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Hello? Youre currently peeking on my page, huh? Then welcome!

I am Nyaato Momoiro/Shiroi/Momo, a random average person who likes to draw, playing games, write and various things.
My drawing skills are much LESSER than much, so dont expect from me anatomical knowing and color theory! I am may or not may get to improve my skills! I am may dyslexic and have bad english at times because i am russian speaker, lel =)

I am NB (Non-binary/sometimes genderless) and Abrosexual (Fluid/changable orientation) with he/she/they pronouns.

I am of course voreraphile (mostly as interest than as fetish), mostly get weakpoint by oral safekeeping vore and cooking vore, but i am onto all kinds of vore =3c I am love willing prey and male preds so much, heh =)
Also onto legs/feet/paw, fat bellies/butts, flat chest/big breasts, loli/shota, gore/ryona/death, stockings/pantyhose/socks, suits/uniforms, urine/scatlogy or just scat/fart/other grossery (!!!) and more~

I am dont mind chatting, so dig in PMs, huhu~
TY all for favoriting and commenting on my works! If youre new, welcome to Eka's and have fun!

But i am warn you, i am may have some life issues, everyone does have a life, i am may have stress/depression... well.
And please, blacklist some tags, okay?

(Icon made by  mirrormind101, where i am Bloop-sona, huhu~)
dA (SFW-ish only): deviantart.com/inza-pyarungerza
pixiv (Strongly NSFW only): Nyaato Shiroi.

Want to trade? Ask me FIRST and check my commision status! I am currently OPEN for them.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my page (0w0)/

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I am found solution, i am limitize a activity on net a bit, and going to send more arts...
Also, i am forgot to say i am doing a collab as artist with  astral24 with some story, but shush, its only started~ TY, NM.

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Posted by JustNothing 2 weeks ago Report

It's great to see that you like my work... Thank you cutie :3


Posted by nephilim 2 weeks ago Report

Thank you for the watch; it nourishes the writer's soul


Posted by QueenofGuts 3 weeks ago Report

Hey, thank you for the watch and all of the comments. I'm glad you enjoy my work! ^_^

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Posted by Malezor 3 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :D


Posted by ChoiceCuts 3 weeks ago Report

Much appreciate the watch! ;3 Hope you enjoy the stories.

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Posted by stefand 3 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the watch. Just recently started drawing for this site. This means a lot top me.


Posted by Skylight1997 2 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch !! ♥

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Posted by godinele 2 months ago Report

Ayyy thanks for the watch ^_^ I really appreciate the support~


Posted by minakotomoka14 2 months ago Report

Aww, thank you so much for the watch!


Posted by Christinapanda 2 months ago Report

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Thank you very much! I like to be as delicious as I can!


Posted by EllaMiller 2 months ago Report

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Posted by Zevourius 2 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch ^^

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