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I'm just someone who enjoys writing weird stories. Any sort of feedback is appreciated, I'd like to get better at what I try to do well. Either way, have a good one!

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Sam had always been interested in the beauty of nature. The sun would always cast beams of light through the green leaves of the forest; enough to see, but it would still be slightly dim. On top of that, there was an abundance of wildlife, including birds that would constantly chirp and bugs that would scurry around. And since they were pokemon, they were all too large to hide from plain sight.

As she made her way through the forest, a trail had been ma

“Rio, please,” Sam pleaded, looking up to him as he carried her back to the alter. He ignored her. “Do you know what he wants from us?” Cold silence. Tapping his foot, Aster was getting impatient. When he finally saw his Mega lucario in the distance, he cracked a smile. As the Mega lucario stepped up to the top platform, he began to laugh.

“I’m sure you understand by now that I’m this dog’s master,” he begins, “

Trotting back through the muddy forest, the rain had yet to cease. Worried about Rio, the rain worked to relieve those worries. The serene sound of sprinkling was always soothing to her, but it had no effect at the moment. She only had time to think about her companion who needed her the most.

As she made her way back in the direction of Rio’s cave, Sam’s stomach began to growl. Thinking she hadn’t eaten in a while, she realized it’d only been an

Sitting on his stone, Rio caught his breath, the bird still fumbling inside him. Feeling it with his paw, he let out a deep breath.

“When you just put a paw on your prey and feel it,” he says, “it can be relaxing. I might just be a little sadistic, but it’s soothing.”

“Yeah, maybe just a little sadistic,” Sam giggled. “Do you want me to help you ‘digest’ it again?” she pokes fun, r

Sam groaning, she creeps her eyes open reluctantly. Tired, she thought about just closing her eyes again and going back to sleep. Seeing nothing but darkness, she wondered what the situation is on the other side of her eyelids. Opening her eyes the rest of the way, she had to blink twice before she could believe what she was seeing. She was in an endless room, void of all light.

A little scared, she sat herself up as she looked around. Raising her hand in front of her fa

Desperately gasping for air, Sam nearly jumps off the ground as she sits up. Beads of sweat dripping down her face, she wipes to clean it off as she shakes her head. Trying not to focus on the nightmare that had so frightened her, she looks around to find her jackal friend absent. Figuring he’s hunting as usual, she takes deep breaths as she lays back down on her hand.

Gazing up into the bright blue sky, her worries practically melted from her mind. The serene blue

The chirping of birds eventually drilled into her ears enough to wake her. Sam slowly opened her eyes, exposing them to the soft light of dawn. Yawning, she sat herself up to see the pond. It was still so beautiful, she could admire it all day long. Then she remembered that she didn’t have a lot of time. Looking around, she quickly found her companion still limp on the ground beside her.

Rio’s body was now entirely consumed by the poison, his fur all having

Waking up, Sam opened her eyes. Sunlight burning her retina’s, she quickly closes them, raising an arm. Her eyes sufficiently adjusted, she lowered her arm to see Rio standing over the liepard. Tied up with vines, the feline was struggling to escape, as well as hissing at the jackal that towered over it. Curious, Sam raises herself and walks over.

“What are you planning on doing with it?” she asks, a simple question with a simple answer.

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Just wanted to say hello and to hope you all are doing alright. I myself am a little out of imagination with writing these stories, because there's really only so much you can write about before you start repeating yourself. Regardless, I'll try my best, and I hope whatever comes out is enjoyable. Thanks, and have a great day.

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I also don't consider myself to be all that great of a writer however others say im great which puzzles me. I know i have great potental as write still i would like to avoid too much attention as i think im not ready to share my work but who knows maybe i will if someone can convice me to.


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Yeah i understand that i just need a hook for me to fully read the story. People say i am a good writer however despite that i rarely write at all. Kinda hard to think of a good enough story to write about without someone help me come up with ideas. I know i have a really good decripive skill


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That might be because alot people don't like to read for whatever reason.

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