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December marks the 20th anniversary of the Vore Cafe on Tapestries MUCK. It is the oldest still intact and active vore gathering point on the net. (For those history buffs out there. The Food Chain on FM is older. But fell into disuse and was gutted by a spitefull admin in 2005.)

If you play on Taps then do drop in and Eat or be Eaten!!!

This is also my Birthday so I expect everyone to totally forget to draw me as usual...

Thank you all and see you around for the 21st next year!

Vore Cafe Owner:- the original Omni-Vore and Vorelord!
Feel free to worship my awesomenessness. You know you want to.

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Posted by JasonThe14xx 5 months ago

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well i forgot the question due to not getting a answer

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Posted by luvboobies 8 months ago

Hry omega me love to rp.with you


Posted by luvboobies 9 months ago

Do you like to rp on skype


Posted by JasonThe14xx 9 months ago

may i ask you something?

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Posted by Slimeman64 10 months ago

Thanks for the fav, Omega!


Posted by JacktheDragon 11 months ago

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Ummm ok then?


Posted by mike69 1 year ago

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Posted by PumpkinTheSquiddy 1 year ago

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Oh nu! A predator!


Posted by PumpkinTheSquiddy 1 year ago

I love your stuff!


Posted by DanuelF 1 year ago

Hey not shure if you gotten my note but i allredy put out a refined version of the picture that you erlier faved and i haven't changed my mind about you being allowed to post my work on your site.


Posted by GBBG 2 years ago

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This site needs a "like" button like FB. :-)


Posted by creepersleeper 2 years ago

Alpha beta gamma delta epsilon zeta eta theta iota kappa lambda mu nu xi omicron pi rho sigma tau upsilon phi chi psy and OMEGA

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