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Former Lurker, current artist.
I like vore, guro, snuff, torture, cannibalism... yeah that list would probably be too long to put up here, we don't want to be here all day.

I draw picture stories of the kind that you don't talk about in polite society.

I have a Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/Riraito

I do my live streaming at https://picarto.tv/Riraito

My Private Discord channel is here https://discord.gg/hTVmFmR

and my Motherless Video galleries are here https://motherless.com/G651954E

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Riraito's Blog - World of Bones VN Posted 12 days ago

I've been developing a vore VN game set in the World of Bones for sometime.

If you have any skills in 3D modelling, 3D sculpting, Character modelling, Creature modelling, C# coding, Texturing, drawing, project management, character animation, the Unity engine, storyboarding, sound or music design, in PR, or any other niche artistic talent that you think might help (writers need not apply - every man and his dog offers this talent, I'd rather draw from the pool of artists working on the project.) then please join this discord channel

oh, and if you have lots of money, do send that this way too. I will not say no to lots of money.

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Posted by Crazycat15 3 weeks ago Report

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no problem

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Posted by Straxacore 4 weeks ago Report

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Thanks for making awesome stuff :)


Posted by Victusu 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To Riraito

You're welcome!

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Posted by VFF217 8 months ago Report

<< Reply To Riraito

yw, and ty for all of your artwork.


Posted by M0dern1zedEl1za 10 months ago Report

<< Reply To Riraito

Aww, no conscious painless death for a fortunate victim.

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Posted by M0dern1zedEl1za 10 months ago Report

Hello, Maker of the World of Bones.
Will anyone in this world ever experience a peaceful or painless death?
Other than the live long due to bearing a male offspring?

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Posted by SufferYouScum 1 year ago Report

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Thank you


Posted by NyaatoShiroi 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To Riraito

No problem! Like your artworks!


Posted by MavenTreecat 1 year ago Report

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It's either FA or Twitter! No place else I pop up with this face. x3

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Posted by Libahunt 1 year ago Report

Damn. Your stuff is amazing~ Contains a lot of the stuff I've been getting into recently via vore


Posted by Phazecore 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To Riraito

No problem! I absolutely love your content! I just had to make an account to follow you lol

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