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Peeking on my page? Welcome! Hope you like it~

I am Nyaato Momoiro/Momo/Shiroi (にゃっと ももいろ/もも/しろ/しろい/白/白い) or for very shorter, just NM.
I am Non-binary/sometimes genderless and having questioning sexuality (with heavily male preference though), feel free to use any normal pronouns.
I am vorarephile, and it's my main fetish, if you ask. Because i am know some who onto it non-sexually.
My hobbies are drawing, writing and lurking the net.
I am do like to chat, so don't worry and dig in~ I am do like to comment, but sorry if some of them are silly, immature or badly explained/misunderstood.

If you're new, then welcome to Eka's! If you're favourited/commented my work or watched me, then thanks!
Don't need to thank me for watching you/commenting your works, your content is worth it!

Best artists/writers to recommend:  Chameleonette ,  MinakoTomoka14 and  Dotto for M/F content.
 Merodi ,  Mecho and  YoukaiChan for M/? content.
 Zapor ,  Tigercloud ,  Khalcifieron ,  Acsmine and  Hughoftheskies for macro/micro content, most of them are F/?.
 MidNightOwlArt ,  Scottglass and  YamiTakashi for furry content.
 KaijinX ,  NoEnglishPlis ,  MillyBonnet ,  Minomi and  BIGBIG for F/? content.
 Cookingart ,  KuroNekoChan ,  BoeserWolf , Kuroni and chunlieater (Last ones are on pixiv) for cooking/preparation content.
 CardsBears for vore audio content.

Big fan of Chameleonette, Zapor and BIGBIG's arts of course!

My preferences in vore:
- Male, masculine and pretty preds. I am like handsome and sexy ones, this is my main preference.
- Female, male and futa/herm prey. They're all delicious.
- M/F and M/M content.

- Oral soft vore.
- Anal vore.
- Vampiric vore/Blood sucking.
- Cooking/Preparation or butchering with hard vore.
- Macro/Micro and/or size difference hard vore.
- Cock vore.
- Soul vore.

- Fatal and painful digestion with death.
- Digestion with reformation/respawning.
- Safekeeping/safe digestion.

- Two-faced (Gentle and caring to cruel and sadistic), evil (Which can devour helpless and weak prey like young ones to satisfy their hunger and/or lust), possessive (Those who want their prey to be their as long as they're want), yandere (Those who want their prey/crush/love to be only their and don't belonged to someone else), lustful (Those who aroused to devour their prey) and twisted caring (Caring and gentle with very hidden desire to devour prey and digest them) pred types are my favourites.
- Helpless (Those who hopelessly trying to avoid their fate being devoured), begging (Those who begging for help, or don't want to be digested/devoured), crying, struggling and scared prey types are my favourites.
- Durer and/or Guildias from ''Enzai'' as predators. They're my best huspreds!
- Teacher, babysitter, warden, detective, policeman, TV host, doctor, priest, storyteller, noble/royality, killer, sadist, rapist, torturer and actor preds.
- My ideal pred is corrupt policeman/warden/detective, muscular-toned, thick and/or low pitched voiced, fancy-wearing, with two-faced personality (gentle and caring to cruel and obsessive) handsome blonde man.
- My ideal prey is innocent and curious or bratty and stubborn, blonde petite/younger girl/loli or boy/shota.
- Blonde pred/prey.
- I am prefer mostly older/younger in vore.
- Pred and prey are humanoids (either humans or demis/monsters/mutants).
- Groom/Bride, Groom/Groom, Husband/Wife, Husband/Husband, Teacher/Student, Host/Guest, Host/Audience, Partner/Partner, Doctor/Patient, Doctor/Guest, Police/Guest, Police/Homeless, Celebrity/Fan, Noble/Poor, Warden/Prisoner, Warden/Guest, Tall/Petite, Giant/Tiny, Priest/Guest, Priest/Believer, Father/Daughter, Father/Son, Brother/Sister, Brother/Brother, Master/Slave, Dom/Sub, Killer/Victim, Sadist/Victim, Rapist/Victim, Torturer/Victim and Kidnapper/Victim.

- Same-size, similar size, size difference and moderate macro/micro in vore.
- Age, height and/or status difference in vore. However, not older than 40 for preds, 50 for prey, except if they're old, but look like adults, immortality or alternative age timing stuff. Or unless they're non-humanoid.
- Taunting in vore. Either fluttering (''Don't worry, its will be over''), sadistic (''Do you like get digested in my stomach? It's really gross place!'') or cruel (''Can't wait to see you die~'').
- Post-vore scat/urine disposal, but NOT focused on toilet. I am prefer my preds to dispose remains of prey in somewhere else than toilet.
- Post-vore disposal on grave/burial urn.
- Belch/Burps in vore. Either stinky or sound aspect of it.
- Throat/neck bulges in mid-vore.
- Mawshots and internal views in vore.
- Fearplay of prey in vore.
- Chasing/stalking their prey in pre-vore.
- Male domination in vore.
- Moderate fast or slow digestion with shrinking belly.
- Either unwilling (Fatal vore) or willing (Safe vore) prey. Depends to mood though.
- Either round, cozy and struggling or tight, cramped and with detailed bulges belly. But i am draw only first preference while i am can like second one.
- Leash & collar play in pre-vore.
- Mouth and throat play in pre-vore.
- Pre-vore sex/rape.
- Post-vore pred masturbation.
- Belly humping in vore.
- Pred talking to prey.
- Casuality in vore.
- Dirty vore talk.
- Pre-vore and/or post-vore teasing.
- Discomfort of prey and pleasure of pred.
- Either soft (gooey, melty and painless) or hard (graphic, deadly and painful) digestion.

My preferences (Some of them are non-sexual):
- Scat/Watersports/Gas.
- Blondes.
- Feet/paw.
- Legs.
- Fat belly.
- Big butt.
- Flat chest.
- Slightly perky chest.
- Suits/Uniforms.
- Stockings/Pantyhose/Hosiery/Socks.
- Loli and Shota. How many times i am have said it's NOT based on real life at all?!
- Gore/Ryona (Brutality)/Death.
- Strangle/Asphyxia.
- Scars, bruises, wounds, branding iron burns and/or bite marks.
- Amputation.
- Necrophilia.
- Stuffing.
- Pregnancy.
- Weight gain with feederism.
- Sweat, breath and steam.
- Male yanderes. Either crazy or calm-ish.
- Moderate macro/micro.
- Feet hard crush/stomp.

I am also have other pages, but meh. They're all ''as lurker'' mode.
- dA (SFW-ish only, currently inactive): http://www.deviantart.com/inza-pyarungerza
- pixiv (Strongly NSFW only, also inactive): Hidden due to awareness.
- Little Angels Hentai (Strong NSFW, inactive): ShiroiNyaato.
- FurAffinity (Currently inactive): https://www.furaffinity.net/user/yahirainzap/

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Also, happy new years!
Please, recommend me a app which support .docx, .rtf, .PDF .msword, .txt to write/watch.

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Thank you for the watch!


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Just want to say thanks for all the comments! There are just way too many for me to respond to individually and I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of them, but I appreciate them, thank you!


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Ah erm.. I like yanderes and I've noticed that I've been favouriting a lot of your work so I gave you a watch.

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"- Loli and Shota, how many times i am said, its not based on real life?!"



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It's great to see that you like my work... Thank you cutie :3


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Thank you for the watch; it nourishes the writer's soul

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