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Just an avid roleplayer and beginning artist looking to have fun. Got an OC idea but no money to commission, open to trades.

Commissions are open for stories, prices set at $1 for every 150 words, meaning $10 would be 1500 words, and so on.

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Makira would hum and smile softly, a few days later. She had gotten used to her new lifestyle and enjoyed it, with both a chick and a neko servant on her hands. She petted both gently on the head as they slept, smiling. She had woken earlier than them but continued to cuddle them, not cruel even to her servant with what she had done before, having taught her the wrongs of her ways after having taken her soul. Her chick was growing to look a lot like her, just with pure red feathers, unlike her o

Makira would yawn as she woke up, one week since the birth of her chick, before smiling down at her, cradling her in her arms happily, leaning down to nuzzle and kiss her little cutie. She lay like that for a while, before giggling gently as she hears her belly gurgle softly, before lifting her to her breast gently to let her suckle and feed in her sleep. She had become quite happy, though her duties did occasionally call her away of course.

Makira would yawn upon waking on another day, the sky a bit overcast with a small drizzle of rain, nothing too bad compared to the raging storms in this region. She would lay in her own hut for a while, feeling a bit on the lazier side. She yawned a bit, deciding to masturbate a while. She rubbed her folds, after all she lacked a mate still, moaning gently at the thoughts of a futa or even a femboy harpy being on top of her as she did this. She would eventually release, her fun over. After recov

It was a peaceful day in one particular harpy village, its hunters having returned with a big bounty of food. The river continues to flow lazing as the breeze flows gently as well. There was nothing amiss in this network of treehouses suspended off of the ground. The village was called Tyrrha. Tyrrha was within a massive forest, so trade was minimal. They were effectively autonomous.

It had been a hectic winter evening as Claire would arrive home after work with a yawn, blinking and shivering a bit. “Did I leave the window open before I left?” she wondered to herself, looking about and finding an open window, shrugging and closing it. She would make herself a dinner of a Hamburger with a side of potato chips. She would then watch tv, unaware of the intruder within her house.

She would continue t

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Sorry I haven't gotten around to her story in a bit, guys. Just stuff's been hectic here lately, and to top it off we just had a tornado yesterday. Sorry all. I'll get back to her story as soon as I can.

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