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Jelly-Belly By Scaylid00d -- Report

Most of the wild is inherently voracious, with a hungry, gaping maw likely waiting for you around the very next corner. Monster-girls however, tend not to hunt one another out of a special kind of mutual respect.

In the pictured scene, a young lamia stares in amazement at a slime-girl's full belly. Through her assumed translucent humanoid figure, the slime's latest catch is proudly displayed in a balled-up, contorted form. The respect that exists between the various species of monster-girl is, in part, thanks to an admiration for one another's methods of hunting, catching and devouring prey. A slime-girl's approach to eating is certainly a noticeable one~

The lamia's shapely bulge will smooth out over time, while the slime-girl's prey is set to melt down into a pleasing blob of liquefied nutrients, ready for absorption soon after. However, because of how slimes absorb and add their preys' bodies to their own, this slime is most likely going to grow out a bit more. Maybe she'll decide to plump her humanoid figure out, or would she rather size up her current proportions, eating her way through to becoming a rare giantess slime?

Either way, this curious pair are likely going to spend a bit more time together, as they work each of their human meals down. Afterward, they'll politely part ways to go on the hunt once more...

I wager they'll meet up again soon enough. There's never a shortage of hapless, defenseless human prey out in the wild~ ❤

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

Livestream drawing! The last one done for 2018 \>3</ The topic was decided on with the help of a Patreon poll, which you can see the results of for free through here!

A full slime is always a happy slime =3

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

translucent tummies are the best! You get to watch them slooooowly melt away as they weaky struggle and squirm <3


Posted by IndifferentEmpath 1 year ago Report

Now that's some real belly envy!


Posted by gnostechnician 1 year ago Report

I ship it.


Posted by Tilalumtar 1 year ago Report

Hell yeah


Posted by brandon14 1 year ago Report



Posted by nnn4463 1 year ago Report

What a good party trick


Posted by Dehla 1 year ago Report

oh my goddddd, I love this so muchhh!!!!!


Posted by hamilton4 1 year ago Report

This is such well done slime girl vore, absolutely love it <3


Posted by KasoTheArtist 1 year ago Report

I loooove the belly!


Posted by TrainerKatrine 1 year ago Report

*Jelly belly jelly belly jelly all the way...*


Posted by TrainerKatrine 1 year ago Report

*Oh what fun it is to jelly belly in a jelly beeelly*


Posted by DarkPinkie 1 year ago Report

With how intrigued that lamia is I would not put it past her to basically beg the slime to be next. They don't hunt each other out of mutual respect, but would the slimegirl turn down willingly offered monstergirl? Not likely.


Posted by klatuk4u 1 year ago Report

You do cramped people so well~


Posted by Tilalumtar 1 year ago Report

Epic. Just Epic.


Posted by TheVoreyeur 1 year ago Report

And here I was thinking I wasn't going to get any presents for Christmas this year! Such a nice slime (and snek), her prey better be enjoying it in there, or Ima come in there and make her! o3o


Posted by TheVoreyeur 1 year ago Report

And here I was thinking I wouldn't get any presents for Christmas this year! such a nice slime (and snek.) Prey girl better be enjoying herself in there, or Ima come in there and make her!


Posted by Sergit 1 year ago Report

That cat-eared lamia has nothing to be jelly of!

She can slide prey down her tail, rather than keeping them stuck unmoving in the same spot.


Posted by linthia 1 year ago Report

Owwww that's cute <3


Posted by Kelly 1 year ago Report

Oh my god so cute ~


Posted by Adder4118 1 year ago Report

Okay this is just too perfect


Posted by Catalyst 1 year ago Report

the slime's innocents
why is she so dam cute


Posted by Xodiusk 1 year ago Report

Sexy~ Would commission ya for my harpy OC if I could afford it, hehe. Think I said that before some time ago, don't remember. But still, good work~


Posted by Turbotowns 1 year ago Report

Slimes are the best!


Posted by VorishFoxie 1 year ago Report

This is so cute <3


Posted by yEeTbOi 1 year ago Report

Great artwork, cute slime girl, and I didn't even notice the snake girl's prey until I read the description. Great job .w.