doctor's instructions, but I'm her daughter.. she wasn't going to listen to her own damn kid. She ended up back in the hospital for malnutrition, dehydration, and withdrawal of a narcotic med she decided to just stop taking without tapering down. I...
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Gurgledegook Posted 5 years ago
I want some random gurgledegook up here that is not my birthday post from a month and a half ago.

Been working on a few sketch requests from April. Considering doing some YCH raffles. And I've been streaming occasionally from my phone. Will set up a mic and music, so you might get to hear my squeaky ass voice soon.. yay. :|

Attempting to learn TyranoBuilder, a simple software engine for visual novel games. Considering making a short little game to start with. Chorl the Motherly Gullet Dragon and her illusory kitchen, involving mild cooking prep and vore. Would love to hear if anyone would be interested in playing/testing!

Here's some character expressions...
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