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QUICK VOTE (spoiler) Posted 6 days ago
if you want to be surprised what's going to be on the menu, click away now!

if you don't care about spoilers:
quick! i need some feedback!

what would you rather want to see roasted?
both female and male
A: a bunny hybrid thing (german mythology)
B: a goat with mini-hooves on each toe instead of actual goat hooves

there are maybe two days for this vote, so i need some opinions now! xD
Technology for a Series Posted 2 weeks ago
I hope the title was click-baity enough, cause i need your attention :P
I'll try to make it short. There's a poll in the end you can participate in.

-- -- --

So I've been planning to make a series out of my pirate-themed picture set, which i'm still working on.
The current picture set is a classical pirate-fantasy, but here comes the "but".

BUT: I thought about the world, recently, and I remembered that the technology level is slightly
above ours (remember the cloning stuff?) so I thought it might be cool to have the pirate-themed
series have also some technological advancements compared to our world.

It'd be nothing too fancy, just slight steam-punkish touches. Basically imagine our RL 1700s
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possible dataloss on my end Posted 1 month ago
hey there,
so three days ago, poser caused a massive crash and disabled one of my hard drives.
Our (my friends and my) best guess is that poser somehow managed to scramble the
partition list / index / whatever on my HDD. Windows is able to detect the hard drive,
but is currently unable to read it. It asks me to "initiate" the drive, which will probably
be followed by formating the drive.
Since I don't want to lose all my data, I'm going to send the drive to a professional
data recovery company.

expect the next picture set to (hopefully) release next month.
this month, I won't be able to release anything. Maybe I'll find some old
test renders to upload for free, so you guys don't forget about me ;)
Episode 39 question Posted 3 months ago
so i have an idea for the characters i want to use and the scene and general setup, but i'm indicisive about
whether i want the entree to be
1: on a special spit over an open fire / in a smoker
2: cooking in a crock pot with plenty of marinade

what do you think?
i won't make it an official poll, just wanna hear your opinion.

if the character is relevant to you for making a decision, it's going to be a curvy
but not plump female pig
episode 38 delay Posted 4 months ago
hey there,
it is unfortunate that i have to inform you guys n gals that the upcoming episode
suffers from a delay, as i am now suffering from another lumbago...
hey, at least i haven't had a lumbago for a year!

also, the background for this set took three times longer than i anticipated :/

so here's some info about the upcoming set:
the protagonist is a known dog character from my character pool, but hasn't been cooked yet.
there are also two side characters alongside the main character; and the whole scene is going
to be in a meat-packing facility.
it's all there, upsidedown hanging girls going through different processes such as
defurring, cleaning and even eviscerating BUT: no blood!
i actually...
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Picture Set for January Posted 7 months ago
Belated merry christmas and a (hopefully) happy new year to everybody!

Just wanted to inform you that, unfortunately, there won't be a picture set for January.
I'll be working through January on a picture set for February though!

I've been working on 3D assets, characters and commissions in december, so there
was no time to work on a picture set for for 01.2021
But I can already tell ya: the next picture set will most probably include a cute panda girl ;)
Episode 32 small delay Posted 11 months ago
hey there!
unfortunately, the last few renders take longer than anticipated (probably because
the set is going to contain more pictures than i thought)

the set will have 42 pictures! i was planning for 35 pics T_T

i hope to release it on my birthday, which is this week :P
Episode 32 question Posted 1 year ago
Since I'm still working on part 1 i thought it might be a good idea to ask you
guys n gals something relevant for part 2!

i was planning for an oven roast. do you like oven roasts or would you rather
have a cooking scene on a grill this time ?
and just for good measure, let's throw in a possible spitroast.
it wouldn't really fit into the scene, so i'm gonna start that at a -5 vote disadvantage.
but if you really insist and it gets enough votes, i'll do it.

only 1 vote please :3

Oven Roast: 5
Contact Grill: 2
Spit Roast: -5

EDIT: I'm basically asking just in case the community got fed up with oven roasts. I think an oven roast
will fit perfectly in this story, but I want to give you a...
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Episode 31 question (ENDED) Posted 1 year ago
So I have an idea for episode 31, but it would involve the poodles again.
Since I've used the poodle boy and his milfy mom a few times already, I wanted to
ask you guys n gals aut there if you're ok with it or if you've had enough of them
or their kitchen & garden combo.
(side note: Ellenore will be involved too)
I don't want to spoil too much though ;)

So here are the rules: everyone has two (2) votes. You may distribute both votes
across two options or use both votes on one option.
Do not participate in the same vote on different sites. Thank you.
There is no specific end-date to this poll (cause I don't know when I will start working on the set)

you wanna see:

1: the poodle mom Lorraine...
[ Continued ... ]
my kitty is gone Posted 1 year ago
i apologize for the upcoming delay in advance.
since i'm not sure if i'm allowed to post photos on eka's portal, you can check
my submission out on furaffinity. you don't need an account to
view it.
thanks for your understanding