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New Story Idea
Bobby Chapter 17 Part 2 – Revealing Shadows
After leaving Hugo to take charge of the future of the Giant Race, Bobby returned to his shadowy throne to continue organizing the creatures of darkness...
Turning his attention towards the Kerten, Bobby brought along the leader of the Dark Dragons; the Keeper of Secrets, to where a meeting was being held among the ruling class of the Kerten...
Unlike with most mortal species, what a Kerten was born as would determine the cour

New Story Idea
Bobby Chapter 17 – The Ordering of Shadows
After receiving such a rude awakening, Bobby was in no mood to deal with the Merchant King's nonsense and that was very evident when he got out of the wagon...
As Bobby stormed over towards the guards standing between him and his luxurious home, his mortal guise started to fail him; allowing his true identity to peek through, while his power raged out of control around him. The guards in front of the entrance to the Hob-Goblin la

New Story Idea
Bobby Chapter 16 Part 2 – In the Shadows
During the time that Bobby and the other Adventurers were celebrating...
When Ulfaris fell in combat, all around the Moaning Chasm, smaller bands of Necrolytes were stunned by the destruction of the magic runes their Master used when speaking to them. Taking that as the sign that they needed to go visit their Master's sanctum, the leaders of the smaller groups of Necrolytes gathered up their available members and headed down into t

New Story Idea
Bobby Chapter 16 – The Adventurers of Bobby Fortune
After saying farewell to the lands of the Dark Elves finally, Saazzi joyfully guided her wagon towards the first stop on their way to the capitol city of Eplor, the kingdom of the humans...
Much to Saazzi's relief, the journey towards the Eplor was rather uneventful and the evenings went undisturbed by monster attack. Thankfully, what happened up at the palace had been kept a secret and so Bobby was able to continue pret

New Story Idea
Bobby Chapter 15 – Aftershocks
A few days after the new God of Darkness appeared within the Dark Elven Kingdom, the Empress was startled to hear a report about a carriage bearing the mark of the Elven Emperor heading towards the capitol and became quite frantic towards having everything setup for the arrival of the Emperor...
When he did eventually enter into the palace of the Dark Elf Empress, the Emperor was amused by the lengths she would always go to in order to prepa

New Story Idea
Bobby Chapter 14 – The Skittering Shadow-Weaver
While Bobby had been in the process of leaving Gisslestad behind for the last time, he felt a little bad over the fate in store for the innocent citizens; who had nothing to do with his vendetta, but then he stopped suddenly when the lives of several Driders were swiftly ended by someone else...
Turning back towards the city to "glare" at the Archangel assaulting the children of darkness, Bobby watched as the Heavenly Creatu

New Story Idea
Bobby Chapter 13 – Return to Gisslestad
After exiting the throne room, Saazzi took up position in front of "her" Mimic and guided the Garbage Eater over to the safety of the Guild Outpost along the private route used by Adventurers coming out from the Outpost...
Thankful when no guards would come within sight of her or the Mimic behind her, Saazzi froze up when she suddenly heard her name called out by someone behind her. Whirling around in fear, Saazzi was quickly reliev

New Story Idea
Bobby Chapter 12 – Claiming Shadows
Saazzi made certain to draw her cloak closed as she drew closer to the Jeweled City, capitol of the Hob-Goblin Kingdom...
Thankfully, the disguise that the Garbage Eater had told her to wear worked perfectly against the guards at the front gates and she was able to slip into town without any problem...
Entering into town from the gate opposite to where the Guild Outpost was located, Saazzi made all the guards she passed think she was

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Firstfate's Blog - Surprise! Ransomware Posted 8 months ago

So... this morning some jackass decided to try to hit me with ransomware on my new story... to bad the rules of many of worlds do not apply to reality, otherwise... there would be a hunt for this bastard starting >:(

Ranting aside, I do hope that everyone who posts content or merely wishes to keep the information on their computer safe has some sort of anti-virus and anti-malware programs on their computers. Thankfully, my computer was able to defend itself from the intrusion, but this is just another reminder of how our world is populated by scumbags who can't do anything other than try to take what does not belong to them. I really hope there is a special place in hell for people who do this.

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Posted by RC8015 8 months ago Report

Uh! Thanks for the watch and all the favorites^^


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@Firstfate What would you say has been the proudest moment in your life, thus far?


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no problem my man


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Posted by SerenaBlaze 1 year ago Report

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Posted by sportscarfan18 1 year ago Report

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Yea hes awesome! All of these were commissions as i dont draw, but its fun to get them when i can!


Posted by sportscarfan18 1 year ago Report

Also thanks for all the favs!


Posted by sportscarfan18 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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