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hi there!
---first warning: my gallery contains not only adult material, but especially extreme adult material!
---if you are not into cannibalism, please leave ( -no offensive comments anywhere in my gallery, it's not nice :/ ) this profile page.
---the art i create is supposed to be surrealistic and is not to be taken seriously.
--- --even if it's hard for you to imagine, i'm not a cruel guy, i love my pets above everything
--- --and i would never hurt an animal or a person! and i also try to help everywhere i can.
--- -- ---so if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to chat, please send me a PM :)

i also want to thank everybody who watches me or faves my art, but special thanks goes to every person who
writes a comment (constructive or positive criticism) on any of my pictures! i loooove to read comments,
especially if they lead to interesting or fun conversations :)
negative attitude and malicious comments are unhelpful, time-wasting and hurtful, so please keep that out of my gallery, i don't want anybone ot hurt anybody else.

if you are interested in purchasing one of my picture sets,
you can check out this external page
should you have any problems with a purchase on e-junkie, please send me a PM first.
if you want to look into my other galleries, you can click on the following external links

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only 1 vote per subitem.
do only participate on one website please.

the poll will end on sunday the 28th of July.

since the last poll created a scenario that took me a long time to
finish, the options for the upcoming set will be a little more sparse
in comparson.

my idea was to do a first-person view project again. this time, you'd be
on a hunt for tourists together with malasi.
first, we need to determine the victim.

1: Cougar Girl
1b: Cougar Guy (it's called 1b cause i made a dumb mistake)
2: Bunny Girl
3: Bullterrier Girl
4: Bullterrier Guy
5: Horse Girl
6: Clouded Leopard Girl
7: Hyena Girl
8: Hyena Guy
9: Grey Striped Cat Girl

we also need to determine if we want an
A: Oven Roast
B: Spitroast
C: Soup

and what kind of pose we should cook her in (only...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by NyaatoShiroi 5 months ago Report

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NP, liked your arts, so cannot not commenting it!


Posted by DarkDesire 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To Necromuncher

but all your vore stuff is here ?


Posted by DarkDesire 3 years ago Report

Hello, do you post more stuffs here than on FA ?


Posted by Terrafox 5 years ago Report

I'm just kind of curious if I could commission you for some tradition type of vore, if you are good with that.


Posted by Terrafox 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Necromuncher

Well I like your artstlye its just that I'm not to much of a fan of the cooking thing, I really don't understand it.
Care to explain?


Posted by Terrafox 5 years ago Report

Nice art style, I'm curious if you do other themes than cooking?


Posted by drakkor 8 years ago Report

Love your work }:)


Posted by RenaAyama 9 years ago Report

Thankies for the watch :3

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Posted by Leshana 9 years ago Report

Lots of these cooking pics have gone very well.


Posted by CipotCaz 9 years ago Report

You are brilliant necromuncher, keep up the awesome cooking art.

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