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Sup. I'm yEeTbOi, and I'm just your average vorephile looking for content. I like unbirth vore, neko preds, and a medium prey size the most, but pretty much anything that includes vore is good enough for me. I also post some content here, and most of it is writing. A little bit will be drawn, but I'm not the greatest artist so you won't see much of it. Anyways, I thank you for taking the time to read this (most people probably wouldn't) and I hope you have a delicious rest of your day .w.

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“Can we go now?” an impatient Christy asked. It was now the second day after the duo became a trio, and Christy was still wanting to celebrate her becoming a predator. As such, there was to be a celebration, and now she decided to have it at the park, contrary to at her friends house. Christy, like she had before, managed to get herself ready for departure in a matter of seconds while her two companions were still picking out their clothes.

“Not yet, I&

“Wow, really?” Christy excitedly asks.

“Well, you consumed that mouse, didn’t you?” Split Scale counters.

“Yeah,” Christy answers.

“Then that’s your answer,” Split Scale clarifies.

“Nice,” Christy states with a wide smile on her face. “So, do you wanna celebrate it?”

“If that’s

Christy wakes to a hot, humid climate when she felt a jab in her side. After waiting a few seconds, undisturbed, she closes her eyes to return to slumber when another jab stabs her side. This time harder, so she got herself as awake as she could in her location.

“Wake up, sleepy head. It’s morning,” a familiar voice calls. Just a moment after the sentence is formed Christy begins to feel her flesh
y container shifting around her, pushin

Christy was taking a walk through her local park. Being as small as she is, it takes her hours to walk the span of the entire park, but it clears her mind quite well, so she does it frequently. It simply gives her time to breath fresh air and listen to the birds. She never finds much on her walks, usually just the occasional piece of trash. For some reason she saw a condom in a bush once. She was honestly baffled at the sight of what she had found, but moved on quickly.

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