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Hello and welcome to the home of Majin Muchi and more! While drawing is mostly just a hobby for me, I hope you’ll find something to enjoy in my uploads.
Keep up with Majin's Muchi's progress through the Dragonballverse with this handy checklist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YYzPKIDbSC7hjadaA5Pl0FEi5sodX306PDvIsb0pQNU/pubhtml

Likes: Anime, video games, vore+absorption, and sexy females and futas. Also booty :p
Dislikes: Gore and scat
Artistic skill: Inefficient and inconsistent
Understanding of anatomy: Minimal XD

I can stream! Feel free to drop in when I do: https://picarto.tv/hamilton4
Other sites I post the same non-vore stuff that is here:
DeviantArt: http://hamilton4.deviantart.com
Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4650686
Tumblr: https://hamilton4.tumblr.com (you can find some extra non-vore commissions I've made here)

Because drawing is a hobby that I’m inefficient and inconsistent with, don’t expect me to take requests or commissions unless I somehow get much faster. However, I do enjoy getting feedback and input so expect occasional polls and such from me.

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Happy Vore Day everyone! Hope you all enjoy it. Sorry I don't have any Muchi to share with you all on this special day but just wasn't in the cards with my hiatus.

Which leads me to a brief "update" regarding the hiatus. Essentially I've spent a month on moving/helping with house work/and misc duties, then another month taking the chance to just unwind and refresh myself. But now I'm ready to try moving forward again. My goal for this month is to start lining up opportunities and depending on how that goes will determine how soon I can get back to drawing and commissioning stuff to upload here.

On that note, sorry for the lack of vore/absorption in any uploads since the beginning of the hiatus, in theory about half of those uploaded commissions shouldn't have happened at...
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Posted by Trixon 3 months ago

Absolutely adore that Majin of yours! If you're ever interested in a story of her going on a rampage or something message me <3


Posted by SeekGr 3 months ago

<< Reply To hamilton4

Yay! I'm really glad to hear that! xD
Hopefully I can draw your OC soon xPPP
Hopefully take your time though, since life matters more!


Posted by SeekGr 3 months ago

<< Reply To hamilton4

I love your character and ideas so much! xD
They are lewd and lewd things are awesome!


Posted by Spookums 4 months ago

you are a god for coming up with majin juri.
I cannot thank you enough.


Posted by porlay 6 months ago

<< Reply To hamilton4

Glad to hear it. Hope so soon! :)


Posted by slimelover43 6 months ago

Any plans to use Good 21 in the future?


Posted by porlay 6 months ago

Do more with Kefla, please!


Posted by Saya 7 months ago

Oh my god Majin Android 21 is literally perfection.


Posted by Hereforvore 7 months ago

Went to tell you about Majin Android 21, only to see I was late by a couple of days.:)

[ Reply ]


Posted by Saya 8 months ago

Looks like Muchi has competition. Check out Majin Android 21 from DB Fighterz.


Posted by MugenNoSaga 8 months ago

Did you saw what the official Majin female in DBFZ? I asume you are super happy about it.

[ Reply ]


Posted by Scaylid00d 10 months ago

<< Reply To hamilton4

My pleasure! I thought I already was @v@; Immediately rectified.

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