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Sup. I'm yEeTbOi and I'm just here to look at or post vore content. If you have any story ideas you want written, shout it to me. I'll try my best to get them all done .w.

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*Name: Isabella Nekosan

*Age: Forever 18

*Gender: Female

*Pred/Prey: Predator

*Family: Angelica Nekosan (mother; neko), Greg Tigredam (father; tiger)

*Character Type: Female Humanoid Neko

*Occupation: Huntress

*Works For: No one

*Height: Undetermined, Forever increasing



Isabella, Jemilia, and Rita all stood naked, worried about the possibility of them having been impregnated. It seemed likely that they were, considering the fact that a trail of semen flowed from each of their crotches. None of them were ready to have a child, but all of them were preparing themselves to bear one.

It was after a few minutes of silent sadness that Isabella had an idea to speed up their pregnancy to the point of


After she passed out for an odd reason, Isabella could do nothing with herself. Just listen to what was going on and feel what was happening. During the first few minutes, all she could hear was crying from Rita, and she felt a few silent tears from Jemilia. They had no clue what to do without their master there to tell them what to do.

Within the next few minutes, Isabella felt her body getting warm. She couldn’t


A flock of birds were peacefully grazing in a field when Isabella tore reality in front if them. Scared for their lives, they quickly flew away, flapping their wings as quickly as possible. Isabella pays no attention to them as she steps through the rift and closes it behind her.
So this is the Bird kingdom.


different th


Isabella is a 18-year-old huntress who's been living in the wilderness of the forest for years. She wears cloth gauntlets, furry boots, a revealing hide top, and had a hairband that holds her hair together at the base, letting the rest droop down, freely. She was larger than the average human, has a large butt, and even larger boobs. With her larger than average breasts, she can subdue almost any enemy by sla

The InBetween is the space gap between every dimension, where the only natural thing to exist is nonexistence itself. The InBetween is where Isabella’s primary abode exists. She was only able to place it there by using the United Kingdom Ring she created. That is also the only way to gain entrance to the InBetween: by the use of the United Kingdom Ring. Since nonexistence is the only natural thing to exist in the InBetween, logic applies to nothing there. Isabella’s abode is extremel


Jordan is a 22-year-old soloist who has lived her entire life alone. She was raised until the age if 5, then her parents abandoned her, leaving her in a forest. Jordan has to survive, so she did what she needed. She wouldn’t waste any recourses, she'd hunt or fish for food, whatever she needed to survive in her lonesome. She did notice that lately the fish were less common in th

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Thank you! I'm very happy that you like my drawings, that makes me want to keep improving and giving the best! and thank you very much for the watch ;D


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