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YOU CAN FIND ME BEING MORE ACTIVE ON TAPAS https://tapas.io/series/Clownfish-Twister You can read my comic there! I update it 3 times a week!
You can also contact me on Twitter @maeeeeeeh SEE YA THERE!!

YAHHOOO!! Hello there! Mae's the name! Also known as Terra!...Mae is the preferred name though. Terra is a character of mine!

But yeah! Welcome to my Eka's page! My art mostly consists of one of the following things: SEXY! LEWD! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS?! CUTE! PRETTY! OR a combination of those! So yah! Now you know what to expect from my gallery! Now, I have to warn you right away! While I do indeed draw vore every now and then! I'm not the type to devote myself to a single fetish. Which is why I do not draw vore regularly, so there may be long droughts in vore content from time to time. BUT! If you're fine with that...or maybe need a break from watching all that vore stuff! THIS MIGHT JUST BE AN INTERESTING GALLERY TO YOU! So hopefully, you'll enjoy your stay!! OR if you DESPERATELY need vore from me, you can always commission such! I don't have any 'I'm not in the mood'- policies for commissions. So yeah. Go wild.

Now, a bit about myself.

I'm a girl from Finland with international fame as my target! I plan on reaching that target with my artwork! HOPEFULLY A COMIC! Since in addition to just enjoying making pretty pictures! I also greatly enjoy making stories!

My hobbies include growing carnivorous plants, sleeping late, collecting pokemoncards and playing videogames! I also use so many exclamation marks that it probably counts as a hobby aswell!!

BUT YEAH! That's about it for a simple and clean description! Hope you enjoy your stay! And don't forget to comment on artwork you like! I read every comment and kinda determine what people like by their amount on images!
THERE ARE ALSO WORKS I DO NOT POST HERE! Such as long porn comics of +30 pages! You can see such on my patreon! At



REQUESTS: I consider my art to be good enough to be worth money. Call me selfish if you wish. But I won't ever do requests.


GIFTS: Are something I only do to my dearest and most important friends. If you ask for a gift. You're automatically put on the ''GREEDY AND EVIL PEOPLE!!!'' blacklist. So let me decide if I want to do them by myself okay?

You can also find my artwork on FurAffinity. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thekittynamedterra/
And I have a simple porftolio on Tumblr. http://maeeeh.tumblr.com/
I am also an avid fan of Phantasy Star Online 2. You can find me on Ship2 with the username mae-mae

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Terraaah's Blog - ME ON TWITCH! Posted 2 years ago

Hoi. It's been quite a while. I've been working on my comics and university studies and whatnot, so I haven't really been making a lot of content here.

A lot of things have happened! But most importantly, due to getting a bit lonely with the whole pandemic shit and such, I have started streaming on twitch! We draw a ton, we share funny stories and videos and sometimes play games requested by the viewers. It's been doing me a lot of good to get somekinda social interaction during these very... uh... sorta lonely times.

So I thought I should invite any and all of you guys who might be interested in coming to watch my streams and have fun together!

I made myself a Vtuber avatar too!!!! ITS VERY GUD. I SWEAR. I'll post a picture about it too!

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by artman99 2 years ago Report

didn't you have a short comic involving cannibals in the jungle?


Posted by Royal_Starlord 2 years ago Report

*Smeks your butt*

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Posted by N7Slayer 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Terraaah

I gotcha . I'm a little slow to catch on so forgive me ':)


Posted by N7Slayer 5 years ago Report

Haven't seen you post in a while. Welcome back


Posted by 9kirby99 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To Terraaah

Okay, that clears things up. *phew*


Posted by 9kirby99 6 years ago Report

Question. It says in your commission info that if you want a commission with your characters, it'd be $40USD. Does that mean a character of yours, and one of the commissioners, together, equals $40?


Posted by Stuff76 6 years ago Report

Terrah I'd just like to say your daily life comics is my favorite series and not because it's nsfw, but because it's upbeat and relateable.


Posted by KamenOne 7 years ago Report

Guess who finally got off his lazy ass and made an account here?

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Posted by AromiSuola 7 years ago Report

On pakko sanoo että ajattelin comishaa sult kuvan joskus kun sain tommosen play on words idean.

"Sin full fun"


Posted by AromiSuola 7 years ago Report

I did not realize you were a Finn.

En tiedä miksi mutta luulin että olit Ruotsista? :D


Posted by reliuskaiser 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To Terraaah

Will do, oh and i have something for you the moment i can get it scanned.

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