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Hello? Youre currently peeking on my page, huh? Then welcome!

I am Nyaato Momoiro/Shiroi/Momo, a random average person who likes to draw, playing games, write and various things.
My drawing skills are much LESSER than much, so dont expect from me anatomical knowing and color theory! I am may or not may get to improve my skills! Also may do both good and just nice works, not too good works~
I am may dyslexic and have bad english at times because i am russian speaker, lel =)

I am NB (Non-binary/sometimes genderless) and questioning orientation (with male preference though) with he/she/they pronouns.

I am dont mind chatting, so dig in PMs, huhu~
I am also like to comment, but sorry if some comments from are silly or immature, or i am misunderstanded... or badly explained.

TY all for favoriting and commenting on my works! If youre new, welcome to Eka's and have fun!

But i am warn you, i am may have some life issues, everyone does have a life, i am may have stress/depression... well.

Want to trade or request? Check my commission status! I am currently OPEN for them.

I am of course voreraphile, mostly as interest than as fetish, but some specific niches/preferences getting me on sexually.

My preferences in vore are:
- Male pred mostly, most fave is M/F and M/M. Female/futanari pred related is F/F, F/Herm or Futa, F/Femboi (its because i am never see them to be predatory, nor becoming preds at ALL, masculine male preds shall rule! Fembois are food to handsome guys and pretty girls!) and F/?. Not fan of F/M, unless at some conditions.
- I am also adore Adult Pred/Young Prey so badly, i am also wondered why..
- I am proudly big fan of Same- and similar size vore!
- I am a fan of blonde haired pred/prey!
- I am like nude pred/prey because you can feel their flesh~
- Pred and prey are humanoids (either humans or demis/monsters/mutants) mostly.
- I am like various personalities of pred/prey but, cruel & taunting, and gentle & caring are my most fave personality for preds..
- I am advocate of Guildias and/or Durer as pred, theyre from ''Enzai''.
- My ideal pred is corrupt policeman/warden/detective, muscular-toned, thick and/or low pitched voiced, fancy-wearing,
with two-faced personality (gentle and caring to cruel and obsessive) handsome blonde man.
- My ideal prey is innocent and curious or bratty and stubborn, blonde petite/younger one. Mostly loli/girl, cute shota/boy may work too.

- Oral Soft mostly, its just classics, internals and maws are weakpoint.
- Breast vore is clevarge focused.
- Cock vore is bigger or hyper cock focused.
- Cuntboy and Herm or Futa unbirth, which is my niche.
-Anal vore on feet first, i am want to see your face!
- Cooking/Preparation, not everyone onto alive and raw meat~

- Safekeeping/safe digestion, because shall non-fatal rule!
- Semi-fatal or digestion with reformation/respawning, my most fave, when its comes to (almost) fatal vore.
- Fatal/painful digestion with unwilling and helpless prey, its hottest ever.

My other interests/''kinks'' are:
- Feet/legs/paw, these are most alluring parts.
- Fat bellies and big butts, theyre sexiest and fattest~
- Flat chest, most prettiest.
- Loli and Shota, how many times i am said, its not based on real life?!
- Suits/Uniforms, and Stockings/Pantyhose/Socks. These are sexiest too.
- Gore/Ryona (brutality)/Death, i am still like it... just dont know why..
- Scat/Watersports/Gas, errr... my main fetishes after vore.

dA (SFW-ish only, currently inactive): http://www.deviantart.com/inza-pyarungerza
pixiv (Strongly NSFW only, also inactive): Nyaato Shiroi.
FurAffinity (very much lurker): https://www.furaffinity.net/user/yahirainzap/

Anyway, thanks for visiting my page (0w0)/

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I am decided to allow ya suggest ideas, however, 4 rules of suggestion: No femboys as preds, no female preds, no promises to do all, its not requests anyway, bishounen/pretty boys only!.

Higher chances i am notice your ideas are:
- M/F, M/M, M/Futa.
- Human/Demi-human pred/prey.
- Two-faced pred, for example, gentle and caring until cruel and sadistic.
- Age differences, not too huge though, i am prefer Adult/Young, but much younger may work, but only implied.
- Tall pred/Similar sized prey.
- Macro/Micro.
- Unwilling prey.
- Fatal digestion.
- Scat/Urine disposal.

Feel free to suggest and ask me!

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Posted by Chameleonette 2 weeks ago Report

Just want to say thanks for all the comments! There are just way too many for me to respond to individually and I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of them, but I appreciate them, thank you!


Posted by Cinnamonhydrangea 2 weeks ago Report

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Ah erm.. I like yanderes and I've noticed that I've been favouriting a lot of your work so I gave you a watch.

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Posted by HungryNacho 3 weeks ago Report

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you're welcome :)


Posted by HungryNacho 4 weeks ago Report

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heh Well I thought your character looked cool, so I couldn't help but favorite.


Posted by CutenessOverlord 1 month ago Report

Boop! ♪
Thanks a lot both for the watch and all the comments. ♥


Posted by secretaya 1 month ago Report

Thanks for enjoy my content pally!


Posted by Turbotowns 1 month ago Report

"- Loli and Shota, how many times i am said, its not based on real life?!"



Posted by JustNothing 1 month ago Report

It's great to see that you like my work... Thank you cutie :3


Posted by nephilim 2 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch; it nourishes the writer's soul


Posted by QueenofGuts 2 months ago Report

Hey, thank you for the watch and all of the comments. I'm glad you enjoy my work! ^_^

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Posted by Malezor 2 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :D


Posted by ChoiceCuts 2 months ago Report

Much appreciate the watch! ;3 Hope you enjoy the stories.

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