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Sup. I'm yEeTbOi, and I'm just your average vorephile looking for (and creating) content.

My Content: (Don't use any of my content for any reason unless you get my permission)
-Writing: Most of what I will do. Most stories I write will include vore, FYI.
-Art: Least of what I will do. If you came here looking for art, expect no better than what you'd find on Google, since every drawing you'll find on my profile is traced and slightly morphed (except for a single drawing that's only received morphing. In other words, it was free-hand).

My Fetishes:
-Liked Topics: Femboy, Female, Futanari, large tits, large ass, Same Size, Macro/Micro, F/F, F/?, f/multiple, Unbirth, Cock Vore, Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Mass Vore, Tight bulges, Growth, Cum -Digestion, sex in belly, sexy female, Catgirl, Lamia
-Disliked Topics: Male, M/M, M/F, M/?, F/M
-Tentative Topics: Scat, Maid outfit, Sex, etc.

Passed all my likes and dislikes, I enjoy pretty much anything thrown at me that includes vore, and sometimes even without if it's sexy enough~ None the less, I do enjoy a good story, and even more so a really good piece of artwork. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a delicious rest of your day .w.

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“You remember the rumors?” Kol shuttered.

“Yeah,” Ili rolled her eyes. “Do you seriously believe that?”

“I mean, no…” Kol lied, “but it wouldn’t hurt to be careful.”

“I’m not waiting if you fall behind because your scared,” Ili teased. “Keep it moving. Or you know…”

“What?” Kol

Opening her eyes to her dull room, Mabel wiped along her face with her hand. Her hand sticky, it only got her face dirtier. Shifting herself to sit on her mattress, she wiped the sleep from her eyes and laid eyes on her trashy abode. Multiple beer cans strewn across the floor, a few spots of carpet stained, it wasn’t the prettiest of sights. Sighing, the angel got to her feet.

A fallen angel, to be precise, she still has her wings and halo. However, her wings only

“We want
to help us continue finding all the possibilities we humans have! Coming from the team at Vast Opportune Research Efforts, we can use all the help we can get for our examinations. For helping, you have two options: you can either test our equipment, or help with the ones who do the testing. Either is fine, because we need both, so if you prefer one over the other, don’t be afraid to choose it. Offering a cash reward to those who help fur

The official stood awestruck in the face of Scarlet’s sobbing. After years of being taught to kill and how to do so efficiently, everyone assumed her emotions were long passed. Seeing this outburst was completely bewildering to her.

“What’s wrong, Scarlet?”

“Nothing,” Scarlet cried in joy, “I just never knew I had a sister.”

“I didn’t know you didn’t, other

No smile. Cold and devoid of emotion. That was her face whenever anyone met her. She was never trained to be nice and kind, she was trained to fight and kill. As such when you grow up during the times of war. Scarlet, a fire elemental, grew up in a burning climate just like the battlefield, and as far as her knowledge extends, had her parents KIA as a result of the same war she’s currently fighting in.

The two sides of this war are humans and kitsunes. The two spec

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yEeTbOi's Blog - News Posted 7 months ago

And the next "chapter" of is complete. Hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you look forward to the ending, because it's soon to come. Anyways, like last time, I'm going to divert and write a bunch of random stories, either ones I think of or ones you send me. I hope you guys enjoy, and I hope you all had a good time with the holidays .w.

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Thanks for the watch and fav! :>


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Thanks for the watch, yEeTbOi☆~(ゝ。く)


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Thanks for the watch~


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Oh thank you. I am going to message you about something.


Posted by sadlyknight 5 months ago Report

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Ah thank you i enjoy your work alot and ireally enjoy this site in general.


Posted by sadlyknight 5 months ago Report

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I also don't consider myself to be all that great of a writer however others say im great which puzzles me. I know i have great potental as write still i would like to avoid too much attention as i think im not ready to share my work but who knows maybe i will if someone can convice me to.


Posted by sadlyknight 5 months ago Report

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Yeah i understand that i just need a hook for me to fully read the story. People say i am a good writer however despite that i rarely write at all. Kinda hard to think of a good enough story to write about without someone help me come up with ideas. I know i have a really good decripive skill


Posted by sadlyknight 5 months ago Report

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That might be because alot people don't like to read for whatever reason.


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No proble! i really like writers like yours yourself.


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Thanks for the watch! Much appreciated!


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You're welcome! :D

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